Imagine that you are on a terrace. And you want to stand near its edge to enjoy the view around your house. But since there is no railing/small wall which can protect you from falling, you would feel scared to go near the edge.

The remedy to this problem lies in one word: parapet.

home parapet design

A parapet is a boundary usually installed near the edge of your terrace, roof, balcony, staircase, etc., to prevent you from toppling over. Not only this, but the parapet also serves as an important part of your house’s overall design.

This makes it crucial to install those house parapet designs that add to the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Now, if you want some inspiration or ideas for house parapet designs to install in your home, we can help you out. Read on for some stylish parapet designs which you can choose for your home and terrace.

1. Flat Parapet Design for a Modern Terrace

flat parapet design for a modern terrace

If you wish to go for a simple home parapet design – a flat or plain parapet design can fulfil your wish. A flat parapet appears as a vertical extension of the surface of your terrace’s floor, as can also be seen in the image. 

Moreover, with concrete and corbel coping along its top and bottom respectively, a flat parapet design is a low-cost solution for your protection. It also provides privacy, is waterproof, and requires low maintenance.

When choosing this design for your home, you can paint it the same as your floor’s colour (as shown in the image) or go for a contrasting colour to add a splash of style.

2. Embattled Parapet Design for a Castle-like Home Roof

embattled parapet design

Are you a fan of historical stuff and history in general? If the answer is yes, then installing an embattled parapet design in your home is a wonderful option!

Embattled parapets, also known as castle parapet walls, were installed around castles’ terraces, roofs, and balconies in ancient times. They helped during war times by providing a cover to duck behind and shoot arrows at the opponent armies.

In modern times, this embattled parapet is built with bricks to maintain its historic feel. For instance, in the image, the house parapet design with bricks with its rectangular high and low surfaces looks beautiful, historical, and aesthetically pleasing.

3. Sloped Parapet Wall Design for Small House

sloped parapet wall design

House parapet designs like the one shown in the image are famous for protecting your roof from any leakage. Not only this, in case you live in a small home, having a sloped parapet wall will increase the height of your home along with its length and breadth.

A sloped parapet can also help you with rainwater harvesting. Additionally, it can provide you with the space to install pillars and railing to make up your home front parapet design, as is evident in the image.

4. Eco-friendly Village House Parapet Design

eco-friendly village house parapet design

If you want to enjoy a retreat close to nature, this variation of sloped home parapet design is a great option for a vacation home in the village.

Resistant to leakage, the parapet is thatched with green grass above a waterproof material, as shown in the image. The green grass absorbs the rainwater, reducing its wastage and making this house parapet eco-friendly.

Besides this, in terms of aesthetics, this house parapet design is in tune with nature and gives your vacation home a cosy and comfortable appearance where you can enjoy a few days of calm and peace. 

5. Panelled Parapet Design for a Modern House

panelled parapet design

Since the Gothic period, panelled parapets have been renowned for their luxurious look. So, if you want to live in and around luxury – installing modern parapet roof designs like panelled for your home is a way to ensure that. 

Besides offering luxury, panelled house parapet designs are kind to your wallet as they are relatively cheaper than other designs and prevent your home’s roof from dust.

And just like the orange-grey panelled parapet in the image, they can function well even with low maintenance.

6. Tinted Fibreglass Parapet Design for a Sleek Balcony Look

tinted fibreglass parapet design

The sturdy, tinted fibreglass parapet design, as shown in the image, is a variation of the panelled house parapet design

It provides privacy and eliminates the chances of possible accidents for your children. At the same time, it leaves enough space on the balcony for you to sit and enjoy watching nature and for your children to play indoor games.

Additionally, this house parapet design also lives up to its potential of adding a modern touch of style to the exterior aesthetic of your 3 bhk design home.

7. Curved Parapet Design for a Large House

curved parapet design for a large house

If you are moving into a big house or want to live in one – having curved house parapet designs installed for your balcony and roof is a great idea. They make your house appear even larger than it is.

And just like the sloped parapet wall design, provide the scope for a parapet design (supported by pillars) at the front of your home.

Besides this, as shown in the image, curved parapet designs give a stylish and attractive appearance to the structure of the large home.

8. Stepped Parapet Design for a Grandiose House Roof Look

stepped parapet design

Do you wish you could live in a parliament-like building? Installing a stepped house parapet design for your house’s roof can make your wish come true. 

Since stepped parapet designs are inspired by old parliamentary buildings, they provide a marvellous look to your home. 

And as is evident from the image, a stepped home design parapet made up of bricks carries the potential to enhance the height of your home. Although if you want, you can also opt for a stepped parapet design made of reinforced concrete without compromising the elegance and secureness of your home.

9. Perforated Parapet Design for a Modern Balcony

perforated parapet design

Similar to a plain parapet wall, a perforated parapet is also a vertical extension over the surface of your balcony floor. However, unlike a plain parapet wall, perforations are present in a perforated parapet that follows the pattern of geometric designs, flower motifs, etc.

