Your dream home and its interiors should have a colour of your choosing. It is a possibility that sometimes our favourite colour may not produce designs that suit our lifestyle and dreams. Hence, we must look at all the options that can fit our lifestyle. Any colour can be perfect, but the chances are you would like to see how it goes with your interior first before you make a decision. Every colour deserves to be tried out for a place in your interior. Here, let us understand why the colour blue interiors could be the one that you desire.

Why Use Blue in the Interior Décor?

  • Blue is a primary colour. The qualities of blue colour are relaxing, healing, and balance, to name a few. Consider a room having a blue colour, and think of how you would feel about it. If it is a pleasant feeling, it is the colour for you.
  • The world is going through a pandemic, and our home is the safest space that we know. Hence, it should be surrounded by a relaxing colour. It should be a colour that can balance the good and the bad that we are feeling, a colour that heals you.
  • One of the advantages of having blue is that it looks good with sun and natural light. It can provide light in dark spaces as well. Hence, it can transcend the overall beauty of your home. Blue is most people’s favourite colour, and it can blend into any area of your house.

Where Does it Fit Best?

Now that we have seen the advantages of having shades of blue colour scheme for home décor, let us understand where the colour blue fits in the home of your dreams.

Having your living room with blue colour makes it look glamorous, especially if your sofas and furniture can match the colour. Blue is the most perfect colour for your bedroom, as well as your children’s. The space filled with the colour blue can make it look relaxing and peaceful, boosting your sleep daily.

Colours that Compliment Blue

The colours blue and white combo is a classic combination. It gives a refreshing touch to the room and an aura of the ocean to the surrounding. Blue combines perfectly with yellow, brown, and red as well. The room will have an authentic feel if the blue walls have yellow, brown, and red coloured furniture and sofas.

Blue can work well with other colours as long as the designs are good. It doesn’t overwhelm your home interior unlike other colours and is the most versatile of all the colours. The idea behind combining other colours with blue for home decor is to make sure it fits the design of your dreams or the perfect space that you want.

Best Shades of Blue

There are many among the shades of the blue colour scheme that is perfect for home décor. Let us see the beauty that they bring.

Dark and Ocean Blue Theme Interior

The above illustration shows how Dark and Ocean Blue have merged with white background to form a simple design yet a peaceful room at the same time. Who wouldn’t like to be in that room? Imagine all of the hours you can spend in that room and the sleep you would be getting. A crucial factor in changing one’s life has to do with the space that person is in. A space like this, with the comfort it can give you, will truly change your life.

This bedroom wardrobe is one of the many designs that can be found in HomeLane. There is harmony in the joining of two shades of blue colour and the colour white.

Sky Blue Kitchen Interiors

Sky blue is rarely used in kitchen spaces. As you can see in the image, the classic blue and white combo is implemented to give the kitchen a lively look. Sky blue is an underappreciated shade of blue colour that is rarely used in home interiors, but it’s also a good fit for children’s bedrooms, as it goes along with a child’s desire to fly. This shade of blue colour could be the perfect one for the children’s room.

The one thing about kitchens is to keep them clean. If our kitchen is just of mediocre standards, we would not recognise the depletion of its beauty. At the same time, if we have a gorgeous kitchen, we would instantly recognise the piling up of various items in and around the kitchen. This can affect our health in a big way. A kitchen of top design would make us care about keeping it clean and maintaining its beauty. That, in turn, would make us take better care of ourselves.

Turquoise Blue Interiors

Turquoise Blue can be widely seen in designs of sofa and furniture in home interiors. Here in the image, we can see it complementing the yellow sofa with turquoise blue background blended with white colour.

Combining the colour with blue can look perfect for your entertainment unit. Turquoise blue colour can be used as an alternative to sky blue for the children’s room. Children’s room is an important part of home décor, and providing them with a friendly and healthy environment should be the goal for parents. Thus, Turquoise Blue creates a ton of impact in home décor.

Your entertainment sector should be the heavenly space that you enjoy, hence having a turquoise blue colour in the background is soothing and sedative at the same time.

Why Choose HomeLane?

HomeLane is the best option for anyone looking to have the design of their dreams for their homes. If you are on a budget, HomeLane works efficiently with it. HomeLane is the best brand that provides impeccable designs for your home that combines aesthetics with functionality to complement your lifestyle. The HomeLane products come with five years of warranty, with numerous additional support systems and maintenance supports.

These attributes make HomeLane a consumer-friendly brand of your dreams. Check out hundreds of designs for you in HomeLane that can be customised to your liking. For home décor and interior design, HomeLane is the one you should be looking for.

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