Does the clutter in your bathroom seem to be growing out of control? It’s time to get rid of those old bottles, powders and pastes once and for all, and get your bathroom organized the way you want it. We’ve put together some creative bathroom storage ideas that can help you tidy up and declutter your bathroom. You can thank us later!

Bathroom Cabinets under Washbasin

Pull-out drawers below the washbasin can be used to store towels, beauty and bath products and any other knick-knacks you wish to tuck away.

creative bathroom storage ideas

Add a Storage Ladder

Smart and stylish, this storage ladder makes clever use of the narrow space available to store towels and spa items.

Ladder Storage ideas for Bathroom

Stick-on Hooks

Stick-on hooks on the wall can be used to hang towels and loofahs. Stack your neatly rolled bath and hand towels in pretty cane baskets on the wall shelf so that they are not all over the place.

Bathroom Hooks

His and Her Storage

This luxurious bathroom has all the storage cabinets you could ever need below the His and Her basins. Twin mirrors help you to get dressed quick and beat the morning rush! We love the smoky grey colour palette.

His and Her storage

Mirror Frame Doubles Up as a Shelf

A wider than normal mirror frame offers shelf space for lotions and creams, right in front of the mirror. Now that’s clever designing! Make sure you don’t have more than a couple of bottles, or it could end up looking messy.

Mirror Frame that double up as shelf

Clever Use of Small Spaces

A tiny bathroom makes smart use of the minimal space available, to line up the pot, tub and the sink all in a row. The counter space is curved in to neatly fit in the flushing cistern, optimizing the storage.

storage ideas for small bathroom

Drawer and Open Shelf

This long storage unit combines a drawer section and an open horizontal shelf below the vanity. You should group together items on top of the counter and corral them in a tray, rather than have them all over the place.

Open Shelves for the bathroom

Old Fashioned Bathroom

This old-world bathroom epitomizes classical style, with a large open closet next to the door. Ample space to store anything and everything you can think of, right in the bathroom!

Old fashion bathroom

Mirrored Shutters on the Cabinet

When you’re short on storage space, the mirror can double up as a cabinet. All you need is a six-inch shelf behind, and you can tuck away all your favourite sprays, lotions and products within easy reach.

Organize with Wicker Baskets

Marie Kondo would surely approve of this neatly organized slim shelf and the pretty wickerwork basket organizer. Towels that are rolled up with the open edges tucked behind stay neat and fresh.

wicker baskets for bathroom

Give your bathroom the love it deserves with these storage ideas, and maximize every little bit of space available! We hope we’ve been able to give you some creative bathroom storage design inspiration for this most important space in your home. Do let us know how the HomeLane team can step up to give you more décor tips and tricks.

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