Why Grey?

Grey is a versatile neutral colour. Unfortunately, as with other neutrals (such as beige, white etc.), many people consider it boring. This is simply not true. When used well, grey can have the chic calm that only the most elegant rooms can possess. In Nordic design, grey is thought to bring a sense of stability to a room. Colour therapy confirms this – grey surroundings help alleviate anxiety and provide grounding. The effect of the colour grey is universally acknowledged to be soothing. It also makes a great background canvas for small pops of bright colour to shine through.

How to Embrace Grey in your Home?

There are many areas of your home which would look great in grey. With a bit of creativity, grey can make a way in every room of the house. However, heavy-handedness can get the worst out of any colour. The trick is to create the look of lightness and strength simultaneously. The sky’s the limit, but here are our top 6 suggestions:

Grey Kitchen

In many of our homes, kitchens are the most vital areas. Kitchens embody both chaos as well as progress and can do with a dose of stability. A light, slate-grey backsplash or grey wallpaper can make the kitchen look refined. A grey modular kitchen can also be brightened by accents of cheerful colour. This looks especially rich if the handles match the grey of the cabinets. A great example of this is the bumblebee modular kitchen design from HomeLane. 

Exterior Grey Paints

Grey exteriors, especially when punctuated with white, look formal and composed. Grey exteriors are neutral enough to go with different styles, but they are also sophisticated enough to stand on their own. This can mark your home as the most put-together looking place on the entire street. Go for darker tones of grey if the dominant colour is white. This will look beautiful with silver-toned fixtures, such as door handles or outdoor sconces. You can create a contrast look by placing pure white fixtures as well. 

Grey Living Rooms

The living room is the one area that is seen by guests most often. Grey hues look stunning with natural materials, such as bamboo, wicker and cane. The quiet grey interiors are also an invitation to add a bright sofa or a vibrant painting. This lends seamlessly into minimalist designs and gives a clean, fresh look. It can lend well to vintage and modern looks, but exercise caution- certain shades of grey are difficult to maintain. Light, silvery greys may be prone to stains. Certain shades can also look clinical. Some darker shades may be necessary for a balanced look. 

Textured Hues of Grey

A very clever way to create a grey room that does not fall flat is to opt for many shades of grey in different textures and patterns. For example, a room can have matte, slate grey walls and sheer, almost-white grey curtains along with a dark, charcoal-grey and white striped woollen rug. The differences in the tones and patterns of grey will create interest and depth. If there are live plants in such a room, the green of their leaves will pop in contrast to the grey walls! Grey cabinets on grey walls will blend unobtrusively and provide storage while looking seamless.

Grey Bathroom

Bathrooms are the haven of tranquillity for many of us. This is where we stop and take a moment of self-care. It makes sense that such a grounding colour would suit the bath area. Grey can be incorporated into the floor tiles, the walls and the cabinets, in as large or as small a dose you prefer. Darker shades of grey stone can make the bathroom look like something out of a luxury suite. You can opt for mosaic tiles to create interesting patterns in grey as well. Deeper shades of grey offset with bronze or antique-finish hardware are the most luxurious option of all. 

Grey Furniture

If you do not wish to commit to changing the paint of your room, try reupholstering the furniture in grey. Grey cushions, curtains and carpets can also be easily added to tone down an overly bright room. Grey sofas look especially chic with one bright accent thrown on. Grey with yellow is trending as of winter 2021 as is grey with pastel pink. You don’t have to be an expert to do this. There are so many grey products out there, from paint to kitchenware, that you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for.  You can also add stain-proof wallpaper in an interesting print to add grey to the space.  

In an overstimulating and jarring world, understated projects confidence that bright colours could never achieve. Grey sets the tone – the powerful do not have to be loud to be heard. So, choose refinement and luxury over kitsch and invite some grey into your home. Expert guidance can help you achieve the home of your dreams in no time. The best way to see your interiors come to life is to customise a design from HomeLane. It’s the one-stop-shop for all your interior design needs.

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