You have recently bought a 3 BHK, and your mind is reeling with ideas of making this house a home. A splurge of luxury, maximum comfort, optimum functionality and a relaxing warmth is what would make your home décor perfect. But as much as we want to put in everything beautiful we see, “Less is more” is the modern-day anthem, so let’s see how we can strike the perfect balance.

The Bigger Picture

When looking for 3 BHK décor, these are some things that initially need to be looked into.


The builder has given you a basic floor plan, but now that the house is yours, you can think about making a few changes. Do keep in mind not to dismantle the core structure and avoid touching the house’s main pillars and beams. Breaking down a wall between two spaces, opening up the kitchen, taking a floor area, or extending the kitchen or washroom can be doable.


The floor plan is an important aspect to keep in mind while buying or doing up home décor. If you have children, maybe you would like the bedrooms to be near each other. Attached bathrooms, a separate entrance to the guest washroom, the bedrooms’ privacy, easy access to drying areas and lofts are all part of the layout considerations. A believer can make sure the house is Vastu or Feng Shui compliant. A good balance of sunlight and shade and position of door etc., are all determined by the house’s layout.

Room Size

3 BHK apartments or houses can vary in size. You can get a 3 BHK of approximately 1000 sq. ft or smaller and even 3000 sq. ft or bigger. The apartment’s size should be according to your requirement and family size, frequency of visitors, etc. The dimensions of each room should be compatible with your needs. Your furniture should comfortably fit its space, leaving room for movement and other accessories.


Usage of space while doing your home interiors is of utmost importance. Built-in wardrobes with sliding doors, built-in cabinets, modular kitchen, multiple shelves in the bathroom, linen closets, bookshelves etc., also help to save floor space. Less is more, and it is imperative to keep the house decluttered while utilising maximum space.


Your home décor must be in tandem with functionality. After all, you have to live here 24/7 and do not want things to be an inconvenience to reach or use. Space utilization is directly proportionate to the functionality of the areas. It is a significant consideration for where you place your cabinets or white goods without disrupting the interiors’ look. It is up to you to make life as easy as possible now that the home interior is in your hands.

The Intricacies and Beautification

The finesse of 3 BHK décor will portray your personality and style. Once your house is ready, it’s the furniture, fixtures, and decoratives that make the house a home.

Paint and Colour Shades

The paint of any room plays an integral part in its aesthetics and appearance. Use light colours to make space look bigger and darker shades for a cozier feel. Textured walls, printed wall-papers, and 1:3 contrasting colours can all change the entire look. Even the furniture and fixtures in the room should be either matched or contrasted with the walls. Kids’ rooms can be bright and vibrant. Walls could be made dramatic with handprints, the geometrics of designer patterns too.


Home interiors have various flooring options like marble, vitrified tiles, vinyl, granite, bamboo, hardwood, concrete or laminates. In case you have pets or children, choose accordingly.

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Yellow lights are cosy and warm, while white lights are suitable for study/work areas. Today, lights come with adjustable dimness and can be remotely controlled. If you want to give your 3 BHK décor living room a luxurious feel, chandeliers are back in fashion. The kitchen, dining area, and library should be well-lit while the family room and bedroom can mix bright and cozy, cool lights.

Pictures and Plants

Paintings and pictures add memories and good vibes to the house. Greenery and plants are always a pleasant addition. Indoor and outdoor plants and flowers light up the place with freshness and natural beauty. Money plants, the good luck bamboo plant etc., can also be placed according to Vastu and Feng Shui beliefs.

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Mirrors and Accessories

Mirrors lend an extended appearance to a room. According to Feng Shui, the mirror near the dining table depicts an abundance of food. Spirituality believes a mirror in the doorway attracts positive energy, not to mention a quick make-up fix on your way out. Place mirrors strategically in well-lit areas. Throw in shrugs, throw pillows and cushions, rugs, etc., for a homely feel. An expensive fancy carpet in the drawing-room can give the aesthetics a rich touch.

A home should symbolize a bit of every member of the family blending into a perfect family space. Don’t hesitate to mix in traditional with modern, put out family heirlooms with luxurious décor, or even have vastly different themes for each room. It’s your haven; pick your comfort items wisely. At HomeLane, we offer you a plethora of options for home décor all under the same roof. It is your one-stop shop for all your home interior needs. So visit our page and get yourself everything you will love to have.

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