Colour is an undeniably important element of all of our lives. From the clothes, we wear to the walls that make up our homes, colour is all around us and subliminally contributes to our lives, our health and our mood.

Arguably, now more than ever, after two years of a pandemic, colours have the power to completely transform your mood.

Every year, paint and textile behemoths predict the colour trends for the year ahead. This year, like every other, the choice of colours is influenced by trends in fashion, pop culture, design and technology. Here’s a rundown of the colours you need to keep an eye out for in 2022; colours that will lift up your space like never before.

Creams and Whites

Shades of white will never go out of fashion. 2022 is sure to see the use of understated creams and whites. These subtle shades are extremely versatile and can be used across spaces. It’s the perfect neutral to combine other textures and tones with and is just about versatile enough to be paired with, all while retaining its uniqueness.

A bedroom is a place that you retreat to when you need a safe place, when you need to wind down and when you need to recharge your batteries. It makes sense then that these hues of white and creams are a great option to support those needs.

You may even consider using upholstery in the shade, finishing and polishing your wooden furniture in this shade and incorporating various other design elements in this shade given its ability to be so versatile. Consider pairing these variants with brighter, vibrant colours like orange, green and blue for a striking contrast. Or, if you’re looking for something more toned down and organic, browns, blacks, and natural wood finishes would be a great pairing too.

Earthy Browns

Notably, earthy and organic colours are set to make big waves in the year 2022. Earthy tones of brown follow in the footsteps of the whites and creams mentioned above, in that they can be versatile. Given the depth of these tones, they can also be used to add dimension to a space.

From cabinetry and furniture to accented walls and more, natural browns make for a great neutral to pair other elements with. At first glance, it may seem like an overpowering set of tones to work with, but it actually does a great job of supporting and elevating the other colours around it.

These tones can be paired with colours like white, cream, yellows, rusty orange, subdued blues and olive green.

Shades of Green

Mint green and quartz green are set to make quite the appearance in 2022, according to experts. The former, mint green, is a unique shade of green that has the ability to instantly lift up a space and give it personality. As a shade of green goes, it’s sophisticated and polished, and historically quite uncommon. While it may not be the most versatile colour to work with, it can certainly add a lot of dimensions to one’s space if done right. While it could work for a single wall in your bedroom, it may not be the best idea to paint the entire room this colour.

Quartz green on the other hand offers great variety in terms of materials that can be used. Again, much like its predecessors, it’s a deep, melancholic hue. From upholstery to marbling, quartz green lends itself to a variety of uses.

Both these shades can be paired with natural browns and whites. Considering the personality they add to a space, it’s best not to pair them with vibrant colours like orange, pink or blue.

Vibrant Hues of Blue

Let’s face it – 2022 will mark us having braved the global coronavirus pandemic for two consecutive years. The colours of the year reflect optimism and vibrancy, and bright blues are a choice by experts in that direction. Inspiring and motivational, vibrant blues like indigo blue are a great way to lift up your space and cheer you up. This one can be used for various elements like accents, accessories and upholstery, and will likely add a whole lot of depth to your space.

Once again, pair these colours with more neutral shades like browns, whites and creams considering how bright it is. It’s definitely one of those colours that will grab eyeballs but that doesn’t mean it will overpower your bedroom.

Retro Orange

Speaking of vibrancy, retro orange is all set to shine bright under the spotlight. Bringing a bit of the 1970s back to the drawing board, this shade of orange is a great one for pairing with hues of warm white and earthy wood brown tones. Its brightness compliments the intensity of organic tones and textures wonderfully, making for a sophisticated contrast. It’s the perfect colour to brighten 2022 up with.

From upholstery to wall art and accents all around your bedroom, this playful shade of orange makes for the perfect expression of creativity.

Splashes of Pink

Pink, an often-misunderstood shade, is all set to make unapologetic waves this coming year. While many are afraid to experiment and play with it, it’s here to stay. While you may think – “oh, this is a bit out there for my bedroom”, it’s actually entirely possible to incorporate it with your space. That being said, given how bright it is, it’s important to use it wisely.

Interestingly, this one can be paired with hues of yellow and orange. And of course, creams and browns are your best friend.

Looking to stay on trend and make 2022 a colourful year? The creative and experienced interior designers at HomeLane are only a call away!

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