Social media has become an integral part of our lives, and we all want to be at our best on our social media pages. Due to the COVID restrictions, a lot of us are working remotely from our homes. Hence, we are forced to post pictures on Instagram from our homes. However, a lot of people have found innovative ways to make their photos look flawless. 

Posting pictures among beautiful Instagrammable worthy plants is one of the many ways to make your Instagram feed look attractive. There are numerous Instagram accounts for plants that post pictures of beautiful plants that will make your day. Let’s get a brief idea about all of these plants, along with learning how to decorate them to make our interiors look fabulous. 

Instagrammable Plants

The list of these magnificent plants is very long. But we have shortlisted a few plants, which will make your house a heavenly dwelling. 


Monstera is no doubt the most Instagrammed plant. This plant has huge leaves, which adds charm to Instagram pictures. Several notable interior designers, photographers, and social media sensations decorate their house with this plant.

Statistics show that this plant, also known as the cheese plant, shows up in approximately 7.8% of all Instagram pictures of plants. This plant is ideal for living spaces where it will get adequate space to flaunt its extensive and beautiful leaves.


With its beautiful texture and colour, this plant is ideal for Instagram pictures. Succulents are known to have gained at least 1400 likes whenever they are posted on Instagram. Succulents come in various colours; however, many interior designers use Princess blue, a succulent in dining spaces. Moreover, you can easily take care of succulents, and if you have no gardening experience, this is the plant for you. 


If you have no time to look after a plant, Haworthia is the plant for you. The only requirement of this beautiful plant with attractive patterns is that it needs shade at all times. This plant has won over the heart of several Instagram users, with over 4 lakh photos of it on the platform. 

Desert Gems

These colourful small cacti will make your room colourful. Desert gems come in various types of colours, which makes them ideal for your kid’s room. Moreover, the bright colour of these cacti will make your Instagram picture look amazing.


Climbers are indeed one of the most charming plants in the world. Ceropegia is a climber, also known as a string of hearts because of its alluring beauty. This plant can serve as a green waterfall in your Instagram pictures. 

String of Pearls

As the name suggests, this plant looks like a beautiful necklace with a green pearl. This plant is the one that will fetch your photo a thousand likes in an hour. 

Plants Interior Design Ideas for Instagram

Buying a gorgeous plant for yourself and clicking good pictures will not fetch you enough engagement on Instagram. It is also about how you present those plants to your audience. Here are a few interior design ideas, which are adopted by several Instagram accounts for plants.

Hanging Garden

Hanging gardens are probably the most common way to present small plants. However, not many people know that hanging air plants in your bathroom will cut down the humidity in the bathroom. To make your garden look more attractive, you can use metal, wooden or transparent pots to hang your plants. 

Wall art

Some Instagrammable worthy plants can be attached to the walls using adhesives. These plants create a serene setup where you can click quality pictures. You can also choose to create a network of fine synthetic threads using hooks and hang climbers to them.

Plant in Transparent Containers

Arranging transparent containers with plants in them creates a view like no other. To make it look more attractive, you can play with the arrangements with these containers to create a beautiful canvas for your pictures. 

Arrange Plants in Tableware

An innovative way to make your living space look more lively is by placing small plants such as succulents in small tablewares. You can use this table to shoot pictures of yourself reading a book, or you could make a video tutorial with these beautiful plants on the side. 

Make a Lively Centrepiece

Placing a lively plant as your centrepiece will change the looks of your dining room. You can choose to keep that plant in a large vessel, or you can place it in a porcelain vase. 

Keeping plants in your home is not just a way to gain followers or likes on your Instagram page. HomeLane, with its innovative ideas, teaches you ways to develop a sustainable lifestyle. Nowadays, we all are facing several problems due to deforestation and pollution. Maybe this is the way to make things right. Using a stunning image, you can propel this idea of green life into the minds of millennials. 

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