If you want your kitchen cabinet to be the best, enriched with a vibrant look, colour, and ultra-glossy texture, an acrylic sheet kitchen design can be the ideal choice for your dream home. Keep reading to know the pros, cons, and tips for their maintenance.

acrylic sheet kitchen design

What Is An Acrylic Kitchen?

Acrylic is a high-quality synthetic, non-toxic plastic material made of polymethyl Methacrylate. You will love its reflective, high gloss and smooth texture. Moreover, your kitchen cabinet’s new look will last longer due to its durability, shatter-proof, and crack-resistant ability. As children often play with kitchen cabinets, scratch-resistant cabinets can come to your rescue.

Acrylic kitchen design is used as an alternative to glass or laminate. An acrylic cabinet door is made of wood or MDF and then covered with acrylic sheets at the end to get the chosen colour and texture. Acrylic sheets designs for the kitchen provide a lustrous finish and artistic look. When it comes to acrylic kitchen design, you get a variety of colours and textures to choose from. Therefore, if you want your kitchen to look elegant and sleek, try acrylic!

acrylic kitchen

Pricing Structure of an Acrylic Kitchen

What is the acrylic modular kitchen price? Well, you will need to consider many factors. The acrylic modular kitchen designs depend on the shape and size of your kitchen, your style, what functions you prefer (storage space, open shelves, etc.), your budget, and the colour and finish that complements the rest of your home. Moreover, your individual preferences based on your taste can majorly impact your acrylic modular kitchen cost.

However, our homeland store has the following Acrylic kitchen designs.

Any modular kitchen design in acrylic will give your kitchenette an ultra-glossy look and enrich your cooking experience. If you are looking for a low-budget modular kitchen, you can choose a semi-modular kitchen with an acrylic material design.

Acrylic modular kitchens are sold based on square per foot. The price range of an acrylic kitchen design begins from Rs. 500 to Rs. 3000 per square foot.

Pros of an Acrylic Kitchen

What are the advantages of Acrylic kitchen designs? Read below for the pros to know whether acrylic allures your mind with its benefits.

  • Acrylic kitchen cabinet designs are durable and long-lasting.

  • Acrylic kitchen designs do not get damaged even under harsh UV rays.

  • These high-gloss acrylic kitchen design materials are waterproof.

  • These acrylic kitchen design materials are moisture-resistant.

Cons of an Acrylic Kitchen

After reading the pros of acrylic kitchen designs, let’s look at the cons too. Knowing the disadvantages can help ease your decision while finalising the acrylic material. Let’s have a look.

  • Due to the high glossy finish surface of acrylic material, these kitchen cabinets are more prone to dirt, stains, and fingerprints than wood or painted kitchen cabinets.

  • The premium look and feel of the acrylic kitchen design cabinets make them more expensive.

  • If the cabinet gets damaged for any reason, it might not be easy to replace as it needs both time and investment. It might not be easy to get the matching shade to your acrylic kitchen design cabinet with time. In rare cases, the only solution might be to replace the entire cabinet.

  • Unlike other kitchen cabinets, installing acrylic kitchen design cabinets is difficult, so you will need an expert to fix the acrylic sheets.

pros and cons of acrylic kitchen designs

Types of Acrylic Kitchen Cabinets

When you go for acrylic kitchen designs, you will find two types of cabinets, solid acrylic doors and acrylic-faced doors. Doors made up of a completely acrylic finish are known as Solid acrylic doors. And, thus your kitchen is enriched with a vibrant and lustrous look.

These layers of kitchen acrylic sheet design helps seal the door’s edges to keep them intact for a longer period.

acrylic kitchen cabinets

Acrylic Kitchen Alternatives

When choosing a modular kitchen material, you are sure to be spoiled by choices. Other than acrylic, we suggest the below materials for your kitchen.

Wooden Kitchen Material

Wood is the most common material used in kitchen materials, a non-toxic and renewable resource. For hardwood, the material is made from birch, oak, and maple trees; for softwood, pine and cedar trees are used. Frequent exposure to water and termite attacks might severely threaten the kitchen.

Plywood Kitchen Material

Plywood kitchen material is engineered wood made from veneer sheets pressed with resins. Being stable and durable, it is a widely popular and expensive kitchen material. Plywood is dense; hence you can’t get elaborate designs on it. You must also coat it with laminate or veneer to hide the rough edges.


