Every once in a while, you might look around your home and wish it would look more like those picture-perfect homes that are trending on Instagram. Whether it’s pared-down minimalism, ultra-cosy nooks that lean toward Hygge-style aspirations, or super-organized pantry spaces, there’s a lot of serious décor inspiration to be had from Instagram design pages. 

So, how do you refresh and renew your tired home décor, to make it more Insta-worthy? We’ve put together some décor guideposts to get you started! Here are some of our favourite ideas.

Create a Photo Gallery

Photo galleries are definitely worth, well, photographing! Put all your favourite memories together in a personalised gallery on your living room wall. Mix and match black and white and colour images, posters and portraits, and your favourite pictures of long-ago holidays spent by the sea.

We love the way this homeowner has framed the images, juxtaposing bold black and white stripes against simple wooden frames, for an arresting arrangement that instantly captures attention.

interior design ideas for instagram and pinterest

Showcase your Hobbies

Your home should reflect your personality and show the world who you are. Showcasing your hobbies is one of the easiest ways to do this. Do you collect hats? Put them up on the wall. Is crocheting your thing? Layout crochet doilies and placemats on the dining table. If you love to make intricately knotted macrame creations, hang them up for everyone to see! 

Artwork, calligraphy, patchwork quilts—all these are a part of your personality. Put them on display and create a home that’s as unique as you!

bohemian interior design ideas for instagram

Hit the Nearest Plant Nursery

If there’s anything that Insta homes have in common, it’s the profusion of lush greenery that blurs the indoors and the outdoors. It’s time to hit the nearest plant nursery and transform your home with the earthiness and warmth of indoor plants. Not only do they look great, but they also improve the indoor air quality, filtering out toxins even as they oxygenate the air. 

This garden room is a photographer’s delight, where plants of all shapes and sizes abound and the distressed furniture fits right in! The macrame rope hammock invites you to curl up for an afternoon snooze.

home designs ideas on instagram

Give your Bathrooms a Refreshing Spa Vibe

Your bathroom is the place where you can let your hair down and relax at the end of a stressful day. Give your bathroom an upgrade with a spa-style soak tub, and a tubside tray with flowers, fruits and scented candles. Not to forget the chilled glass of wine! 

Fill your tub with scented oils and rose petals, and settle down to a long, languorous soak!

Upgrade your Furnishings

Sometimes, swapping around the linens and piling on the cushions is all it takes to transform the look of your room. Play around with textures and colours and don’t be afraid to do a complete makeover.

Carefully coordinated pillows and cushions, silken soft bed linen and a textured throw work well together to create a look of ultimate luxury in this beautifully done up bedroom.  We love the delicate cream, beige and pink colour palette and the soft muslin sheers at the windows, that let light filter through even as they afford privacy.

interior design inspiration from instagram

Carve Out a Dedicated Home Office

Work from home is quickly becoming the new norm, and if you’ve been making do with a makeshift work area on the dining table, maybe it’s time to carve out a dedicated home office. Not only will it reduce clutter, but it will also help you to work better and get more organized. Not to mention, you won’t need to turn the TV volume down every time you get into a work call! 

If you have an extra bedroom, by all means, turn it into a home office. Or even space below the stairs can be turned into a nifty work desk, like this clever homeowner has done!

home office designs and ideas from instagram

Take a Cue from Marie Kondo 

Marie Kondo-ing your home can make you an instant home décor superstar. Declutter, and get ready to click Instagram pictures of some beautifully organised pantry shelves. Pretty glass jars with handwritten labels and everything neatly in their place will be sure to get thousands of likes from your internet audience. 

Invest in thoughtfully designed kitchen shelving that ekes out every bit of storage space, and group like things together for a picture-perfect pantry.

Play with Colours

The right choice of colours can make or break your interiors. Pick a palette with complementary colours that go well with each other, creating the right mood for every room. Shades of blue and green are soothing and calming, while brown and grey keep you grounded. Red and yellow shades are visually stimulating and energizing.  White, cream and beige are quiet, calm and peaceful. What is the mood you are trying to create?

Evoking the blues of the seas and skies, this bedroom exudes a restful, tranquil vibe.

Pick the Right Lighting

Just like your choice of colours, lighting can add a touch of magic to your home décor. String up fairy lights on indoor plants, weave them around your bedposts, or hang them from the ceiling for a lovely soft glow. Strike the right balance between functional and aesthetic lighting layers, and coordinate the various layers to make each room special.

In this living room, the twinkling fairy lights entwined around the frame of the bucket chair make all the difference to the ambience of the room.

Instagram has become the go-to platform for serious interior décor inspiration. Need help in applying these décor ideas to your home? Our enthusiastic design experts at HomeLane are always available to lend a helping hand!

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