Coimbatore’s modern skyline of buildings is a façade to a city rich in heritage and culture, natural retreats like forests and lakes, and historical buildings like museums. Cut to today – Coimbatore home interiors are a beautiful mix of contemporary furniture, traditional elements, and all modern amenities. Here are some of the most popular interior design trends of Coimbatore that blend vintage and modern elements beautifully.

Use Locally-Sourced Natural Materials

Coimbatore is a city that is close to nature and with a plentiful supply of rich natural resources. Use locally sourced stone tiles on your living room wall, cement flooring for a patio, local marble in your bathrooms, or stylish black granite tabletops for your coffee table, dining table or kitchen island table. Accent your kitchen backsplash with a multi-hued stone wall. If you’d like a window seat or balcony seating, introduce an in-built granite deck to resemble a “thinnai” in a traditional home.

Kitchen interior design trends in Coimbatore

Source Local Handlooms

Coimbatore is famed for its textile industry, and generations of local weavers have passed down their intricate handloom secrets through the ages. A wide variety of lovely fabrics in stunning, vibrant colours are available here, and you can showcase the local fabrics in your home in the form of upholstery, cushions, drapes and rugs. Work the colour palette around your personal preferences and in line with your overall décor theme.

Use Plenty of Metallic Accents

Add some sparkle to your décor by using a sprinkling of elegant metallic touches in the rooms. Pick up bespoke brass pieces for your living room shelf, metal cabinet knobs for the kitchen, side tables with metallic legs, or even metal-framed windows. Mount vintage mirrors with metal frames, or metallic, carved art installations to brighten up some of your nooks. Display some of your shiny copperware or silverware on the dinner wagon.

Pick a Mix of Sleek Modern and Traditional Wooden Furniture

This city is a lovely blend of the old and the new, and features a heady mix of heritage and modernity. In keeping with this, you can mix up your furniture pieces to make the rooms look more eclectic. If you have a purely sleek set-up in the living room, shake things up with a vintage chest of drawers as a console table in the entryway. You can even experiment with salvaged wooden doors or pillars if you want to go the ethnic route.

Pay special attention to the seating in your living room, as this is the place where your family would want to lounge and spend a lot of time. If you have a big patio or an entertainment room, plan the seating very thoughtfully with a mix of plush fabric seating options and stylish wooden ones. Get hold of a traditional-looking wooden swing and install it in your living room or balcony for your lazy afternoon siestas or evening conversations with friends.

Maximize the Use of Natural Light

Celebrate the year-round abundance of sunshine by making the best use of it in all rooms. Decorate your rooms with light, airy linen, or sheer curtains to let in the maximum amount of light while giving you the privacy you need. Plan skylights in your home if you are in the structural stages.

Bring in the Greens

In a Coimbatore home, you ought to bring in the greenery to reflect the green cover that the city is known for even now. Blur the boundaries between the indoors and the outdoors, especially in your balconies. Bring in tall plants in large pots – and enjoy the pleasant sight of tall leaves waving on windy evenings. Arrange some indoor plants inside your home or plan for a vertical wall of creepers to act as a partition between your living and dining rooms. Use stone, cement or terracotta planters for an earthy vibe.

Amp Up the Lighting

Add a touch of glamour with a chandelier in your living room or your bedroom. Place elegant floor lamps in reading nooks, guest room and home office. Get a few wooden lampshades, especially those with pretty fabric patterns.

Home decor trends in Coimbatore

Perk Up the Flooring

Go for patterned accent tiles on your floors, bathrooms, or kitchen backsplashes. Source local Athangudi tiles if you want bold hues on your floor. You can even accent your wooden flooring in a bedroom with a pattern of ceramic tiles around the periphery or the centre of the room.

 design trends in Coimbatore

Transform Your Rooms with Modern Wall Treatments

Add some texture to the room with textured paint or a patterned, hand-painted wallpaper that suits the rest of your décor. Also, think beyond paint and wallpaper. Choose among a variety of wall treatments including stone cladding or wall panelling, fabric coverings, mouldings, or even classic wood panelling.

Bedroom design trends in coimbatore

Take your Coimbatore home to the next level by combining your design aesthetic with heritage and modern elements. Connect with the expert designers at HomeLane to discuss your ideas and let them design and create the perfect home for you.

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