If you’re looking for living room storage ideas that are practical yet gorgeous, look no further. The solution to a clutter-free living room is to have it well-planned, but what if you have a lot of things or a small room? You probably have several items to store, from books to throw blankets to other essentials. The good news is you can use every square inch of your living room while keeping it tidy with careful planning and a tad bit of creativity.

The key to getting your living room storage ideas is picking pieces that offer excellent storage potential. Built-in storage, multi-use furniture, or wall-mounted cabinets can be excellent add-ons for your living room design.

We have listed some of our favourite living room storage ideas to help you de-clutter and gain plenty of storage.

living room storage

1. Coffee Table with Storage

A coffee table with drawers is a clever living room storage furniture idea. In addition to storing books and decorative items, you can tuck coasters, magazines, and the remote into these hidden compartments, making it a perfect fit for modern living room designs.

coffee table with storage

2. Storage Benches

You can go for storage benches if you’re looking for living room toy storage ideas. It can be a great utility piece of furniture for storing your blankets, cushions and toys.

storage benches for living room

3. Go Vertical with Cabinets or Shelves

Pack your niches with a vertical cabinet or shelves to store your belongings. You can also combine shelves and cabinets, adding a chic look to your living room storage.

vertical cabinet or shelves

4. Dressing Unit

Consider investing in a dressing unit as one of your living room storage furniture ideas. It provides the dual benefit of storing items and adding a classy touch to your decor, especially if your idea is of having a Scandinavian living room decor.

dressing unit for living room

5. Multi-Functional Furniture

When working with a slightly smaller living area, picking multi-functional furniture can maximise your storage requirement. A sofa with built-in storage, a coffee table with storage, and ottoman footstools can be impressive choices.

multi-functional furniture for living room

6. Window Seating Storage

Convert your window seating area into storage by storing your items underneath. It can also be used as a living room toy storage idea for your kid’s favourite stuffed animals.

window seating storage for living room

7. Bookshelves

Use built-in book storage to save space, or get creative with shelving. A reading nook is an excellent idea for a living room design.

bookshelves for living room

8. Entertainment Centre

An entertainment centre is one of the affordable living room storage furniture ideas. It is versatile and can accommodate your TV and other audio and video equipment. It maximises storage space and has open and closed storage options.

affordable living room storage furniture idea

9. Floating Shelves

If you’re looking to add storage but do not want to opt for a complete built-in unit, floating shelves can be the perfect storage idea for your living room. They can help you store items without a bulky appearance.

floating shelves for living room

10. Baskets

Decorative baskets are affordable and can store items. They can also be displayed on shelving units or in less crowded areas. Apart from being an exceptional storage idea for the living room, they can also glam up your space.

baskets for living room storage


We at HomeLane understand that deciding on your living room storage ideas may take a lot of work, time and effort. Feel free to bounce your ideas with us and let us help you suggest some fantastic pieces of affordable furniture that suit your style. You can browse through our other articles for design inspiration. We can assure you there’s always something for you on HomeLane.


1. How do I maximise storage in my living room?

Storage ideas for living rooms that enable maximum storage start with de-cluttering. You can opt for a built-in TV unit providing ample storage space or vertical units extending to the ceiling. Shelves again provide plenty of storage without taking up much space. Invest in multi-functional furniture like a coffee table with storage, an ottoman footstool, and a sofa with storage that can help you with that extra storage you’re looking for.

2. How do I create storage in my living room?

Reorganise your interiors, invest in multi-functional furniture, and explore coffee table storage options and storage benches. Ladders and floating shelves can also be outstanding storage ideas for living rooms.

3. How can I hide storage in my living room?

Living room hidden storage ideas, such as a storage bench, coffee table with hidden drawers, storage ottoman, or a sofa with storage, can be great options to keep your stuff safe and hidden. People with small spaces in their homes can definitely make use of living room storage ideas and take advantage of the above underutilised storage options.

4. How do you organise a cluttered living room?

Get rid of most clutter by keeping the items you need and discarding or storing them elsewhere. A living room hidden storage can be a great way of storing some of your stuff.

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