From classifying a zone to making a striking statement, rugs have indeed evolved as an essential transformative home décor element. There is no dearth in terms of sizes available, colour, texture, shapes, patterns and beyond. However, the dilemma is how to find the best rug striving to achieve the most compelling sofa and rug combination.

Here’s how to find an ideal rug for your space meant to perfectly complement your sofa style:

1. Room Size

When it comes to picking an ideal rug from the home interior perspective, a few inches can truly make a dramatic difference. If your room is spacious, a small rug will neither look appealing nor will it serve the purpose well and vice versa. The ideal strategy in terms of sizing is keeping in mind the principle of the proportion of the space. For the same purpose, you may use the painter’s tape to get an idea about the perfect size. This little secret does suffice to ensure that you have the accurate fit from every angle to accentuate the entire visual appeal of the room.

choosing rug based on room size

2. Furniture setting

While buying a rug, the majority of the homeowners end up in ignoring the furniture that equally dictates the rug size besides the room shape. Generally, there are three main layouts in the same context: all legs of furniture resting on the rug, only the front legs resting on it or all furniture except one or two. In case of the first layout, apparently, you need to opt for the largest rug size to carve out a mesmerizing defined appeal. Talking about the second option, you can go for a medium rug size meant to accommodate only the front legs of all furniture pieces to curate a captivating cohesive appeal. In the case of the third option, the rug size has to take into consideration the interior dimensions. Generally, the rug size that is meant to fit into the narrow and small space is believed to be the perfect fit for this option.

living room sofa and rugs placements

3. Consider the functionality

Asking yourself a few questions like how do you envision the rug setting while keeping in mind the wall colour and sofa size and colour? What matters to you most out of comfort and glamour? Compact spaces enclosed by walls are usually complemented well with a single large size rug. On the contrary, too many small rugs may look totally lost and unbalanced in a large space. The ideal rule is that, in terms of elements like floor-length and end tables, they should be either be kept off the rugs completely or on the rug entirely, keeping no leeway for the middle ground.

choosing rug based on functionality

5. Furniture shape

If the majority of furniture in your space is a rectangle then opting for a rectangle size rug may create a monotonous look.  The rule of thumb insists that always adopt a practical outlook first before embracing the ornamental aspect. Taking into consideration the entire circulation encircling the seating areas is equally important. For an instance, go for a rug that either leaves appropriate space to pass by or entirely covers the walkway.

choosing rugs based on furniture shape

6. Rug pattern

When it comes to picking the right pattern, you need to observe what appeals you to your own personality and the sofa style. If your sofa is minimalistic in terms of colour palette and design, opting for a way too flamboyant patterned rug will not look pleasant to eyes. Also, a minimalistic patterned rug too will mar the look. It may be a great idea to invest in a sea-grass, coir carpet or sisal rug to keep monotony at bay.

rug patterns

7. Rug fabric choice

Leather or suede are believed to be sophisticated options when it comes to the rug fabric when there are no budget constraints. While rugs featuring plant-based fibres like Sisal, Allo, Linen, Jute, Sisal, Linen, Cotton are believed to be the timeless choices that can never disappoint you in terms of functionality. Rugs that come in natural fabric including Mohair, Silk and Wool prove to be brilliant choices in terms of aesthetic appeal. Rugs that come in synthetic materials like solution-dyed Acrylic and Nylon too are preferred options of homeowners in a case when minimal maintenance is the top priority.

rug fabric choice

A wrong rug choice can throw an entire space off balance; no matter it is a living room, bedroom or any other room. Ultimately, at the end of the day, it is all about your lifestyle, your vision, and varied important elements like your individual taste, budget and of course your knowledge related to the varied important aspects related to rug. No matter which rug you use, you need to pay attention to the foot traffic before investing in a rug. For heavily used rooms, a home with little children, rugs that can take a beating on a decent level, will indeed prove to be the most ideal. At times, people get tempted to use more than one rug to define diverse areas and that is a strict no-no.

However, open spaces are indeed the exception to this rule and can be benefitted from multiple rugs to help separate a few areas in the absence of walls. The rule of thumb insists that no matter how tempting you feel you have to bound yourself to a single rug despite the large space. If your ultimate goal is expanding the sense of functional space, the above guide will certainly help you to pick the perfect rug from HomeLane.

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