Ultra-modern and chic, grey has become the colour of the year. Grey has undergone a radical transformation in the last few years. It is now a synonym for glamour, style, and sophistication. Moreover, grey can seamlessly blend into any interior style.

Whether used as the main backdrop in the living room or as a serene contrast to dark colour hues, grey is loved for its middle ground properties. It is a perfect colour that strikes a balance between dark and light. The best part is grey brilliantly infuses cosiness in the space, making it more welcoming.

Are you up for a renovation soon and want to try grey in your interiors? If yes, you have reached the right page. This blog post will discuss some tips and tricks to pick the right shade of grey for your interiors. We will also discuss the best colour combination with grey to make your interiors more appealing and enchanting.

Top Grey Shades To Dig In 2022

  • Silver grey
  • White smoke grey
  • Slate grey
  • Blue-grey
  • Gunmetal grey
  • Ash grey
  • Charcoal grey

Best Colour Combinations With Grey

The humbleness of grey, when paired with contrasting hues, gives rise to a mesmerisingly beautiful look. Here are the top five colour palettes with grey that is a must-try in 2022.

Blue And Grey

The combination of grey and blue is sensual, luxurious, and versatile. The best part is you can experiment with different shades of grey here. Do you want to get a magazine-like look? If yes, go for a contrasting scheme with deep charcoal grey and light teal blue.

This combination creates an incredible, cohesive look where both the colours blend so amazingly that you can barely figure out the difference between the two.  It will create an interior that is voguish, punchy, and relaxing. Tips for completing the look:

  • Expensive lighting options
  • Subtle coloured curtains to balance the colour tone
  • Minimal furniture with a statement chair or couch
  • A pop of mint to counter the dramatic aesthetics

Black And Grey

Nothing can beat the fierce combination of black and grey in the world. Interior designers are amazed by the dapper interior looks this combination can produce. It adds a dramatic touch to the interiors, making them opulent and lavish.

However, please use this colour combination wisely. For instance, you can use it in the living room or dining space. But avoid using it in your compact bedrooms. It might make the area look tighter and smaller. Tips to enhance the looks:

  • Special emphasis on lighting
  • Lots of whites on walls – Photo Frames, texture, and more
  • Only dark coloured furniture
  • Add character to the space with statement black polished flooring

White And Grey

Do you want to give a serene and sophisticated touch to your interiors? If yes, this is the combination for you. White and grey make one of the most loved colour combinations in 2022.

The most striking part is that this crisp combination works incredibly well in all the house sections. Complete the look with matching curtains and pale blonde wood furniture. Also, make sure you have ample lightings to highlight the aura and mood of the space. Tips for creating a magazine look:

  • Tints of peppy colours like sage green
  • A sophisticated monochrome look
  • An array of throw cushions
  • Statement coffee table and pendant lights

Yellow And Grey

When teamed up with yellow, grey can bring the best of any interiors. Yellow gives the best boost and upliftment to the calming grey shade. Interior designers say that this combination of yellow and grey can work to suit any interior style.

The best part is yellow can merge seamlessly with different shades of grey like greige, blue-grey, or slate-grey. You can also go for ash grey or white smoke grey for a more subtle look. Tips to ace this powerful combination:

  • Statement furniture
  • Modern printed carpets
  • An abundance of space and light
  • Pop of neon can also enhance the mood of the space

Pink And Grey

A subtle shade like pink goes best with a muted shade like grey. This trendy combination will give a sophisticated and uber touch to the interiors. However, it would help if you were extra careful while picking the shades of pink. Any lapse in this selection can negatively impact the final look of the space.

You can use this combination of grey and pink in the living room, bedroom, and dining area. Thankfully, there are many ways to decorate the space with a pink and grey colour combination. Some tips and tricks to breathe life into this innovative combination:

  • A pinch of pink to revitalise the area
  • Tints of white will add charm to the space
  • Curved furniture to give a classy touch to the room
  • Monochrome or Boho interiors to add spice

So, this was all about the different shades of grey and colours that go well with grey. Whatever colour palette you choose to pair with grey, make sure to complement it with the right kind of furniture and drapery. Apart from this, trust the best experts in the industry to attain desirable looks.

Why don’t you visit HomeLane to know more about grey and its versatile combinations? It has an extensive collection of home interior blogs that can help you understand more about the nuances of grey and its different hues. Browse through them and identify the best shade of grey to make your interiors look opulent and elegant.

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