Contrary to popular opinion, kitchen doors are an integral part of any kitchen’s interior decor. They are functionally useful and help create much-needed segregation. Are you looking for beautiful kitchen door designs to spruce up your cooking space? You’ve come to the right place. You don’t have to go with boring and dull wooden kitchen door designs anymore.

Kitchen DoorsYou can experiment with the kitchen door style as well as the colours to start with. You can go for out-of-the-box shapes (like square or long rectangular-shaped doors) and rethink your aesthetics, keeping the right kitchen material in mind.

In this blog, we will look at 15 impressive kitchen door designs that you can get inspired by and make your own.

1. The Modern Kitchen Door Design that’s Gorgeous and User-Friendly

Modern Kitchen Door DesignDo you have a backyard that’s right behind your kitchen area? Why not have a see-through sliding glass kitchen door that also acts as an area separator, as shown above? This modern kitchen door design is the perfect blend of a contemporary and minimal design that provides this kitchen with an open and airy feel.

The kitchen benefits from abundant natural lighting, which uplifts the space without losing its traditional charm. Nothing is more inviting that having a large sunlit place that brings nature in–as shown in the image above.

2. The 1970s Sitcom Kitchen Door Design

Sitcom Kitchen Door DesignIf you are looking for a kitchen entrance door design that’s as evergreen as it is easy to execute, consider the image shown above. The all-white kitchen interiors effortlessly blend into the semi-glass-panelled kitchen door. It immediately transports the onlooker to the era of the groovy 1970s when kitchens were bold and daring, with a riot of colour exploding in the kitchen.

The wooden panel on the door is a nice touch to the overall design and seamlessly ties to the rest of the kitchen interiors. By adding 3×3 glass panels on the top half of the door, you ensure that enough sunlight streams in and make your kitchen feel open (as opposed to box in or, worse, cagey).

3. The Kitchen Door Design that Leads to the Outdoors

Kitchen Open Door DesignHere’s another kitchen open door design that’s worth emulating. If you have a long and narrow kitchen that leads to a balcony or any other kind of outdoor setting, it makes aesthetic sense to add an open door design, as shown here. You don’t have to fret about not having additional space.

The textured glass panel adds character to the kitchen door and makes it one-of-a-kind in execution and style. This example is best for understanding how you can make optimal use of the available space without compromising on form or functionality. You can play it up with textured glass to give your kitchen the oomph it needs (and deserves).

4. The Double Kitchen Door Design that’s Robust and Sturdy

Double Kitchen Door DesignIf you have enough space near your kitchen’s entrance area, you can go for a double-panel wooden kitchen door, as shown here. This door adds a more regal look to the kitchen and gives it a sense of sturdiness. If you experience heavy footfall in your kitchen, this type of kitchen door design should be your go-to choice.

It will withstand the constant opening and shutting of the door and help keep the noise out.

5. The Sliding and Foldable Kitchen Door Design

Kitchen Sliding Door DesignHere’s another example of a kitchen sliding door design that’s equal parts stylish and functional. Instead of going for a standardized design, elevate your kitchen’s intrinsic style with this type of design. To start with, notice how the foldable doors do not take up a lot of space.

They can go completely in if pushed to one side of the room. The sleek metal frame is perfect for adding a contemporary touch to your kitchen’s surroundings. The transparent clear-glass panels help make the kitchen feel more airy and open–a must-have feature according to interior decor experts today. The consistent use of black and white is a classic combination that never fails to impress.

6. The Cabinet-like Kitchen Door Design

Cabinet-like Kitchen Door DesignWant a kitchen door design that seamlessly blends into the sea of cabinets that you may have in your kitchen? Consider the image above. At first glance, you may completely miss the door as it seamlessly blends into the built-in cabinet structure. This makes the door stand out by blending in.

You don’t always need a separate and dedicated area for your kitchen door; a strategically tucked-in door works just fine (as proof above).

7. The All Wooden Kitchen Door Design that’s Classic All the Way Through

Wooden Kitchen Door DesignA classic recommendation on our list, here’s an example of a wooden kitchen door design that can fit into any type of kitchen design and style–be it modern, traditional, or a hybrid of both. This kitchen door is in perfect alignment with the cabinets in terms of design and aesthetics. What makes this recommendation interesting is the use of wooden chics in the lower half of the door.

This ensures proper ventilation, a must-have feature for every kitchen. In the 1970s, people had ‘dog doors’ in the lower half of the main door; you can get a dog door, too if you have pets in the house.

8. The Kitchen Door that Opens Outwards

Modular Kitchen Door DesignHere’s an amazing modular kitchen door design that has made us its fans. This kitchen is spacious and does not look cluttered. Due to space constraints, the kitchen door opens on the outside. The use of glass panels and a wooden frame in a stark white colour transforms this kitchen door into a centrepiece.

