Home decor is a reflection of your personality. However, this is dicey at the best of times. Going over the top with vivid colours and exuberant decor to reflect your wild side may be a disaster. In retrospect, a dull grey or brown decor can get depressing.

In your enthusiasm to get it right, it’s so easy to make the wrong decisions, especially if your partner has radically different ideas. So, how do you avert your bedroom decorating venture from becoming a nightmare?

For a low-down on bedroom design mistakes to avoid, take a walk through the pitfalls of bedroom decor:

Disaster #1- Large and Bulky Furniture in a Small Space

Granted, you have always wanted to sleep in a four-poster bed. But, trying to squeeze that monstrosity into a small space is going to have its pitfalls. Bulky beds and large vanities can make your space look cramped. When dealing with a small room, opt for light furniture with minimum embellishment. Select a moderate-sized headboard and small side tables.

For a larger space, the same rule applies in reverse. Small beds and puny end tables will leave you with stretches of unimaginative space.

Disaster #2 – Poor Lighting

Poor lighting can make your bedroom look dark and dingy, and to think you spent a fortune on redecorating your room! Yup, an LED tube light will give you enough light. But, hey. Why go for sombre when you can do dramatic just as well? Go wild with your diffused ceiling spots, your table lamps, and our pendant lights. This magic wand will transform your disaster into a work of art. Sublime!

Disaster #3 – When You Ignore the Proportion Rule

A bedside table is functional but has a lot to add to your bedroom decor. A table that is too low or too high isn’t going to work aesthetically. Also, the wrong height will make it difficult for you to reach for your book or light switch.

The same goes for your headboard. A thin mattress and a huge headboard will bring comicality to your decor. But aren’t you laughing?

Disaster #4 – Too Much Furniture

It’s easy to whip out your credit card whenever you see something good at the furniture depot. Disaster strikes when the furniture delivery man knocks at your door. Sure, you can hop over the stylish bedroom bench to the bathroom. It was probably something you had planned all along to burn more calories. Sigh.

To avoid these gymnastics, plan! Measure your space before you go on your spending spree. This is one bedroom design mistake to avoid.

Disaster #5 – Everything Matching

Colour coordinating your furnishing is a great idea. But there is only so much of one shade you can take. Agreed, perfection is good. But it’s the imperfection that brings charm to your decor. The little elements of surprise, be it the red cushions on your turquoise blue bedspread or the play of rust or beige in your olive green decor, bring out the beauty of your decor.

Drop hints of colour through stripes, patterns, and textures in your cushions, rugs, and artwork. Accents in contrasting colours liven up your space in a matter of hours.

Disaster #6 – Going Overboard With Decoration

A few tastefully framed photos should be enough. Your design will lose direction when you go overboard with your travel and family photos.

The same goes for your accessories. If you want your space to breathe, select only a few tasteful picks to decorate your room if you want your space to breathe room. Remember, less is more.

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Disaster #7- Ignoring The Details

Yes, you have an elegant bed with a classy headboard and a few side tables thrown in. But, to bring life to your decor, you need to address the little details.

These can be gorgeous side table lamps, artwork on your focus wall, a few cushions for your bed, and tasteful curtains.

Depending on your available space, you can add a window seat, an easy chair, or even a floor lamp to add charm to your bedroom decor. These little details will be like a breath of fresh air in your decor.

Disaster #8 – Inappropriate Lighting Size

You know you have botched it up if your head hits the chandelier every time you get out of bed. Rather than suffer lumps on your head, check your ceiling height and the size of your light fittings before you reach for your wallet. Remember to give your overhead fan some consideration. Opt for corner pendant lights; opt for corner pendant lights instead if you feel you don’t have space for a centrepiece.

Your light fixtures may obstruct the magnificent view outside. Or block your TV screen. It’s always advisable to address the lighting issue once you have all your other essentials in place. That way, you avoid an embarrassing disaster.

Size matters too. The magnificent chandelier in the showroom may be too small or too large for your space. So check proportions before you decide.

Decoration disasters are a common occurrence. It’s best to wade through the excess clutter and pick only the stuff you need for your room. Yes, it can get tricky. And if you are pressed for time, just ask the experts at HomeLane.

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