Paintings are a great way to liven up your home. They act as a statement piece, add a personal flair to your home, and complement the overall decor. However, did you also know that they can attract positivity, wellness, and wealth? Yes! According to the ancient study of Vastu Shastra, certain paintings bring good luck and do a lot more than add to the aesthetic value of your home.

Good luck paintings as per Vastu, can unlock opportunities, be it in your personal or professional life, improve your health and well-being, and even invite prosperity into your home! In simple words, they are said to do their job, which is to bring good luck.

good luck painting

So, if you are curious about the paintings that bring good luck, then you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a look at some common paintings for homes that bring good luck as per Vastu.

Running Horse Painting

running horse painting

Good luck paintings as per Vastu of running horses, evoke an array of positive emotions ranging from freedom, loyalty, power, victory, fame, and achievement. As such, it is a great painting to consider if you find yourself stuck in a rut or lacking any of these positive traits. It is highly recommended to incorporate this painting in your modern living room design or in your study room.

Also, the painting must depict an odd number of horses to maintain a sense of positive imbalance. All horses should be facing the same direction. The Seven Horses painting is a variation of these kinds of paintings that bring home good luck and is one of the commonest paintings that Vastu suggests for good luck. True to its name, it has seven horses galloping through the water in the east direction.

Painting of Nature and Greenery

painting of nature and greenery

Paintings of lush green forests, tall trees, and even bamboo are an excellent addition to your home decor. Apart from the fact that they add some natural liveliness to your home, Vastu experts believe that plants and greenery stimulate growth, development, and prosperity.

Good luck through such paintings, as per Vastu may manifest in various ways. For instance, you might get the opportunity to connect with new people, experience positivity in your mindset, or find ripe opportunities. At the same time, these paintings that bring good luck also bring peace and calm as you can have the ambience of indoor plants without having to care for them!

Peaceful Buddha Good Luck Painting as per Vastu

peaceful buddha painting

If you seek inner peace or direction in life, there is no better way to achieve it than having a painting of the Awakened One himself! Yes, we are talking about none other than Gautama Buddha, who attained Nibbana. Having a painting of Lord Buddha will introduce peace and fulfilment in your home. Try to find a painting of Buddha in a state of meditation.

A noteworthy quality of such paintings for homes that bring good luck as per Vastu, is that you can place them anywhere around your home, be it your living room, bedroom, pooja room, study room, or even lobby. The painting of Buddha in entryways can, in fact, repel negativity, restlessness, and evil. However, avoid placing it in the dining area or the kitchen.

Flowing Water Good Luck Paintings as per Vastu

flowing water paintings

The art and science of Vastu Shastra strongly emphasise the fundamental elements of nature. And water, the sustainer of life, is one of the primary elements that Vastu talks about in great detail, especially by linking it to fortune. As such, stagnated water bodies stand for the lack of growth of wealth, while flowing water will have money streaming into your home.

While some Vastukars try to gain benefits through fountains, it may not be practical for all. Hence, paintings of flowing water also bring good luck as per Vastu. From waterfalls to flowing rivers, find what matches your vibe and place it in your living room.

Natural Scenery Good Luck Paintings as per Vastu

natural scenery paintings

While flowing water paintings only focus on water, natural sceneries count as paintings that bring good luck in a more holistic sense. It is so because natural sceneries may contain all the five elements of nature or panchamahabhutas.

The land or rocks in such good luck paintings as per Vastu may denote earth (Prithvi), while a river cutting through the landscape counts as water (Jal). The sun could be the fire element (Tejas), while the open air and the endless skies are wind (Vayu) and space (Akash), respectively. As such, the painting would cover all the elements and create a sense of balance and harmony that will seep into your home.

Painting of a Couple

painting of a couple

If you are looking to spice up your love life, then consider displaying paintings that are lucky for your home as per Vastu in your modular bedroom design. Vastu experts highly recommend paintings of a couple for this task. Depending on your comfort levels, you can have something as subtle as two hands forming a heart to paintings of couples in intimate poses.

