Productivity is something we all struggle with. And the key to having a productive life is maintaining a balance; between your work life and your personal life. It’s essential to give yourself some well-deserved ‘me time’, and why not in the form of some fun DIY activities?

DIY activities can range from a variety of methods, whether it’s going to IKEA and getting a set of DIY furniture to build or simply practising some crafts to create intriguing tidbits that will style up your home.

We’re high on DIY because it is not only a fun and rewarding activity but helps spike productivity levels while allowing you to unwind. Additionally, it allows you to get creative and open your mind to a world of possibilities!


Many individuals and especially couples love to do DIY home decor as it can be a bonding activity that brings you and your partner closer. To see a complicated piece of furniture and think ‘we did this together’ can be highly rewarding. Other than that, if you’re ever looking for a fun activity to practice with a group of friends, host a crafts party and watch the creativity unfold.

All the crafts you create will be memorabilia of the fun time you spent together that you can cherish for the rest of your time. So come, let’s get creative and enhance your surroundings with these free online courses on DIY home decor and crafts:

Decorating Studio

What if we told you there’s a free online course on everything you need to know about DIY home decor, with no need for registration?

Decorating Studio provides 6 free lessons while also providing additional lists of courses by room and other creative ideas!

Learn everything you need to get started in interior design – without being a professional. Decorating studio explains the A-Z of interior design, making DIY decor a hassle-free experience.

free online courses on DIY

Hand Embroidery Fundamentals: Stitch Your Own Floral Monogram Hoop

While being a lengthy hobby, the efforts are definitely worth the struggle. Stitching can be oh-so-fun, and creating intricate hand-sewn patterns can provide to be a thoughtful gift or a fun decor accent in your room.

This course consists of 9 lessons which teach you the basics of embroidery, what materials are required, and complicated techniques. Learn how to do the backstitch, the leaf stitch, woven roses, and even your initials!

It’s best to start simple and move your way up to more tedious designs as your skillset improves.

embroidery DIY

Make Your Own Furniture (For Beginners)

Who wouldn’t love to build their own furniture? This course provides you with information on all the required materials while covering these essential topics:

  • Design your furniture
  • Make a model
  • Find the right tools
  • Pick the right wood for your project.
  • Cut out all the pieces and put them together.

Building your own furniture can be an exhilarating activity, especially when doing it with a loved one. Looking to build a table or a chair? This course covers it all. It’s time to unleash your inner carpenter!

painting furniture at home

Pottery on the Wheel (For Beginners)

With over 15 lessons in this free course, learn how to make your first post on your pottery wheel in just 30 minutes. This course is easy to understand and covers all the requisite steps in becoming a master of this art, from setting up your wheel to clay throwing to moulding to finishing. This course is ideal if you’re looking to make DIY cups, mugs, or vases for your home! Brush up your pottery skills and become the next artisan.

pottery designs for home

Woodworking For Beginners: Source, Design, and Sculpt With Confidence

In this free course, artisans Anne and Josh run you through the simple process of creating your first piece of the woodwork; a wooden spoon. While defining all the safety instructions and necessary equipment to carry out the woodwork process, you’ll learn to become a skilled sculptor, while carving immaculate 3D objects with a simple piece of wood. This course is ideal if you’re looking to create some DIY home decor, be it statues, sculptures, or simple tiny carved accents.

wood working courses

Beginners Guide to Resin: Intricate Pieces with Simple Techniques

Resin art is all the galore in the age of Instagram. We’re sure you’ve come across it during your mindless scrolling and been awestruck at the results that transpired. And guess what, now you can master this art too!

This course covers the basics of resin art, from the supplies you’ll need to safety measures. Resin art is truly a fun activity that produces magical pieces of art. Play with colours, shapes, and textures. In this course you can choose the following projects:

  • Freeform vase
  • Ring dish
  • Open bezel technique
  • Coating artwork

raisen arts

A basic class, with some advanced techniques, helps learn the skilful art of resin making. You can then gift your loved ones unique handcrafted pieces of love.

Don’t the above free online courses on DIY home decor and crafts sound super tempting? Host a DIY party and watch the magic unfold. There’s no better way to bond than over the magical art of creativity. For more ideas to inspire creativity, whether it’s for crafts or home decor, we at HomeLane have plenty of ideas to spew around. Keep reading!

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