Light colour sofa adds to the beauty of your home. Regardless of shade, a well-maintained light colour sofa can really tally up the elegance of the room. However, one might refrain from buying stunning and neutral light colour sofas because the light colour sofa might be high maintenance. But almost everything needs some maintenance, even the locked storage room. That’s why your ravishing light-colour sofa also needs some assistance to maintain its charm. So, to help you with the magic, we have listed some quick hacks to boost the durability and delight of that light colour sofa in your bedroom.

Here are a few tips for you to follow:

Cover Your Light Colour Sofa

If you are worried that your sofa can get a little dirty, especially if it is light in colour, the best way to avoid dirt is if you can keep your sofa covered. It is quite easy to assume that covering a sofa means clinging to your aesthetic light colour leather sofa with a transparent wrapper. However, we definitely don’t want to keep your interior all jacked up in a wrapper.

So, we recommend you cover your sofa with covers and sheets. With a little styling and accessorising, you can rock the living room sofa the way you want them to. Also, why stop on one when you can keep experimenting and changing the vibe just by changing your sofa covers? As they say, when you can’t change the vibe, change the cover style.light color sofa

Lint Roller: Roll Your Lint and Worries Altogether

We think of lint as a distant relative we desire to avoid at all costs and especially if that is on your stunning light grey 3-seater sofa. But you don’t have to worry because we have got you covered. Just pick up a lint roller and start rolling out lint, blanket fuzzies, human hair, bugs, dust, dandruff, dander and all the worries that accompany it. With a roll down your sofa, enjoy a fresh look and new touch to your sofa.rolling out lint

Prevent Staining on Your Light Colour Sofa

Everyone preaches that prevention sounds better than cure. Practising what you preach is another idiom no one takes seriously. However, we advise you to adopt both of these, and that stunning light colour sofa can have its charm forever. There are a few things you need to be alert about, and you can see the results in no time.

Eating or drinking at the dining table you invested in instead of on or around the sofa, or doing the final twitches at the dressing table instead of on your light colour sofa, can help increase durability and maintain fabric quality in the long staining on light colour sofa

Use This DIY Trick to Maintain Your Light Colour Sofa

We think DIYs are a little hard to trust. But here’s a fun fact! What’s the harm in trying a DIY when there is no other way out? So, for your light colour sofa design, we suggest a DIY, which we believe will work out for you. Sprinkle a mixture of vinegar and baking soda on your sofa and try vacuuming it afterwards. But make sure you try it on just a section of your sofa before the entire part. Plus, do check the tag of your sofa before experimenting. Attention before the experiment, always.maintain of light colour sofa

Prevent Damage from Sun on Your Light Colour Sofa

A light colour sofa and that too in a room full of big windows and plenty of sunlight might seem troublesome, but it is not. The direct heat from the sunlight is believed to fade your sofas. So, the appropriate solution is to keep sunlight out of the way of your light blue colour sofa and other sofas. Generally, the level of fade your sofa will get is directly proportional to the amount of time it spends in sunlight. So, you can try moving your sofa around so that sunlight is not concentrated on your light colour sofa at the same spot.prevent damage from sun on light colour sofa

Get Set and Ready to Go!

We know that emergency logic sometimes takes a backseat. But for a sofa emergency, be active and act spontaneously. This will minimise the damage, and your prettiest light blue colour sofa would have to undergo the least damage control. In case of a spill, use a cloth to clean that immediately and ensure it doesn’t bleed. light-coloured sofa cleaning and maintain

Final Words

With little care and attention, that light-coloured sofa can be the least of your worries. But if you need an expert to assist you in planning your house decor, we at HomeLane, are here to give you personalised solutions. From the living room to the bathroom, we offer options, alternatives, and customised solutions for personal situations. So, book your free design session with decor experts today!


1. Which sofa colour is best for the living room?

The best light colour sofa design is usually in neutral colours that suit the entire theme of your room. These neutral colours usually involve taupe, grey, beige, white, grey or cream. Out of all these colours for your sofa, grey tops the list. Grey is quite popular among buyers because of its versatility among all the neutral colours. However, to choose a colour that is best for your living room, it is necessary that you choose according to the theme of your living room which involves factors like walls and flooring.

2. What colour sofas are in style in 2022? 

A few of the colours that are in style include grey, green, blue, pink, navy, black, beige, orange, white, teal, yellow, and brown. Even the light blue colour sofa is very trending in the sofa market. The design industry trends are ever-changing as the focus of the market is slowly transitioning from pastels and blushes to bold and neutral colours as well. The famous sofa designs in these colours include three seaters, a sofa bed, and a boucle sofa. Just ensure the style matches your room’s personality.

3. Which colour is best for the sofa cover?

Sofa covers are usually likeable in contrasting colours. In accordance with light-coloured sofas, usually, dark-coloured sofa covers are preferred. Generally, the best combination of sofa and sofa covers includes brown and tan. Other popular sofa cover combinations include dark blue and grey; blue and yellow; green and charcoal grey; blue and mocha brown. For sofa light colour, sofa covers with dark hues should be chosen as it pops out on these light-coloured sofas. By choosing light-coloured sofa covers, on the light colour sofa, it would simply dissolve and not stand out.

4. Should the sofa be lighter or darker than the walls?

For choosing a sofa according to the colours of the wall, it is essential that you understand the contrast and the colours it would go with. For example, if we choose a dark-coloured sofa with dark walls, the vibe of the room would turn gloomy. However, with neutral colours, you can choose a dark sofa because it makes it stand out in the room. Also, if you wish to choose a dark sofa along with a dark wall, make sure you pair it with the right accessories and the room is well-lit and spacious.

5. Are light colour sofas hard to keep clean?

No, not at all. Light-coloured sofas are a little hard to keep clean because the dirt and debris on them are very visible. However, the need to clean is more, so people usually keep it cleaner. It is not necessary that dark-coloured sofas are clean. They might appear clean, but the dirt and germs on them are usually ignored, so overall the hygiene level of darker sofas is ignored.

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