These perforations also make your perforated parapet for a balcony look stylish.

Additionally, a perforated parapet railing, as shown in the image, can enable your young children to see the view below your balcony through the gaps in the railing and, at the same time, protect them from toppling down.

10. Iron Parapet Design for an Indoor Staircase

iron parapet design for indoor staircase

If you want to have something grand in your house, there is nothing better than an iron parapet for a staircase. For instance, the iron parapet design, with its whorls and swirls in the image, looks beautiful and adds a flare to the appearance of the house’s interior design. 

Generally, iron house parapet designs are more robust and sturdier than wooden ones for a staircase, and you can paint them according to your home’s interior design. Not only this, but since iron is a malleable material, you can go for different styles of iron parapet designs for your indoor staircase.

However, just remember that you will need to maintain them properly, so they remain durable and don’t rust easily.

11. Reinforced Concrete Parapet Design for a Traditional Terrace Look

reinforced concrete parapet design

Do you like a blast from past moments? If the answer is yes, you should opt for a reinforced concrete parapet design for your terrace.

Once a thing of the past, reinforced concrete parapet design has made a comeback into the present. And now, it has become a commonplace parapet design, as shown in the image for many homes.

Another good thing is that you can get the reinforced concrete parapet shaped into any form for your terrace. You can also get it painted in whichever colour you want, so long it goes along with your terrace’s design.

12. Stainless Steel Parapet Design for a Stylish Look

stainless steel parapet design

If you want to have a stylish house parapet design in your home, you can go for a stainless steel parapet design, as shown in the image.

Stainless steel is durable, highly resistant to damage, and easy to maintain. What’s better is that you can get it customised for whatever style you want for your 2 bhk design home.

Though even if you live in a 1bhk design home, you can also choose a stainless steel parapet design for your balcony that makes it look chic and leaves space for you to grow plants, as well.

13. Combination Spices up a House’s Appearance

perforated panelled and flat parapet

The combination of white-coloured perforated, panelled, and flat parapet designs, as shown in the image, gives the balcony an eye-catching appearance. The balcony looks simple and, at the same time, exquisite.

So, if you wish to have some similar parapet design for your home, you need to decide upon the combination of house parapet designs that go along with your home’s overall design.

14. Sameness Adds a Splash of Beauty to a House

flat charcoal-grey-coloured parapet wall

The same type of parapet designs for your house can give it an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

For instance, in the image, the flat charcoal-grey-coloured parapet wall adjacent to the transparent fibreglass parapet wall for the balcony and terrace makes the house look very elegant. The overall flat house parapet design also stands as a testament to there being strength in unity. 

Another great thing about the same parapet pattern is that it isn’t restricted to big houses, such as the one in the image, for even if you have a single floor house, parapet wall design can make it look very beautiful.

15. Diversity Adds a Touch of Class to a House

modern parapet roof designs

Are you an adventurous and experimentative person? If yes, then trying out different parapet designs for your home can work in your favour – with your home looking all classy and unique.

And as is also evident from the image – the panelled black parapet at the front of the house, the perforated white-coloured parapet for the balcony, and the sloped grey-coloured parapet for the roof.

All this diversity of parapet designs’ makes the house look very sophisticated.

The End Note

house parapet design with bricks

Now that you are aware of so many different house parapet designs, it is essential to remember that you need to first and foremost understand the intricacies of the home’s interior and exterior design before proceeding to choose any parapet design for your home.

And in case you falter or face any difficulties understanding your home’s overall design, you can always reach out to the skilled interior designers at HomeLane. They will help you understand and choose the best parapet designs for your home.


1. Why Is It Important to Have a Parapet Design in the House?

It is extremely important to have a parapet design in your house for the following reasons:

  • Ensures Safety and Privacy: When you have a parapet design (a protective layer of boundary) in your home, it helps to prevent you and your family from accidents like falling from the roof’s/terrace’s edge, etc. It also protects your privacy from neighbours.
  • Provides Aesthetic Appeal: A house parapet design is an essential part of your house – it enhances your home’s appearance by making it look bigger and more stylish.
  • Protects from Day-to-Day Decay: A parapet design prevents any dust particles, moisture, and debris from entering the roof of your house. 
  • Lessens Wind Force’s Effect: Without a parapet wall, the edge of your house would be directly affected by the wind force. But thanks to the parapet wall, which lessens the pressure differential at the edge of your home’s roof and prevents it from collapsing. It also helps to keep your house’s internal thermal temperature consistent.

2. What Materials Are Generally Used to Build a Parapet Design?

Generally, the following materials are used either separately or in conjunction with each other to build a parapet design for your home:

  • Brick masonry
  • Reinforced cement concrete (RCC)
  • Fibreglass
  • Steel
  • Metal
  • Timber
  • Aluminium
  • Wood
  • Iron

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