To make things even more interesting, you can experiment with the door colour and go for bolder colours such as blood red, bright orange, etc.

9. The Kitchen Door of Our Dreams…

Foldable Kitchen Door DesignIf you are on the lookout for an open kitchen door design in India, why not consider the example shown above? This multi-folding jet black kitchen door elevates the kitchen’s design aesthetics.

It gives the kitchen an ‘edge’ and complements the kitchen’s contemporary and modern architectural design. From the bar-stool-type chairs and the smart and rustic faucet, everything is in place.

10. A Smaller Kitchen Door with White Panels

White Panels Smaller Kitchen DoorNot everyone has the space to install large and intricately carved kitchen doors within their kitchen. If you do not enough space to spare, take a look at the kitchen door design as shown above. This sleek and smart kitchen door is perfect for a smaller entrance and ensures that your door does not take up too much of the invaluable kitchen estate.

11. The Open and Closed Kitchen Door Concept

Open and Closed Kitchen DoorIf you are someone who wants a large pantry within your kitchen, here’s an idea for the ages: Why not make two separate spaces? You can have one door for your kitchen’s entry and the other that opens into the walk-in style kitchen pantry closet.

Goes without saying that this design is only possible when you have huge kitchen space and dedicated areas for cooking, prepping, cleaning, and so on.

12. The Smart and Stylish 3 by 5 Kitchen Door

Stylish Kitchen DoorHere’s another amazing glass panel kitchen door that’s popular among homeowners. This type of door is ideal for people who are lacking in windows and open spaces within their kitchen. The strategic use of glass allows natural light to come streaming in and lifts up the vibe of the place.

When it comes to kitchen lighting, our mantra is = natural lighting > artificial lighting, always! So, revisit your kitchen and see how you can place a door that adds to your kitchen’s functionality–instead of taking away from it.

13. The Majestic-Style Kitchen Door that’s Reminiscent of the Royal Era

Majestic-Style Kitchen DoorHere’s a majestic, larger-than-life kitchen door design that’s sure to find many takers. There’s plenty we love about this unique design. The width of the door with classic-style door knobs is a clear winner. The bigger kitchen door leads to another room in the house, quite possibly the living room. The magic of this design lies in the placement of another smaller half-glass, the half-covered door on the right.

It allows external people to enter the kitchen without entering the house, giving you tons of privacy and space. Plus, it is interesting to note how many of the kitchen door colours are primarily white as it exudes purity and joy (and, more importantly, makes the space look bigger).

14. The Boxed-In Kitchen Door Design

Boxed-in Kitchen Door DesignIf you’ve got a small and squarish alley-type space before one enters the kitchen, you can create a niche area and boost your kitchen’s cool quotient. Take a look at the image above. This modular kitchen design is like any other design with the exception of the cute entryway.

To complete the look, you can decorate the entryway with hanging chandeliers and soft furnishings. This design makes sense if your kitchen is the focal point of your home and is connected to multiple rooms such as the living room, bedroom, etc.

15. The Kitchen Door Design that’s Innovative and Creative

Modern Kitchen Door IdeasQuite easily, this kitchen door design is our favourite on the list. The design is intrinsically minimal. The transparent glass panels make it look bigger and more spacious. The sliding door saves on space. The beauty lies in the continuous use of the glass panels right above the kitchen sink.

It creates a sense of design harmony and ties your kitchen’s central theme together. If there’s only one design idea that you want to embrace from this list, let it be this one.Wooden Kitchen DoorAs you can see, your kitchen door does not need to be templatized and basic in terms of design and style. Depending on the space you have, you can get a trendy and functional kitchen door installed that improves your kitchen’s aesthetics and adds to its functionality. For more creative and practical ideas on kitchen door designs, come on over to HomeLane.


Q. Which door is best for the kitchen?

If you are looking for the best door type to install in your kitchen, let it be the shaker kitchen cabinet doors. These door types are extremely popular and can be found in most modular kitchens. They are easy to install, simple in design, and fit well within every kind of budget bracket.

In terms of the best material to use, go for solid wooden doors, as they are extremely durable and come with a high-quality finish. However, remember that these door types can bring up your expenses. Some of the best wooden materials you can use include oak, birch, cherry, and walnut, which not only exude a sense of warmth but also give off a natural look in your kitchen.

Q. What is the size of a kitchen door?

While the ideal size of the kitchen door will depend on the space you have, the standard size of a kitchen door in terms of width should be either 30 cm, 40 cm, 80 cm, or 100 cm. Typically speaking, 60 cm kitchen units will have one door, whereas kitchen units of larger sizes (than 60 cm) will have two doors.

By other calculations, a standard kitchen door size should be 720 mm in height and 500 mm in width.

Q. What is a 5-piece kitchen door?

A 5-piece kitchen door comprises a four-piece frame along with a panel in the centre. The top and bottom parts are known as Rails, whereas the two outside frame parts are called the Stiles.

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