Medium-density fibreboard is designed with small wooden fibres. With the help of adhesive, they are pressed together with resins and then hot pressed. This value-based option resists termites and ensures a smooth coating at the top. However, the problem with MDF is it is heavier. And, therefore, cannot be shaped easily. Due to the lack of water-resistant ability, MDF is unsuitable to use near sink areas.


Laminates are:

  • The layers with plastic resin

  • A printed paper layer with varied patterns or designs

  • And a rigid plastic film

Moreover, they are durable and affordable. Laminate material comes in with heat and moisture protection. Moreover, cleaning and maintenance are easy. However, the edges tend to peel off if not appropriately installed easily.


The membrane is another popular material used in kitchen cabinets. It is highly durable, and PVC foil is available in glossy, matte, and wooden finishes. Its factory-coated thin membrane protects all the sides of the shutter. A membrane is a budget kitchen material option but highly long-lasting.

membrane kitchen cabinets

Why Choose Acrylic Over Other Kitchen Materials?

Wondering why you should pick an acrylic sheet design for kitchen over other materials? Well, here are the reasons:

  • Ultra glossy, elegant, and sleek and mirror-like look

  • Available in numerous vibrant colours of more than 50 colour codes

  • Durable and long life span

  • Scratch and moisture resistant

  • Won’t shrink or crack

  • Good UV protection

  • Easy to clean

Due to their high gloss and reflective nature, acrylic kitchen designs are the modern age kitchenettes.

acrylic sheet design for kitchen

Tips for Maintaining an Acrylic Kitchen

Following little knick-knacks will ensure that your acrylic kitchen designs serve you longer. Following are some of the tips.

  • Any stains on the cabinet must be cleaned immediately with warm water, mild detergent, and a microfiber cloth.

  • Don’t hang any wet cloth on acrylic kitchen design surfaces. The material might get damaged due to moisture.

  • For tough grease or oil stains, use grade hexane or kerosene.

  • Avoid storing in direct sunlight as the material can expand or bend.

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1. Is acrylic good for the kitchen?

Yes, as it is heat and water-resistant, it becomes suitable for hot and humid conditions in India. Moreover, food stains and spills can be easily removed, considering you have children in your home. As they can tamper with the kitchen cabinet and spill water or food. Moreover, acrylic is UV resistant, and the colour can remain intact even after being exposed to sunlight. And hence, acrylic is considered good for the kitchen.

2. How much does it cost for an acrylic kitchen?

It is impossible to mention any standard price for an acrylic kitchen cabinet. The cost depends on the size of your kitchen, the materials and the quality and quantity of acrylic. You will also need to consider whether you choose whole acrylic material or a combination of acrylic and laminate. Then, the cost will be reduced. Also, choosing a glossy or matte finish will define the cost of an acrylic kitchen. However, the average pricing range is Rs. 500 to Rs. 3000 per square foot.

3. What is acrylic material for a modular kitchen?

It is a synthetic plastic material where the acrylic sheets are pasted on MDF or HDF boards. Its glossy surface can make your compact kitchen look bigger and more spacious. It is unique because of its glossy and highly reflective finish, durability, long-lasting colour, strength, stiffness, and ability to bond well with adhesives and solvents. Its highly reflective mirror-like look adds elegance to your kitchen decor. It’s also easy to clean and maintain nature, making acrylic special.

4. What is an acrylic glass kitchen?

Acrylic glass is an acrylic material made by hardening the glass and laminating and tampering with it using safety glass techniques. It is durable and transparent, has a cutting-edge design, and provides an elegant and high-end look to your kitchen. it

5. What can damage acrylic?

Acrylic kitchen cabinets can get scratched easily if they come into contact with any hard or rough surface. For example, ammonia-based cleaners, rough cloth, scrubbing pads, and not cleaning regularly can damage the acrylic. Thus, you need to take proper care of your acrylic kitchen cabinet.

6. Which colour is good for acrylic kitchen design?

White is the colour that compliments well with any other colour, textures, and materials and thus enhances the aesthetic look by enriching the vibrant environment of your kitchen. Also, if you want lighter colour units, you can use light grey or ivory colour. If you prefer darker shades and a modern look, use metallic charcoal. However, you can choose a colour that matches your preferences and combine colours with adding your personality to the design.

7. What is an acrylic kitchen countertop?

Acrylic kitchen counter It is a type of solid-surface countertop that is durable and comes with varied pattern options. It needs low maintenance as it does not stain easily. They are hard-solid with a matte finish that enhances the solid look. It is a thermoformable material, meaning you can give it the shape you choose.

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