Kochi, the Queen of the Arabian Sea, is a vibrant city home to several colonial and local architectural gems. In today’s landscape, you’ll find a good mix of traditional, sprawling independent bungalows and a generous number of high-rise apartments in the city.

Modern Kochi homes sport contemporary design while celebrating traditional Kerala style and global décor elements. Let’s peep into Kochi homes and see which interior design trends are most popular.

A Bend Towards Neutrals and Earthy Hues

A popular colour trend in Kochi homes is a neutral base with pops of earthy colours. You may have light coloured walls and furnishings – turn an entire wall into a textured terracotta red or an olive green. Or add a painted desk or a custom-built modular entertainment unit with painted shelving. Add wall niches that are painted in a different hue from the rest of the wall.

Cover a few walls with ethnic or modern patterned wallpaper, especially in corridors or the entryway. Or cover a living room wall with a Kerala mural painting to stunning effect!

Neutrals and Earthy Hues

Modular Kitchens

Teak wood and marine-ply are popular options for kitchen cabinets in Kochi homes. Wooden cabinets in a large, open kitchen are a popular requirement. Apart from solid wood, you can also use options like laminates, veneer, natural stone or ceramic, acrylic, glass or back-painted glass for your modern looking kitchen.

interior design trends in kochi

Modular Wardrobes in the Bedrooms

Stylish modular wardrobes are a popular choice in Kochi. Get yours built with a hi-gloss or matt finish. Use interesting twists like a two or three-toned wardrobe, a mirror enclosed in between, a sliding wardrobe with lacquered glass shutters. You could use MDF, laminate and mirror shutters in textured finishes as well.

Modular Wardrobes in the Bedrooms

Plush, Vibrant Fabrics are a Continuing Favourite

There’s a switch from lighter cotton furnishings and upholstery in browns and creams, to more plush fabrics like velvet and silk in vibrant colours. Another notable difference in the past few years is that sofa sets in the living room are no longer upholstered a safe brown.

You’ll now find bolder coloured seating arrangements in the living room. You may also see beige sofa sets with colourful cushions and throws, or a striking set of bold blue armchairs to perk things up. You can add a neo-classical or traditional touch using furnishings with ethnic motifs and ornate designs.

Vibrant Fabrics are a Continuing

Wooden Accents Continue to be Loved

Kochi homes feature plenty of wooden accents apart from wooden furniture. You’ll find wood-panelled walls and wooden trims on false ceilings. In your home, plan a sleek, custom-designed wooden entertainment unit that doesn’t look too heavy.

For best effect, use wooden wall and ceiling accents sparingly, without letting them overpower everything else in your room. If you want to build a showcase or bookshelf to show off your collectables, design a sleek one to suit your specifications. Use wooden flooring in your bedrooms and living room to tie up the look. Bring in a few heirloom pieces – a side table, a writing desk, or a wooden trunk.

Wooden Accents Continue to be Loved

Natural Materials Continue to Reign

Ceramic, stone, cane, rattan, metal and wood are commonly seen in Kochi homes. You can use these materials in interesting ways. Get cane-backed chairs for your dining room. Buy a ceramic patterned washbasin or a rough cut stone one for your dining room, install a coloured stone or metallic backsplash in your kitchen, or build a stylish glass partition between your living and dining rooms.

Use plenty of metallic accents in the form of lampshades and unique door handles. Hang a traditional Kerala brass bell at your door entrance. Line your balconies or outdoor spaces with ceramic and terracotta pots – a mix of huge cauldrons and smaller ones, statement planters, and hanging pots would look great. Use mud pots and traditional metal vessels as ethnic plant holders in nooks of your home. Also, leave a wall or two exposed.

Natural Materials Continue to Reign

Traditional Indian Décor Accents

Hang wooden swings in your living room or balcony to catch the evening breeze or even to doze off on lazy Sunday afternoons. Choose a few pieces of striking vintage furniture to act as the focal point in each room, even if the rest of your space is modern or contemporary. Get a dining table with hand-carved legs, finished with gold leafing, a dinner wagon in solid teak or hand-carved teak wood shutters for your windows. You can even visit old dilapidated homes and pick up priceless wooden furniture pieces to salvage or restore for your home.

Traditional Indian Décor Accents

Celebrating the Elements

Kerala has an abundance of water and greenery. Kochi is known for its resplendent backwaters as well. Kochi homes naturally celebrate these elements in the form of small water bodies or plenty of greenery. You’ll find large windows including floor-to-ceiling ones opening out to the green surroundings and letting in the abundance of natural light.

You could make your balcony a green haven to spend your tranquil mornings in. Arrange potted plants in various corners of your home. Get a small water feature or a neat aquarium to bring in the water element as well.

Celebrating the Elements

Smart Homes – a Growing Requirement

We see an increased interest in smart homes with home automation solutions like gate automation, energy-saving features, security and surveillance cameras, intruder alarms, and access controllers. You can incorporate the conveniences of smart lighting, smart curtains and blinds as well.

Smart Homes

If you’d like to design a warm and inviting space, talk to HomeLane today with your ideas. We’ll help you incorporate all that and more to create a cosy haven for your family in Kochi!


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