Blue is a versatile colour tone that you can incorporate into any part of your home or office space. It gives any home a cool and classic vibe when used alone or themed well with other colour tones. You can find various blue shades around your home to give your space an exciting, luxurious, and calm feel.

From dark hues to soft shades of blue, you can instantly choose any blue living room shade to lift your space. When clubbed with the right kind of blue colour combination for living room, décor pieces, and fabrics, your space can be transformed into a peaceful abode. In this article, we’ll give you some blue living room ideas that you can use to bring that sophisticated and smart look to your home.

blue living room designs

Advantages Of Using The Blue Colour Palette In Your Home

Let’s first look at some of the advantages of using the colour living room blue in your home. Remember, it’s important to choose the right shade of blue for your space, as not every shade of blue looks perfect in every home.

You need to choose the right blue living room paint colors depending on the room size, position, and sunlight. Here are a few advantages.

  • The blue living room gives a relaxing, calm, and soothing effect.
  • The blue colour living room can give your space a bigger and more spacious look.
  • Light blue walls living room can make a room feel airy, light, and brighter.
  • The modern navy blue living room showcases freshness and purity. It’s ideal for spaces that get a lot of sunlight.

soothing living room

Disadvantages Of Using Blue

  • Dark blue tones used in small homes can sometimes make a space look too small.
  • If themed with the wrong décor, your space may look cluttered and uninviting.
  • Using too many dark shades and designs with the colour blue may sometimes look too gaudy and dark.
  • Since blue is a cold colour, you need to take care with your décor items. Adding too many things can make the room not very cosy.

disadvantages of blue living room

Blue Living Room Ideas

Using different shades of blue in the living room designs is something you can do to give your space a new and trendy look. You can also use the blue two-colour combination for living rooms. Here are a few ideas on using the colour blue in living rooms.

Use Soothing Pastels

Powder blues are great tones to use if you’re looking for a serene and calm effect. Pastel shades of blue work perfectly when used in a south-facing room. It helps to give a feeling of space and light to a room.

Mix soothing pastel blue shades to bring out the best in your space. To bring your space alive, you can use grey and blue living room ideas and theme them up with soft furnishings and décor.

soothing pastels for living room

Go Bold With Blue

Create a bold theme by painting the entire room in the same colour tone. Paint the ceilings white for the perfect contrast. A blue and white living room is a great combination that will make your space look luxurious. The colours contrast well but choose an off-white shade for the best look.

bold color theme

Coordinate With Colour

The key to using blue colour is to keep it coordinated. To give your space a cohesive look, you can paint the fireplace, built-in furniture, and walls in a modern light blue living room tone or a navy blue living room color scheme. Solidify one wall as a complete wall instead of breaking up the space and painting shelves and other furniture in a different shade.

color coordination for room

Choose Dusky Shades

If you’re looking for a sophisticated look, go in for mid-tone blues with grey undertones. Grey and blue living room ideas help to give your space a bright and bold look.

Pair it with touches of velvet, brass, and brown leather to add a feeling of warmth. Adding shades of blue in the living room can bring on that stylish and classy look.

dusky shade for living room

Theme It With Pink

Lift dark tones like midnight blue and rich teal with accent pieces or furnishings in intense fuchsia or blush pink. The bright tones and warm pastel shades will help to soften the vibe and also add a light feeling to the blue colour living room.

Rugs, sofas, and cushions are easy ways to add pink to the blue tone. Pink pampas grass is a good idea for that statement texture. A soft velvet pink sofa or an accent chair in blush velvet can be added to match the panelled walls of your blue living room.

pink theme room ideas

Embrace Contrasting Colours

A bright orange or modern blue and yellow living room combination sofa placed opposite blue walls in living rooms is one of the best ways to use contrasting colours with a blue palette. According to Annie Sloan, “The complementary of blue is yellow. As you move around the colour wheel, you find orange, hence why brass and copper work so well, too.”

Adding contrasting touches like yellow or orange rugs can also go a long way with the colour blue. If you’re looking for something quieter, choose grey, green and pale pink.

contrasting colours for living room

The Sophisticated Look

Go immersive for that sophisticated look. Try mid to dark blue tones on walls to envelop the space. So, the deeper and darker the shade, the cosier, and richer the effect. Painting woodwork and skirting in the same blue tone as the walls will give the room a seamless and smart finish. An important point to note is that when you design a room using block colour, make sure to avoid flat space. So, adding curtains and a velvet or leather sofa will help to create a luxurious look. It will also lift a space, creating texture and depth.

dark blue tones for living room

Warm Up The Contrasting Look

Rich blue shades with neutral whites can balance out the look of your space. You can use a darker tone and add a splash of white to give your blue and white living room a classic and energetic look.

rich blue shade living room ideas


These were some amazing blue living room ideas you can use for your space. If you’re looking to get some help with home interiors, you can check out HomeLane; end-to-end home interiors brand that helps homeowners set up their personalized home interiors in a pocket-friendly and predictable manner.


1. Is blue colour good for living rooms?

A blue living room looks versatile, soothing, inviting, and sophisticated. You can try the following:

  • A blue and gray living room combination
  • Blue paint colors for living rooms
  • Experiment with a white and blue living room
  • A modern light blue living room

2. How do you brighten up a blue room?

Incorporating a blue and white living room softens the home’s interiors and looks surprisingly soothing and royal. Blue and grey living room ideas are one of the most trending and glamourous blue colour combinations for living rooms which modern homeowners love.

You can also try a modern blue and yellow living room with picture frames and reflective surfaces that look amazing.

3. Do blue and grey go together in a room?

A blue and grey living room looks stunning as both shades are soft, subtle, sophisticated, and restful. The grey and blue living room combination are slightly contrasting but create a comfortable aesthetic. You can also try to create a grey with a modern navy blue living room look.

4. How can I use blue in my living room?

Incorporating blue in your living room is easy. You can incorporate a sky blue ceiling, a seascape accent wall, blue living room decorating ideas, blue colour tiles for living rooms, blue painted walls, modern light blue living room with matching furnishings, or blue sofa living room ideas.

5. What colours will go with blue?

The colours that complement blue living rooms are white, silver, brown, grey, cherry red, beige, orange, emerald, and yellow

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