Do you know what the most amazing thing about a home is?

You feel good when you leave it, but you feel even better when you come back.

When we talk about the curb appeal of a home, the relevance of exteriors is analogous to its interiors. More often than not, it will be the first impression outsiders will have of you and your property. Do you second this though and intend to create a swanky exterior for your property? If you just said yes, we have some amazing home décor ideas to create a mind-boggling exterior. With much ado, let us dive into the details.

how to make your home look beautiful from outside

Myroslava Bozhko

Refinish Front Door

Believe it or not, a dull and unfinished door can somehow snatch away the attraction of your home. A simple door paint job can uplift the overall appearance of your exteriors. The right and bright colour selection will create a warm and welcoming look for your guests.

Also, don’t forget to go for the colour scheme that gels perfectly well with the style of the home and neighborhood altogether. Here are the top colour options:

  • Shades of Red
  • Black, Dark Grey
  • Shades of Blue

decorate front door

Priorities Lights

You must have pondered upon multiple lighting options for your interiors. But do you know that lights also play a vital role in creating stunning exteriors? You can easily amplify the ambiance of your swanky garden or landscape by installing some decorative lights.

Whether you opt for modern options or go for the traditional ones, adding lights will add a chic touch to the exteriors. Here are some trending lighting options for new homeowners.

  • Recessed lights
  • Downlights
  • Hurricane candles
  • Pendant lights
  • Tree pendants
  • Floor lamps
  • Floodlights

accent lights for exterior home

How About Building an Arbour?

A home is a place where the laughter never stops, and love never ends. So, this season, make your exteriors memorable with a stylish arbour. A shaft or pavilion at the base of the walkway or front garden entryway will spruce up the property exteriors.

If you already have an arbour, you can stain paint it to create a fresh look. Consider decorating it with some hanging pots, artificial flowers, or vining greenery. Avoid going over-the-board with decorative stuff. Here are some decoration ideas:

  • You can add some string lights to highlight your entryway
  • Decorating arbour with colourful satin strings or cloth pieces is also a good idea to kick-start traditional functions.
  • You can also opt for in-ground lights to create lavish exteriors.


Highlight Landscape

Do you have a landscape that can look breathtakingly beautiful if decked up properly? If yes, now you have a great idea to surprise your wife by adding some aesthetics to her landscape. You see, greenery can make property exteriors look swanky, inviting, and homey.

Pick some native plants and trees that can blossom throughout the year. But make sure you avoid going for plants that require a lot of maintenance (your wife might not appreciate it!). Here is a list of other materials that can beautify the area further:

  • Rocks
  • Fencings
  • Tiles
  • Artificial turf
  • Wood chips

Upgrade the Hardware

Home is the foundation from where love, dreams, and hopes start. And with some simple modifications, you can make that happen forever. Do you know that you can transform your exteriors with some simple hardware additions?

It is one of the best things you can do to offer a classy appearance to the property. However, you must have impeccable taste when it comes to picking outdoor hardware stuff. After all, it will reflect your life story and overall personality. Here are some creative tips for you:

  • Change the porch lighting
  • Replace the old nameplate with a smarter one
  • Highlight your main door with golden motifs
  • An elegant Diya stand will add warmth to the exteriors

Myroslava Bozhko 

Create a Container Garden

A container garden is an innovative exterior décor idea that is trending in 2020. Do you live in a flat or do not have a space to create a complete garden? If yes, keep your love for greenery intact, with a super cute container garden.

Having a container garden is easy, fun, and low maintenance. The best part is you can create different exterior looks by changing the positions of the containers. Here are some tips to have a healthy container garden:

  • Pick plants that will grow throughout the year
  • You can also plant some herbs and small veggies
  • Use recyclable containers that will offer nourishment to your plants
  • Say no to plastic containers

Tree Bench

People who share a special bond with trees and greenery understand their silence and care. They hate cutting them down at any cost. So if you are also one of them and have a couple of trees at odd locations, we have a fantastic idea for you.

Utilise the space by making a bench around the trees. It is a great way to save trees and maintain the aesthetics of your exteriors. Here are some decoration ideas for tree benches:

  • Install decorative lighting to convert it into a kids play area
  • Add a coffee table or barbeque, and you have an impressive space to chill with friends and family
  • Adding some windchimes and other fancy items to create a beautiful backdrop for pictures

beautiful homes

So, these were some of the fantastic tips to make your home look breathtakingly beautiful from the outside. If you are looking for professional guidance for your interiors, trust only the best in the industry. HomeLane is a leading end-to-end home interiors brand that is known for creating beautiful homes in just three easy steps. They have so much to offer like contactless experience, live 3D designs, instant pricing, best quotes, and online expertise. Connect with them today and get your dream home in just 45 days.

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