If you’re renovating your home for the first time and have no clue how to go about it the right way, you are not alone! Redoing your house is a big undertaking and can seem daunting, especially if you’ve never done it before. However, with a little bit of research and a general set of rules to keep in mind, this process can be a much smoother ride than you imagine it to be. Here are 8 tips for beginners renovating their home for the first time.

Consult with a Professional

For your first renovation as a homeowner, it can be a wise move to consult with a professional. Work with an architect or an interior designer to understand how your house can be remodelled. Professionals will be able to guide you better in terms of the dos and don’ts concerning your specific project while bringing your vision to life. You’ll also be able to understand any constraints or shortcomings much better with expert opinion.

Get Clarity about Your Budget and Timelines

We often underestimate the cost of renovating a house, and unexpected expenses are never a pleasant surprise! After you’ve consulted a professional, they’ll also help you assess the budget required for the project and according to the scope of work you want. Along with the budget, the next underestimated facet of renovation is the timeline. Talk to your consultants to get a clear idea of how long the process will take along with every step within that process. This will let you make the necessary arrangements on your end in terms of time and finance and help you be prepared for unforeseen circumstances.

Do Your Homework

While there is a whole team of designers, home stylists, plumbers, carpenters, HVAC consultants and more at your disposal to help you out with renovation, ultimately, it is your dream project. So make sure you’re taking on this mammoth task with a good amount of research. Before you start, think about the kind of style you want to redo your home in, the furniture and decor pieces you want to bring in, and the colours that’ll reflect your personality. This will paint a clearer picture of your dream home in your mind and will let you turn it into reality.

Always do a Paint Swatch First

Speaking of colours, the one you land on will largely affect the overall ambience of your home. Colours can be a critical choice in home design, and it’s best to go through this process slowly and steadily. Decide on the basic hues that you like and that suit your house. One thing to keep in mind is to see whether this colour palette will complement most of the elements in your interiors. Once that is fixed, select the appealing shades from your shade card and ask your painter for swatches on the wall. Swatches help you visualise how this colour will look in your house, and you can then finalise and get started.

Look at Long-Term Solutions

When you are thinking of renovating your house, take a look at your distant future and consider making choices for the long term. A house may witness many changes like new family members, pets, plants and more! Given the changes brought about by the pandemic, it is also advisable to consider a hybrid working lifestyle and the changing needs of you and your family. Taking all these changes into account will let you make the appropriate choices. Opting for durable, low-maintenance, and easy-to-clean products is always a good strategy when thinking about the long term.

Dodge the DIY Trap

Trying out smaller projects for your home renovation by yourself can seem exciting. But if you’re a complete beginner at this or inexperienced with home decor projects, it might not be a good idea to go down the DIY (do-it-yourself) route. Home renovation is a complex process and requires experienced professionals to execute the work with precision and quality control. Do-it-yourself projects can also be unreliable in terms of how long they will last of how sturdy they will turn out to be. To go through a hassle-free renovating experience, take on a more decision-making role and leave the execution to the industry experts.

Timeless is Always Better than Trendy

It can be tempting to follow trends, but they usually have a short life span. What is trendy today might not be tomorrow. Making choices based on the latest trends might work out for the short term but might leave you feeling dissatisfied with that choice in the longer run.

Instead, go for a more timeless approach. Choose colour palettes and the interior style that reflects your personality and makes your house feel like a home to you. This will make the house feel more authentic and welcoming. Timelessness is always going to be in trend, after all!

Prioritise Utility Over Aesthetics

Like the ‘trend vs timelessness’ question, another popular one is ‘form vs function’. Aesthetics or the visual appeal of your house is really important, but it is of no use if it’s not primarily functional. Whether it’s the layout of your home, the furniture you choose or the decor pieces you select, make sure that these are utilitarian and will be of use to you for a long time. Functionality doesn’t have to compromise on aesthetics. Choose pieces that get the job done while also making your house look fabulous!

Home renovation can be an enjoyable project to undertake when you understand what you are signing up for. A little bit of preparation goes a long way! With these 8 tips and curated selections from HomeLane, you can embark upon this exciting journey, feeling fully equipped!

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