The kitchen is not just an integral part of a house but is every home’s heart. We don’t just cook in the kitchen; it is a place where discussions happen, secret recipes are unearthed, new tastes are discovered, and a whole new world of sensory experiences opens up.

However, is all that possible without good storage? Imagine stashing away heirloom masalas, exotic veggies, and your made-to-order handmade clay dishes in a place where you can’t find them easily. The traditional kitchen cabinets only ‘store’ kitchen items, but they don’t necessarily make them accessible. That is why one tends to forget things that one has purchased, just to unearth them after piles of dust have settled on them over time.

It is time to solve this storage problem in a different way, and Kitchen Tall Units will do just that for you.

What Are Kitchen Tall Units?

Kitchen Tall Units are vertical storage systems suitable for a kitchen of any size and especially useful for small modular kitchen. They come in different heights and shelf styles. All your stored items would be easily accessible from all sides. Vertical units can be customised according to your storage and space requirements. They can also be adapted for semi-modular kitchen or wooden modular kitchens.

They are available in varying sizes. From floor to ceiling to a platform level height, from pull-out trays to open racks, there is always a unit that fits your requirements.

We have compiled a list of different types of Kitchen Tall Units for your understanding.

Tall Unit For Pantry

Traditionally, storage shelves in kitchens are small and the cabinets – wherein most of your groceries, snacks, etc. are kept – are completely full. When you’re in a rush, it becomes tiresome to recall and look for your items. It is even more cumbersome to pull them out from ten other items within the cabinet.

A tall pantry unit is the best way to store your spices, jams, grains, etc. In a vertical storage unit, everything is visible and easily accessible. Choose a pull-out cabinet or a tall open-ended unit to organize pantry items and keep them in sight.

tall unit for pantry

Open Tall Unit For Crockery

Exquisite teaware and antique brass cooking vessels are things that most Indian kitchens have. These items are often found lying around unused and forgotten even during special occasions. Reason? Out of sight, out of mind.  The vertical open-ended crockery unit saves space and doubles up as a display unit for these precious family heirlooms. It should be robust as crockery items are heavy.

Consider adding accent lighting within the cabinet to enhance your crockery items and make them a perfect display piece.

open tall unit for crockery

Tall Unit For Cleaning Supplies

Quick, try to remember where you’ve kept the broomstick, mop, and floor cleaning solution! We know that they are never found in one place. Cleaning supplies have a way of disappearing into different corners of the house. How about having them all in one place?

A kitchen tall unit for holding cleaning supplies lays to rest many invisible problems one encounters daily. It helps a lot to know where brooms and dust pans are; or if the cleaning liquids are running low on stock. Hooks on a vertical pull-out unit are beneficial to hang long-handled items like a broom, mops, dustpans, etc., while the bottom part can hold cleaning supplies. You can also create a kitchen tall unit in PVC that looks seamless with your PVC modular kitchen.

You can also add small shelves on one half of the unit to hold extra supplies to make them handier. Cover it with suitable shutters like in acrylic modular kitchen. All your essentials are now organised in one place and hidden away!

tall unit for cleaning supplies

Tall Units For Everyday Items

Can tall units handle everyday items like plates and other cutlery? Yes, they can! The 21st-century kitchen solutions are here to the rescue. Kitchen tall unit designs are inclusive and accommodative of kitchen items of any height, size, and shape. These can be easily incorporated in any layout style be it L-shaped modular kitchens or even U-shaped modular kitchens. The Pegasus wall storage unit gives you access to everyday utensils like plates, glass, etc. that were previously out of reach. Its mechanism uses a hydraulic hinge that handles all the heavyweight. You can pull it down when needed and the doors fold up right back, making it a cakewalk to open and access items.

This is a much-needed addition for overhead shelves that would otherwise require a stepping stool or kitchen ladder to access them.

tall units for everyday items

Tall Units for Appliances

Kitchen platforms can only accommodate so much. The kitchen counter is always cluttered with a mixer grinder, microwave, and blender fighting for space with other sundry items, especially in straight modular kitchen.

Kitchen Tall Units for electrical appliances are specially made for accommodating microwaves, ovens, etc. Installing them in vertical units frees up space in the kitchen for valuable activities. And the best part is that they are easily accessible at all times. All you have to do is pull out your appliance as you would pull out a drawer; use it and then push it right back in. tall units for appliances

Finishes for tall units

Tall units can have shutters just like the rest of the cabinets. You can also choose to divide up your shutters for better functionality. Since all the shutters would be of the same type, your kitchen tall unit will not stand out too much.

However, if you are looking to highlight your tall unit, add glass profile shutters. Finish your shelves in colours complementing the rest of your kitchen shutters as they are going to be a part of your display. Open shelves for tall units are also a great idea to have things you need every day at your fingertips. You can also show off your jar collection at the same time.

Are Kitchen Tall Units Versatile?

Kitchen tall units are the coolest design intervention of recent times. They help create space in the tightest places and the smallest of kitchens. You can customize tall units for any kitchen layout; be it an island modular kitchen or a parallel modular kitchen.

You can have open-ended units for wine bottles, tall corner units for designer crockery or a pull-out for your pickle and jam collection. Applications of tall units in the kitchen are endless. For corner tall units, consider a carousel unit for better accessibility. This would let you store all kinds of bottles and jars that you normally use. It is easier to organize and makes use of the ample space available.

kitchen tall units versatile

How To Get One Done For Your Kitchen?

Depending on the items that you would like to keep, you can brief your home décor designer. They will suggest to you what you can use it for and where you can put it up based on your kitchen size and requirement. Tall units can also be customized to accommodate your kitchen’s false ceiling design.

Vertical units can help you save precious time when you are cooking and are perfect for a low-budget modular kitchen as well. To understand how a tall unit will solve your kitchen storage problem, you can talk to one of our home interior experts at HomeLane. They’ll be more than glad to solve your kitchen storage issues. Want to know more about modular kitchens? Visit HomeLane for unique ideas on using different types of kitchen accessories, cabinets, and tall units customised just for you.


1. What are the tall kitchen cabinets called?

Tall kitchen cabinets are usually called kitchen tall units, pantry cabinets, or utility cabinets.

2. What height are tall kitchen units?

Tall units for kitchens are customisable according to your requirements. A designer would usually take into consideration the use of the unit as well as the space and height of the kitchen.

Generally, tall units are about 6 to 7 feet high such that the highest shelves remain easily accessible. However, the height can be adjusted depending on your requirement. Tall units can also be divided to accommodate all your needs. You can have display shelves with glass shutters at the top, open shelves in the middle, and closed shutters from your kitchen platform level. This way, you get to store a variety of items while keeping with the design theme for your kitchen.

3. What is the use of a tall unit in a kitchen?

Tall units are versatile in terms of use. You can use them for storing food items, utensils, groceries, etc. They can also double up as display cases for your crockery.

Tall units can also be used for storing long items such as brooms and mops which would otherwise not fit into normal cabinets. They are also perfect to store your appliances such as microwaves, blenders, food processors, etc.

4. What are the tallest cabinets for?

Kitchen tall units can be used for storing long items or can be divided into multiple shelves to use as display cases. The height of the shelves within the cabinet can be customized as per your requirement. You can use them in various ways as required.

5. Can lights be added to the tall unit?

Adding lights to your tall unit would greatly enhance your kitchen. You can either add spotlights at the top or LED strip lights on every shelf.

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