Life is short.

Your house is forever.

So, live, love, and decorate.

Decorating is an art; it makes life more beautiful, and we must direct our energy towards making every corner of our house beautiful.

If your house is already well decorated, it is high time you think of adapting some quirky trends, like the eclectic themed living rooms.

You can try the theme for other spaces too, but it is best for your living room, as it is the most important place in your house. Read further to know more about the fun theme and some great insights on decorating your house.

Living Room – The Heart of Every House

The living room in every house is the area that is dedicated to spending quality time. It can be in the form of watching television with family, entertaining friends, reading, etc.

Each of us looks forward to spending time where we can forget our worries, and indulge in some fun activities, and the living room is the space made for this particular purpose.

It can be termed as a mini lounge or a sitting area that should be well decorated, as home décor impacts people’s mood in various ways. A bright, cheerful, and happy home interior will help make even more beautiful memories in your living room.

What is an Eclectic Living Room?

Trends keep changing. Be it fashion trends, home décor trends, or trends in the business landscape, change is inevitable.

One major trend that people are loving now is the eclectic décor trend. It is a style created for people who love to explore and experiment with a variety of colours and themes.

The eclectic living room is a mix of different colours, patterns, and silhouettes. You need to pick elements from varying sources and combine them aesthetically and soothingly. An eclectic space has an artistic and a dramatic touch as it consists of smart furniture, bright colour patches, and beautiful showpieces.

reading rooms lights

A Bunch of Eclectic Themes You Can Try

Here are a few ideas to help you get a head start with the eclectic themes. These images will act as a source of inspiration for the designer in you. You can get even more experimental and try out different variations of the themes described below.

The Vintage Charm Eclectic Living Room

This living room is a mix of traditional as well as contemporary designs. The big and bold paisley prints on the wall transport you to the Renaissance era, and the bold pink that is diagonally bifurcated is an eclectic shade that brings the contemporary design palette into play.

You can go with any bright colour for the backdrop, while keeping some metal pieces to keep the vintage vibe intact, and your eclectic themed living room would be ready.

The Chic Shine Eclectic Living Room

Wondering what is it that makes the living room in the picture look simply amazing? It is the patches of colours placed mindfully in a chic white interior. Three continuous wall hangings in the glossy metallic finish add a chic factor to this décor. The plain wooden block behind the television set gives a finish to the wall and gels well with the wooden door and furniture.

The Buddha statue and the bunch of flowers placed in the vase bring serenity to the living room.

If you love white interior but want to add splashes of colours here and there, you can take a cue from this living room and add some eye-catching wall hangings or curtains.

Refreshing Eclectic Living Room

What are the first few words that run across your mind when you hear the word refreshing? Think for a while, and you will surely think of some plants, flowers, fresh flowing water. Talking of colours, white, blue, green, etc. are cool colours, and they have been used a lot in the living room’s image given below.

Decorating your living room with planters is the best way to attract good energy into your house. It rejuvenates your mood and creates a nice environment for spending some peaceful time.

Colour Block Eclectic Living Room

Placing the right colour in the right place can do wonders in home décor. Like the living room shown below, you can choose bright colours like the orange couch and the purple wall extension. Placing two solid bold colours will give an edge to the place. You can keep the rest of the walls and doors minimal to set the balance. Use minimal furniture, like the side table and the corner lamp in the picture to accentuate the décor.

eclectic interior designs ideas

Designing is all about experimenting and keeping up with the changing trends. The eclectic design theme gives you the liberty to mix and match colours, patterns, and furniture from different schemes and build one dramatic and artistic space.

Bring your eclectic living room idea to life now by adding furniture and other accessories from Homelane.

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