Alternatively, if you are the spiritual kind, then you can install Radha and Krishna paintings in the bedroom for good luck. Such paintings will infuse new energy into your relationships, prevent marital discord, and maintain relationship health. You will find greater effectiveness of this good luck painting as per Vastu, if it is predominantly in red, as red is the colour of love and passion.

Butterfly Good Luck Paintings as per Vastu

butterfly paintings vastu

Butterflies represent change, carefreeness, joy, and beauty. So, if these are the qualities you seek, then butterflies should feature in these paintings that bring good luck. It is particularly useful for someone who is experiencing a life-changing event or undergoing a massive transformation, as nothing captures it better than the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly.

It also is a sign of hope that even though change can be intimidating and challenging, it is very much worth your endurance as you can live a better life after. You can even consider giving such good luck paintings as per Vastu to your near and dear ones for good fortune, especially when they are moving houses, cities, or even countries.

Peacock Good Luck Paintings as per Vastu

peacock paintings vastu

Next, we have peacock paintings added to the list of good luck paintings for the bedroom, home office, or study room. Peacocks are a sign of strength, vitality, speed, and, more importantly, success. They are known predators of snakes, which means that peacock paintings can neutralise the ill effects of Rahu, who is often depicted as the head of a snake.

However, when choosing a peacock painting for your home, pick one that has a pair or a group of peacocks, as it will promote togetherness and harmony. It would be even more auspicious if the painting contained dancing peacocks.

Floral Good Luck Paintings as per Vastu

floral vastu painting

Paintings containing flowers are considered good luck paintings as per Vastu, because they trigger positive feelings and attract life force. Even in Feng Shui, flowers are a sign of chi and can enhance the mood of any living space.

While orchids, peonies, lilies, and roses are a staple in paintings for homes that bring in good luck as per Vastu, lotus flowers deserve a special mention as they serve an additional purpose. Lotuses are a sign of Goddess Lakshmi, and given this association, one cannot contest that lotus paintings are ones that bring good luck in the form of wealth, wisdom, and prosperity. However, make sure that this painting is squeaky clean and never gathers dust, as it would have the opposite effect than what you seek.

Grand Mountain Paintings

grand mountain paintings

If you have high aspirations and need the motivation to achieve lofty ambitions, then consider having a painting of mountains at home. Students, businesspersons, and job-seekers will particularly benefit from such good-luck paintings for bedrooms, study rooms, and living rooms. After all, the journey is not going to be any different from scaling such mountains.

On the other hand, if you wish to reign in your expenses then you should find a painting of mountains, minus any water bodies. Such good luck paintings as per Vastu will reduce any unwanted expenditure and increase your savings as it stands for anchored stability. Mountain paintings also stand for support, especially in tough times, and envelope your home with peaceful energy. Given such effects, it would be best if this painting is installed as a backdrop indicating support and protection.

Placement of Good Luck Paintings as per Vastu 

placement of good luck painting

Simply knowing about these paintings for good luck is not enough. One also needs to have an idea about their placement to truly harness the power of good luck paintings for home. Here are a few rules that you can follow while identifying the right spot to install the paintings that bring good luck:

  • Since the North-East direction is dedicated to water elements, paintings carrying this feature should be placed in this direction. E.g. waterfalls, flowing water, streams, fountains, riverscapes, etc.
  • The South-East direction belongs to fire, which is why good luck paintings as per Vastu carrying fire elements, such as the rising Phoenix or Maa Durga, should be placed here.
  • Vayu or wind finds a favourable position in the North-West direction, which is why paintings of this element, such as bird paintings that bring good luck, should be mounted or placed here.
  • The South-West direction is home to the earth element. Hence, paintings of mountains and forests should be placed here.
  • Good luck paintings as per Vastu carrying a mix of elements should be placed as per the elements present. For example, a painting of the sun peeking through a mountain range should be placed in the East.
  • Family photos or portraits should be placed on the South-West wall as it will strengthen relationships. It is recommended that the paintings should contain two or more family members, preferably laughing.
  • In the case of paintings of deceased family members (pitru), the paintings should be on the South wall. They should be mounted at least 6 feet above the floor so that you look up to them out of respect.
  • Good luck paintings as per Vastu should predominantly feature the colours red, blue, and yellow as they are considered to be lucky. Avoid dark and dull colours like black, grey, etc., as they will drain positivity.

