Want to incorporate the latest interior design trends in Hyderabad home, while bringing in your personal style? We’ll show you how!

The city of Hyderabad sports a proud blend of ancient and modern architectural and interior design styles – from the native Deccan elements to the Arab, Turkish, and Persian influences. Take a walk around the city, and you will see historic relics coexisting peacefully with sky-rise glass offices and apartment complexes. Now a major IT city, Hyderabad’s architecture and interior design tilts more towards modern and minimalistic elements – also reflecting the homeowners’ tastes. You will often find large modern homes decorated with vintage pieces grounding the home to the family’s traditions. Here’s our compilation of the best ideas to incorporate your style into your Hyderabad home’s interior design.

Traditional and Modern Furniture

Typical Hyderabadi homes will naturally mix modern pieces of furniture with a sprinkling of antique pieces. So if you have an old writing desk, a chest of drawers, an ornate dining table, a retro two-seater sofa, or a four-poster bed, don’t trade them off entirely for new pieces. Refurbish them and add some personal vintage charm to your living room, dining room or your bedroom. The trick is to have the right mix of antique accents and newer, sleek wooden furniture.

interior design trends in hyderabad

A Luxurious Bedroom

Create a bedroom fit for a king that reflects the city’s past. Wallpaper your bedroom walls, or use a rich colour on the walls. Use a solid wood bed with some carved details, or a four-poster one. Use luxurious looking linens and curtains. Adorn the floors with elegant carpets and add a plush seating area as well. Mount your favourite artworks in elegant frames. You could even add wooden floors, or wood-panelled walls or ceilings.

bedroom designs in hyderabad

Modern Kitchen Design

Spacious kitchens with modern cabinetry are a common feature in Hyderabad homes. You can design your kitchen with stunning colour combinations and patterned backsplashes and tiles while keeping the lines clean and sleek. Go for matte black cabinetry if you want to switch to the dark side. Or opt for dual-toned colourful cabinet work. Use integrated appliances for a seamless look.

Kitchen trends in hyderabad

Balcony Design

Hyderabadi homeowners love to dress up their balconies and patios as well. Deck yours up with comfortable seating, a swing maybe, a rug, pouffes, and plenty of plants. Add some privacy with drapes or bamboo curtains. Add in a storage unit for your garden tools and accessories. Don’t forget to hang a few photos or pieces of art on the wall.

balcony designs in hyderabad

Pooja Room Design

If you have a separate pooja room, deck up the door with bells and patterned latticework. Inside, build custom shelves and a wooden or marble backsplash. Bring in elegant lighting to complete the spiritual atmosphere. If you don’t have a separate prayer room, custom-make a beautiful pooja room shelf with storage to fit your needs.

Unique Patterns and Prints

Bring the colours of the city into your home. Add vibrant furnishing elements, and a few patterned ones as well. In your living room and bedroom, mix large and small patterns in a limited colour palette for an eclectic vibe. Repurpose a few of your old sarees or materials into cushion covers or table runners to add some quirk to any room. When you think of Hyderabad or Telangana, what are the textiles that come to your mind? Ikat from Pochampally and Kovalguddam, tussar silk sarees from Mahadevpur, cotton textiles from Narayanpet, and the likes right? Bring some of these textiles into your home in the form of window dressing and furniture upholstery.

Furniture trends in hyderabad

Eclectic Collection of Artworks

Use plenty of artwork on the walls – arrange them as a single massive showpiece or group a few smaller ones to make a stunning gallery wall. Go for eclectic wooden and metallic frames, and add a few interesting vintage mirrors and masks into the mix. Apart from paintings, showcase your travel collectables like masks, tapestries and sculptures tastefully on walls and ledges or shelves.

TV Room Designs in Hyderabad

Dip Into Old Persian Traditions

Hyderabad still hangs on to its rich history, and even today many parts of the Old City hark back to its glorious past. Dip into old Persian and Mughal influences by incorporating rich tapestry or exquisite rugs in your living room décor. Draw inspiration from Mughal-style furniture and styling, and use plush velvety fabrics and metallic accents to ramp up the glamour quotient in your home. Line passages with Jali work, and dress up the décor with Mughal-painted motifs on artwork or lampshades.

Dip Into Old Persian Traditions

Multi-Purpose Rooms

Multi-purpose areas are a common feature in modern Hyderabadi homes. You will see blurred lines between a dining and living area, or a living area and an entertainment zone, a bedroom and a home office and so on. Create your personalized multi-use spaces with furniture like foldable tables, nested side stools, sofa beds, storage beds, and so on.

Multipurpose room designs in hyderabad

Design your Hyderabad home, showcasing your style statements while keeping up with the latest interior design trends. Get in touch with the HomeLane team now to blend the two seamlessly and design the home of your dreams.

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