Feng shui, the Chinese traditional practice of aligning our energy with the energy forces in our surroundings, is said to promote peaceful and harmonious lifestyles. It balances out the energy in each space by arranging elements in ways that enhance positive energy flows. If you’d like to try this practice in your home, then your bedroom is a good place to start!

fengshui bedroom colour combination

Feng shui considers that your bedroom is the space that most represents your personal energy; where you can simply be yourself, relax and recharge your batteries. As such, it is one of the most private and personal spaces in your home. Any adjustments you make to the energy in this room will have an immediate and profound impact on your personal energy as well. Even while you are sleeping, you can take in the new energy in the room and revitalise yourself.

So, how do you go about doing this? Even by making just a few tweaks to your décor, you can shift the energy in the room enough to make an impact. One of the easiest ways to make a change is by rethinking the colour combinations in your bedroom. What are the Feng shui-approved colour combinations for your bedroom? Let’s find out!

Feng Shui Colours and Their Meaning

Each colour has its own energy, and this is what you will be tapping into when you redecorate your bedroom. Look for the outcome you are trying to generate, and work your colour palette around the forces you are seeking to attract.

Also consider the colours that you love—these are the colours that you are drawn to because of your personality and perhaps your experiences in life. Your favourite colours are, quite often, the colours that hold special meaning for you and will help you grow.

It’s also important to check in with your partner. If you pick a colour that you love but your partner hates, then you’re not likely to have very harmonious vibes in your shared space!

Blues and Greens: Wood Colours

Blues and greens represent the ‘Wood’ element in Feng shui, and are representative of the energy of growth and vitality. These are also very soothing, restful and relaxing colours and are therefore the perfect choice for your bedroom.

Here, the sponge-finished blue accent wall is reminiscent of wisps of cottony clouds against the blue sky. The other elements in the room draw on hues inspired by the wind, the waves and the sky.

blue feng shui bedroom colour

Some colours that pair beautifully well with blue and green are aqua, teal, grey and white. Yellow and orange offer lovely contrast and can be used as accent colours.

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yellow green fengshui colour combination

Browns and Yellows: Earth Colours

‘Earth’ colours stand for balance, stability and grounding in Feng shui, and if this is what you are seeking then you should fill your bedroom with earthy elements. This restful bedroom uses deep, saturated tints of amber, brown and beige to evoke a natural balance.

Restore your connection with Mother Earth, by sleeping in a bedroom filled with hues that resonate with the soil, rocks and sand.

Brown and amber pair well with orange, beige or cream, while they offer striking contrast to shades like green and blue. This bedroom uses the colours of the forest for a dark, yet luxurious vibe.

Dark Blues and Black: Water Colours

Dark shades of blue represent the ‘Water’ element in Feng shui, and are also colours that are said to be linked to the pursuit of spirituality and inner knowledge. If you are someone who is on a spiritual quest then you can decorate your bedroom in this colour palette and soak in the vibrations of higher energies.

In Feng shui, black is a shade that has immense depth and is associated with wisdom. However, it is considered too stark a colour to provide restful sleep, and actually saps and drains your energy. So instead of having too much black around the room, try to use it only in accent colours.

Again, rather than opting for black, grey is a lovely alternative that in Feng shui is linked to travel and learning. A grey bedroom can be very tranquil and relaxing, as we can see here, and it also goes well with shades of white and green.

Reds, Oranges and Pinks: Fire Colours

Shades of red, orange, yellow, purple and pink depict the ‘Fire’ element in Feng shui. While we do not suggest using fiery shades in the bedroom—which could lead to less than harmonious relationships—toned-down shades of pink and violet are lovely hues to use.

Pink is the colour of romance, and if you’re looking for the right relationship then a bedroom that’s wrapped in this deliciously soft and delicate colour can get you there! Pink can also soften the edges of an existing relationship and invite cuddles and sweet nothings.

Purple, the colour of royalty, is said to attract prosperity and all good things in your life. If you’re looking to have an abundance of wealth as well as self-worth, then shades of purple are what you need. This lovely bedroom uses comforting beige to balance out the richness of the purple and create a calming balance.

Whites, Gold and Silver: Metal Colours

White is the colour that many home owners turn to when they want elegance that is simple and sweet, and will never go out of style! In Feng shui, ‘Metal’ colours—white, gold and silver and also grey— are representative of perfection, clarity and integrity. You can bring these qualities into your life with a white bedroom, and accessorize with gold or silver to absorb them into your life.

However, too much of white can turn out to be stark and austere, lacking in warmth and comfort. To make your white bedroom more cosy, play around with textures and self-prints.

You can also balance out the white with grey, which is also considered to be a ‘Metal’ colour in Feng shui. This lovely bedroom features a brushed silver accent wall, with bed covers and textiles that run the gamut of stark white through soft grey.

Looking for a happy, abundant and harmonious life? Call in the Feng shui experts at HomeLane, and welcome the right energy flows into your home and your heart!

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