The trend of the false ceiling has been gaining momentum in recent times due to many reasons. A kitchen is no longer the most neglected space of the house. Earlier, homeowners would not bother about unattractive kitchen roofs, but gradually, they began acknowledging the importance of the inspiring kitchen design space.

What is a False Ceiling?

Comprising of varied panels, a kitchen false ceiling comes in an array of designs. From imparting captivating visual appeal to transforming the room’s entire aesthetic appeal, from concealing the not so visually pleasant elements to supporting mood lighting, False Ceilings designs have evolved dramatically over time. Moreover, when it comes to absorbing the heat to maintain a controlled temperature inside the room, false ceilings prove to be the sure shot way. Being remarkable energy savers, it also does help in reducing the external noise in the room.

Does your kitchen need a false ceiling?

It is natural to experience a dilemma: does your kitchen need a false ceiling? The decision making power related to choosing whether to install a false ceiling or no lies with you. Since more and more homeowners are gaining insights into functional aspects of the false ceilings, they decide to install them to keep moisture at bay while leveraging the multiple benefits that come with it.

From hiding pipes to concealing electrical wiring, from covering up exposed concrete to concealing hide AC regulators, incorporating a false ceiling in the kitchen provides terrific functional value and offers remarkable aesthetic value. Being energy efficient, in the long run, they provide exceptional safety against fire. Sag-proof and sound-proof, the false ceiling for the kitchen proves to be a value-driven investment in the long run.

How to incorporate a false ceiling in the kitchen?

  • When it comes to designing kitchen ceilings, the process is different when compared with installing false ceilings for the rest of the house’s rooms. Unlike other areas that do witness versatility, the kitchen is mainly used for one basic function – cooking. Therefore, it makes sense to focus more on the utility concept when planning to incorporate a false ceiling in the kitchen.
  • The role of false ceiling transcends beyond imparting visual appeal to your kitchen while creating a provision for uniform lighting.
  • The majority of the kitchen space fails when it comes to ensuring the equal distribution of light. This is where the role of well-planned kitchen false ceiling comes in the picture as it does impart the advantage of uniform lighting.
  • False ceiling for kitchen also reduces the temperature ranging between one to five degrees, thereby enabling the kitchen to remain cool.
  • If you have been toying with an idea to incorporate false ceilings in your kitchen, there is no dearth in finishing, illusions, technology and patterns. Let’s decode the best and most trending kitchen ceilings ideas and designs for your kitchen.

Kitchen Pop Ceiling Design

Modern kitchens are all about minimalistic décor emphasizing a neutral colour palette. The Pop (Plaster of Paris) false ceiling for kitchen design comprises concentric circles accentuated with border lights. Round-shaped and small LED bulbs further take the entire aesthetic appeal of your kitchen to the next level. It is attractive, malleable, and cheap. It is mixed with water and applied to fiberboard and wooden base for shape when suspended from the roof ceiling. However, you need to hire an expert with the required skills as it does not come pre-fabricated.

PVC Ceiling design for kitchen

PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) ceiling design is one of the most sought after designs in the context of the kitchen ceiling owing to its synthetic material quality. Empowered with extraordinary water resistance property, the PVC false ceiling for the kitchen is easy to clean and durable. Since a kitchen is the only space in the house that beats the maximum burnt of high humidity, integrating PVC false ceilings can truly make a remarkable difference. Being lightweight and strong, PVC plastic can be customized as per preference. Equipped with water-proof properties, PVC kitchen ceiling design proves sturdy, durable and pocket-friendly.

Gypsum kitchen ceiling

When choosing Gypsum ceiling amongst other materials, be assured of fetching a multitude of advantages. They are extremely economical and easy to install and come equipped with glossy finishing in an array of colour variants. Since Gypsum is a fire-resistant material, its popularity has grown by leaps and bounds in the past few years.

Wooden Kitchen Ceiling

Wood has remained at the leading edge since time immemorial in the gamut of home décor. Nothing can beat the exquisite elegance of the false wooden ceiling. If you share a penchant for all things rustic, you should consider a wooden kitchen ceiling made of a panelled roof. Add beautiful lights and a decorative fan to further take the wooden false ceiling’s quintessential charm for the kitchen to the next level.

wooden kitchen ceiling

Contemporary Kitchen False Ceiling Design

Contemporary Kitchen False Ceiling Designs are all about endless possibilities oozing with ingenious imagination and creativity. The trendy themes revolve around luxury, subtleness, and minimalism and beyond. Where an ornate ceiling appears extraordinarily engaging, clean and minimalistic monolithic designs exude a soothing, elegant vibe equipped with kitchen ceiling lights.

Whether you are all set to brainstorm kitchen ceiling ideas for a brand-new kitchen or to-be-renovate kitchen, it is best to decide on the design pattern and budget beforehand to avoid any sort of inconvenience later stage.

HomeLane is an end-to-end home décor brand that leverages renowned interior designers and engineers’ expertise to impart the best solutions to homeowners. With the help of the above design ideas offered by HomeLane related to the false ceiling for the kitchen, you can easily impart your kitchen a much-deserved facelift.

Reckoned as one of the most resourceful home interior brands, it harnesses the elements of aesthetics and functionality to make the life of homeowners efficient, visually delightful and convenient.

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