Home interior and home décor trends keep changing every year. There is a wide range of beautiful home décor solutions that can bring out the best in your space. In this blog, we’ll talk about home décor in Mangalore and the different design trends of Mangalorean homes. Mangalore is a picturesque place with lovely home constructions. If you’re all ready to buy your home or planning to renovate it, then check these latest home interior and home décor trends in Mangalore.

Neutral Colour Tones

Authentic Mangalorean homes are huge and spacious. Home décor in Mangalore mainly consists of a rustic finish. With changing ideas and lifestyles, home interior designs in Mangalore have also evolved with time. One of the latest home interior design trends in Mangalore is neutral colour tones. Modern interior designers prefer neutral shades with dark colour furnishings for that elegant look. Colour choices are modified according to one’s preference. Neutral colour tones give a positive and comfortable vibe to a place. Self-coloured patterns or gradient designs are used for the best look.

Attractive Cooking Space

When it comes to the home interior for the kitchen in Mangalore, most designers prefer a combination of traditional and modern styles. Today, modular kitchens are one of the latest trends adopted in Mangalorean homes. Modular kitchen is popular among designers because it offers beauty and functionality at the same time. Apart from going in for a single-coloured space for cooking, people now prefer bright colours, plush stone countertops, and elegant patterned styled flooring for their kitchens. People are now moving away from traditional kitchen styles and incorporating modern home interior trends in Mangalorean homes.

kitchen design trends in Mangalore

Comfortable and Spacious Living Spaces

Since homes in Mangalore as huge and spacious, it’s essential to use the right type of furniture and design styles for your home. Think of key aspects like home décor pieces, colour schemes, space, and of course, furniture. Some of the latest home interior styles include accent pieces and carpets for a relaxed and elegant feel. Choose unique shades for the walls with exciting texture styles using bricks or tiles.

With the right furnishing, you can instantly bring your space alive. Today, there are plenty of simple home décor trends that are easily available in your budget. Modern home interior designs in Mangalore come with a mix of minimal and classic styles. With skilful decorating ideas and beautiful accessories, a designer can create the right style for any home.

beautiful Living room designs in Mangalore

Cosy and Relaxed Bedroom Spaces

In recent years, home interior designs for bedrooms have also undergone a major change. People look for ways to make a bedroom spacious, cosy, and comfortable. There is more emphasis on including the right ventilation with more windows in every room of the home. Focus is given to creating a space that is free of clutter, mould, and humidity.

Using stylish wardrobes and furniture like desks and side tables for easy access is the way to go. Beds are also made perfect with the right type of bed sheets, pillow, cushions, and comforters. Choosing the ideal bedroom home décor such as accessories, curtains, wall painting, and other accent pieces is also a new trend for home décor in Mangalore. Incorporating vintage and old-style items are another way to create a rustic and elegant charm to any home.

bedroom interiors in Mangalore

Quintessential Central Courtyard

Central courtyards are another important feature of Mangalorean homes, and home interior designers are looking for exciting ways to decorate and design these spaces as well. Houses with central courtyards offer a regal and traditional appearance, so it’s important to design the courtyard by incorporating modern methods without taking away the place’s traditional feel. Try to decorate the space using plants that can add life to your home. Plants such as climbers and creepers, shrubs, or foliage plants invite birds, bees, and butterflies, giving a very peaceful vibe to your courtyard.

Home décor trends in Mangalore also include setting up a small pond with fishes or a fountain in the centre or against the wall. When it comes to seating, you could go in for gazebo-style seating with a place for a bar or an outdoor barbecue area. Choosing suitable outdoor furniture such as wrought iron is also a great idea. To create a warm and inviting feel to your courtyard space, you could fix interesting cane lighting or other fabulous lighting features in your courtyard.

Tassels and Lace

Mangalore matriarchs are known for their skill in lace making, and their lovely, delicate creations are a visual delight. To infuse a bit of old-fashioned Mangalorean charm into your home, deck up your dining table with hand-crafted lace doilies, tablecloths and runner mats. 

With cottage core themes coming into their own in the world of interior design, old-world décor embellishments like lace-edged sofa back covers, TV covers and hand-knotted woollen throws can be used to dress up your living room décor. Upgrade your bedrooms with gorgeous hand-embroidered counterpanes with flowers outlined in pretty cross-stitch work.

Wood Furniture and Accessories

Traditional homes have a lot of wood all around, and keeping the ethnic look of a space is critical when it comes to home décor in Mangalore. The home interior of a Mangalorean home usually has wooden flooring with windows and doors made up of solid wood. To give your home a traditional vibe, you could include beautiful wooden partitions and furniture that provide the space with a warm appeal. For the kitchen, including home décor and kitchen tools such as wooden chopping boards and wicker baskets to hold your fruits and vegetables is a popular home décor trend in Mangalore.

If you’re looking to buy a new home or renovate your existing home and would like to include home interior Mangalorean trends for your space, then check out HomeLane for the best customisable designs for every home. With the help of experts, you can transform your space without any hassle.

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