Children grow up in the blink of an eye. Before you know it, your little one has tossed aside all her Frozen Anna dolls and is now into DIY Robotics kits, or your son, with the world’s biggest collection of scaled model cars, has suddenly discovered the joys of reading!

When it comes to designing your child’s bedroom, therefore, you should think twice before spending serious cash. Here are some creative kids room decor ideas to spruce up your child’s room without investing a fortune!

1. Scribble Wall

Is Junior a Doodle Champ? Give wings to your child’s imagination with a Blackboard wall, and let him explore his fantasies with a box set of chalk!

All it takes is a paintbrush and some low-cost blackboard paint in the kids bedroom to create a timeless wall that gives them endless hours of scribbling fun.

Scribble walls are a hot favourite when considering kids room decor ideas as they ensure many happy hours of playing and make-believe for your children.

scribble wall kids bedroom ideas

2. Get Dotty

There’s no child who doesn’t love polka dots, the more, the merrier!

Mixing such bedding, sheets, and pillows is a inexpensive way to add colours, patterns and textures to your kids room decor ideas.

In the image below, the wallpaper matches the bed linen and ties the whole look together.


3. Make Artwork Personal

Bare walls definitely look drab, but you don’t need to go out on a limb and spend on expensive artwork when considering new variations of your kids room decor ideas.

You can create a wallet-friendly gallery wall with cartoon drawings and artwork that your children draw.

Not only will your children be thrilled to see her work up on the wall, but you’ll also be encouraging them to get even more creative.

While the more inspired artwork can be framed, adding pinup boards where pictures can be swapped around on a weekly basis also comprise good kids room decor ideas.

artwall kids room ideas

4. Put the DIYer in You to Work!

Does Junior love to get outdoors and fly a kite? Get crafty with some kite paper and pin-up life-sized kites on the wall. To add a more personal touch to your kite-centric kids room decor ideas,  you can draw the trailing ribbons by hand with marker pens.

And it doesn’t have to be just kites; you can stick flower cut-outs and crayons in the leaves, or have a trail of 3D ants marching across the wall.

This is a great way to add splashes of vibrancy to your kids room wall decor without going overboard. You can pick complementary hues in the curtains, cushions and accessories for an aesthetically pleasing effect.

DIY art for kids room ideas

5. Work some Stencil Magic

Ever tried your hand at stencil art? Creating this kind of wall decor for kids room is extremely easy and fun way to spend a lazy afternoon with your little one!

A can of paint and a simple stencil can magically transform a plain wall into a work of art, and it’s all the more fun when your child helps you with it.

You can make the stencils by cutting out shapes from stiff cardboard or plastic sheets.

Use painter’s duct tape stick the stencil to the wall and wait for it to dry before you peel it off and move on to the next decor for kids room.

stencil art ideas for kids room

6. Convertible House Beds

Children love make-believe and can have lots of fun playing with their besties in a tepee bed or a house bed.

You can add sturdy reapers to a normal bed to create the house frame, and screw one end into the wall so that it will not shake. Drape pretty curtains on the frame for playtime privacy for added touch to your home decor for kids room.

You can easily unscrew the frame, turning it into a regular bed once your child or children grow up!

convertible house bed ideas

7. Play with Colours

Add bold, bright, vibrant colours to your children’s lives that reflect their lively spirits.

Choose shades they love to that match their personality since using colours happens to be be a part of simple kids room decor.

Additionally, your kids will feel more invested if you allow them to pick out the paint themselves.

Remember that too much colour can be overwhelming, and that your choice of colour can affect your child’s moods.

This bedroom gets it just right, with tiny bursts of rainbow colours and geometric patterns that pop against a neutral white background.

vibrant colors for kids room

Keep in mind:

  • Always look for furniture that grows with your child. Bunk beds that can be refinished into twin separates are a great idea.
  • Shop for sturdy, well-designed furniture without sharp edges or dangerous corners. Rough and tumble play is a given, and children aren’t children if they don’t jump on their beds!
  • Check to ensure that paints and surface finishes are toxin-free. Little ones are especially susceptible to environmental hazards.
  • Instead of looking for child-sized furniture, get pieces that will last at least for ten years. Study desks with adjustable heights, and shelving that can be moved higher as the child grows are sensible investments.
  • Never compromise on materials, as low cost quite often equals low quality.   Cheap furniture might break all too soon, and you’ll have to pay more eventually.

For more fabulously creative, yet inexpensive kids’ room ideas, head over to your nearest HomeLane Experience Centre. Book a free design session with our HomeLane Junior designers!


1. How Can I Decorate Kids Room?

You can decorate the kids room in many ways, such as by creating DIY Art corners in the form of scribble walls, or by using convertible house beds etc. as can be seen in our article on the same.

2. How Can I Make My Kids Room Beautiful?

You can make your kids room beautiful by playing with various colour combinations, pasting or creating art with the help of stencils based on a particular theme, using polka dots etc.

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