Kitchens get messy the quickest. You prepare just one simple dish, and the evidence can be a huge mess that takes longer to clean than the cooking time. Kitchens require regular cleaning and maintenance. Be it a newly constructed kitchen or an old one, maintenance must be done well and regularly. We have listed below a few handy tips to help you maintain your kitchen, easily:

1. Keep It Minimal

It can be a hassle to remove the many jars and utensils every day to wipe the counters. Try keeping those jars, appliances, and whatever else you have lying around, inside the cabinets rather than on the counters. Keeping the kitchen counters empty is a great way to ensure that your counters are clutter-free and cleaned easily. Of course, you can keep the jars and equipment you use every day out. However, keep them minimal and organised. Clear countertops are invigorating and welcoming, inviting you to cook and spend more time in the space.

2. Clean the Sink Regularly

Keeping the sink nice and clean can be a tough task even if you don’t cook very often. Just the dishes you eat from can quickly pile up so it’s best if you wash after every meal or every two meals. Once you are done with the dishes, put a few drops of cleaning liquid and wipe the sink down with a sponge, finishing off with some water and dry clean cloth. Make sure you don’t leave the sink wet or dirty overnight, you’ll have a hard time cleaning it in the morning!

3. Don’t Forget to Clean the Cooktop

Sometimes you just can’t avoid the inevitable spills on your precious cooktop. Make sure you clean up these spills as soon as it happens before it dries up and doubles your work. Once or twice a month, you could deep clean and scrub down all the little parts including the grates and burners with warm soapy water.

4. Prepare a Cleaning Agent at Home

You don’t need to buy cleaning agents from the market if you have the patience to make one at home itself. All you need is one teaspoon of baking soda, two tablespoons of vinegar and half a teaspoon of dish soap. Pour the mixture in a spray bottle and shake it well. Add warm water to the top of the bottle and you have a perfect cleaning agent to help you remove those stains in the kitchen.

5. Equip Yourself with the Right Kitchen Cleaning Tools

It can be frustrating to find a good cleaning cloth or the right cleaning liquid that will get the grime off your kitchen shelves. It’s a good idea to gather your essential cleaning pieces of equipment and have them at one place, handy and ready to be used at all times. Store them either below the sink, in an over-the-cabinet door rack, or even a pull-out shelf. Having your cleaning tools squad ready will make sure that you don’t have one more excuse to avoid cleaning as regularly as you should.

6. Segregate Trash and Recycled Garbage into Large Containers

Separating the waste at source into big containers helps in managing trash and waste. Avoid using smaller bags and bins as they eventually add to the clutter. Don’t forget to regularly wash these containers with soapy water.

Clean Your Kitchen like a Pro

Here are some additional tips if you want to deep clean your kitchen like a pro:

  • To do away with the pungent smell in your kitchen cleaning cloth, boil it in a pan in soapy water. This will take the smell away in minutes.
  • To clean the cabinets effortlessly, use the vacuum brush attachment to suck out all the dirt and crumbs from the cabinets.
  • To keep your white cutlery spotless, dip them in half a bucket of water mixed with two caps of liquid bleach.
  • Use a liquid cleaning agent instead of soap bars, they are gentle on your hands and wash away the stains well.
  • Before you wash the utensils, rinse them with warm water for better results.

Lastly, don’t forget to add a personal touch to your kitchen. Decorate the space with the little things you love. Add some indoor plants or put up a colourful wallpaper or decorate it in any other way to keep the room fresh and inviting!

What are your kitchen maintenance tips for keeping it spic and span every day? Share them with us in your comments below! If you are looking for experts who can create an easy-to-maintain and budget-friendly modular kitchen, get in touch with the HomeLane team right away.


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