Your living room might have all the other design parameters in place—the perfect colour palette and a balanced and harmonious décor theme, lovely accessories, and furniture and furnishings that are the talk of the town.

But your home interior design could still fall short if it doesn’t incorporate that most important element: a texture design.

Texture designs create visual interest and add interest to your space, keeping it from appearing flat. You can create an accent wall with a wall putty design that is the focal point of your living room and add a textural element to enhance the look and feel of the décor.  The texture design you choose should match your persona and go with the décor language you have chosen.

Here are some lovely living room wall design ideas that you can steal!

Strip Down to the Bones

Here’s a texture wall design to get inspired from. The ceiling and walls of this studio loft have been stripped to the bare architectural bones, making for quite an interesting look.

The German smear paint finish on the exposed brick creates a half-and-half distressed look, which is very industrial chic and trending at the moment!

A shabby velvet sofa and a railway-style wall clock mounted on a bracket add to the aesthetic.

german smear finish design ideas

Choose Textured Wallpaper

When it comes to modern texture paint designs, an easy way to integrate a tactile experience into your living room walls is by using textured wallpaper.

Raised prints, texture images, stripes or embossed finishes, or wall textures that feel like cork, leather, linen or papyrus are popular options. Wallpaper also hides any imperfections in the wall and is a quick way to transform your room.

textured wallpaper for living room

Paint the Brick

Brick is a lovely option when considering a living room wall design, especially for an accent wall. It provides a rustic, rough-and-ready wall texture with the least amount of effort.

Exposed brick that’s whitewashed has a lovely warm aesthetic reminiscent of cottage-style décor. Take a look at this main hall texture paint design for the living room. This effect is achieved when rough brick-finished walls are left unplastered and painted with a simple lime wash in white using a hand roller brush.

The pores in the brick absorb some of the paint, giving a charmingly uneven effect. Do note that if you use spray paint, the pores will get filled in, and you may not get the same effect.

hall texture paint design for the living room

Create Texture Through Paint

Here’s an amazing wall design for the hall. Create a lovely textural vibe with some rough stucco wall paint, finished in uneven grey tones to give the effect of raw cement.

Grey is a shade that can be considered the new neutral, and just about any colour combination or décor theme would look great against this feature texture paint wall design!

Metallic wall texture paints are also available, and you could opt to finish your wall in burnished shades of copper, bronze, gold or silver for a unique look.

texture paint wall design

Use Rustic Stone That Gives a Texture Wallpaper Look and Feel

A stacked stone wall with irregular, long and uneven stones is the focal point of this wall texture design within this contemporary living room. It introduces texture and brings in much-needed depth and dimension.

Stone walls are sustainable and eco-friendly and provide an interesting contrast to your modern furniture and other elements in the room.

Natural stone is available in a variety of colours, ranging from blacks and greys to reds and browns, and lends a very classy touch to your living room designs.

rustic stone that gives a texture wallpaper look

Get Some Woody Inspiration

Wooden panelling is a simple, minimalistic way to create focal and textural interest for wall textures. Thin parallel wooden reapers are cladded on the entire wall, giving a striped effect that will never go out of style.

Vertical lines make your ceiling appear visually higher than it is, making this a smart idea for a room with low ceilings.

thin parallel wooden reapers wall designs

Experiment with Plaster of Paris

Plaster of Paris (POP) is any designer’s dream, especially for living room modern texture paint designs.

Easy to mould and shape, it can be tweaked into any pattern or abstract design and adds an extra dimension to your spaces.

Here, the whorls and curves on the wall bring texture and pattern to the otherwise classical and clean lines of this elegant living room. The ceiling spotlights that are trained on the wall draw out and highlight the patterns.

plaster of paris living room wall design ideas

Create a Green Wall

Biophilic design is in, and it can’t get better than this, especially for drawing room wall designs!

The lush, tropical forest wall takes up an entire side of this spacious living room and seamlessly blends the indoors with the outdoors.

Celebrate nature, and refresh your connection with the earth! Your green textured wall has many advantages—it regulates temperature, cleans the air of indoor toxins and increases the wellness quotient of your home.

lush green living room wall ideas

How to Effectively Use Texture Designs in Your Home

  • When it comes to a bedroom wall texture design, restraint is key. While too little texture will make your bedroom texture design look flat, using far too many textural elements in the same space can diminish the importance given to each one.
  • If you’re looking for ideas on a colour combination for halls with texture, use a monochrome palette to create visual interest through textures and patterns.
  • As for wall texture designs for the bedroom, remember that texture on the walls will draw visual interest and emphasise the artwork you put up.
  • If your walls are uneven, adding texture is the easiest way to go, rather than filling up the unevenness with POP in order to get a smooth finish.


Ready to redecorate your living room with a textured accent wall? The HomeLane team has plenty of ideas that will suit your taste and your budget.

From texture paint designs for the hall to texture putty designs for the living room, you’ll find useful information on all kinds of modern wall texture designs here. We also have tons of interesting bedroom design ideas. Come meet us, and let’s chat over a cup of coffee.


1. Which Is the Best Wall Texture?

When it comes to texture design for walls, you can play with various textures, colours, and prints. These are the latest texture designs for walls:

  • Orange peel: This wall texture design is super easy to apply and is extremely affordable. Mirroring a citrus rind in looks and texture, it’s ideal for adding a subtle accent to the surrounding space.
  • Knockdown: This texture is ideal for adding depth to a space and has a warm look and feel. If you have a Mediterranean-style home, this texture will work wonders for your space.
  • Sand swirl: Combining comb and spray sand textures, this texture design lends an oceanic feel to the wall.
  • Skip trowel: This texture design resembles stucco and is extremely challenging to achieve.
  • Slap brush: If your home has a rustic theme, go for the slap brush texture design.

The interior wall texture you choose must depend on the colour combination and aesthetics of your surroundings.

2. Which Texture Is Best for the Hall?

Want ideas for a wall design for the living room? There are multiple ideas for wall texture designs for the hall you can get inspired from, such as:

  • Creating a rustic wall texture
  • Going for a marble and tiles pattern
  • Creating an optical illusion by using shapes such as circles, squares, lines, and dots
  • Adding elegant floral wall texture patterns to create depth and character
  • Adding wood-like panel textures to give your hall a 3D-like look and feel

The end goal is to create a balanced wall texture design for the drawing room that’s soothing to the eyes and aesthetically pleasing.

3. What Is the Texture on Walls?

Wondering how to add a wall texture design for the living room? You’ll need to use the right kind of ‘substance’ on your walls.

A wall texture is nothing but a substance that is thicker than paint that can be used on the wall. However, note that this substance must be thinner than a drywall compound. Also, note that when you go for a living room texture paint, your walls and ceilings may show small shadows due to the dents and depressions.

4. Which Wall Should Be Textured in the Living Room?

The magic with hall wall texture designs is that any wall can double up as the feature wall in your living room. All you need to do is pick the focal point for your living room (based on the seating arrangement) and create a texture design that suits your personal taste.

5. What Are the Four Types of Texture?

When it comes to wall pattern designs, they can be categorised as soft (or hard), smooth (or rough), coarse (or fine), and matt (or glossy). You must choose the right kind of wall texture design for the living room based on the tangible look and feel (tactile) and visual textures.

6. Which Paint Is Best for Texture?

When it comes to modern wall putty texture designs, go for flat latex paint. You can easily apply this on the ceiling by using a spray-on paint or a sprayer. Additionally, you can coat the paint to add a reflective sheen by going for an eggshell and/or satin finish.


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