Closing Thoughts

Given that art is a form of expression, paintings carry an essence about them that can change the entire mood and energy of a room. As such, one has to be very mindful of the paintings that they hang around the home. Fortunately, you can start on the right foot using these good luck paintings as per Vastu, as we have discussed above.

paintings that bring good luck

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Ganesha Painting for Good Luck and Wisdom as per Vastu

In the ancient Indian practice of Vastu Shastra, the placement of symbolic elements is believed to influence the flow of positive energy within a space. Among these symbols, Lord Ganesha holds a particularly powerful presence, revered as the remover of obstacles and the harbinger of good luck, wisdom, and prosperity.

Let’s first understand the significance of Ganesha paintings in Hindu mythology! As the son of Shiva and Parvati, this roly-poly God is said to embody wisdom, intellect, and new beginnings. His elephant head symbolises immense wisdom, his large ears represent attentive listening, and his trunk signifies flexibility and strength. Worshipping Lord Ganesha is believed to bring prosperity, remove obstacles, and bestow blessings upon devotees.

When selecting a Ganesha painting, pick one that has vibrant and auspicious colours like orange, yellow, or red. These colours are believed to attract positive energy and stimulate enthusiasm. You should also look for paintings depicting Lord Ganesha with his trunk facing the left, as this is considered highly auspicious according to Vastu Shastra.

Where Should You Place the Ganesha Painting?

Vastu Shastra places great emphasis on the location and direction of elements within your home. Strategic placement of your Ganesha painting can enhance its positive influence, and you should keep these factors in mind:

  • Entrance: Placing the painting near your home or office entrance welcomes positive energy and removes obstacles, allowing prosperity to flow freely into your space.
  • Puja Room: If you have a designated pooja room, placing a Ganesha painting on the eastern wall while offering prayers facing west can intensify your divine connection and bring an abundance of blessings.
  • North-East Quadrant: Associated with knowledge and wisdom, hanging a Ganesha painting in this zone can enhance learning, creativity, and mental clarity.

Workspaces: If you are seeking career success and growth, positioning a painting on the eastern wall of your workspace can attract positive opportunities and advancements.


Which Painting Is Lucky for Home?

We have discussed ten different Vastu good luck paintings for homes depending on their varying effects. You can choose any of the above based on your personal or familial aspirations.

Which Painting Is Best for the Living Room, as per Vastu?

The following good luck paintings as per Vastu are best suited for your living rooms:

  • Seven Horses Painting
  • Green Foliage
  • Waterfalls
  • Riverscapes
  • Rising Phoenix
  • Meditating Buddha
  • Lotus flower

What Paintings Are Lucky for the Bedroom?

For bedrooms, Vastu recommends the following paintings that bring good luck:

  • Couples
  • Radha Krishna
  • Flowing Water
  • Butterfly
  • Peacock
  • Flowers
  • Mountainscapes

What Paintings Should Not Be Kept at Home?

Paintings carrying a negative theme, such as death, poverty, discord, pain, war, etc., should not be kept at home. Accordingly, some common paintings that one should avoid paintings of the Taj Mahal, scenes from Mahabharata or Ramayana, thorny plants like cacti, wild and scary animals, etc. Also, avoid paintings that are sad, dull, or in dark colours, as they are considered inauspicious.

Is 7-Horse Painting Good for a Home?

Yes, the Seven Horses’ good luck painting is considered very auspicious.

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