A warm Scandinavian living room is all you need to revamp and rejuvenate your nest.

Scandinavian design, the sister of minimalism, is classy, comforting, and welcoming. This modern yet sleek interior design focuses mainly on light, textures, and airy hues.

A perfect combination of these elements can help breathe life into dull space. So keep reading as we shed some light on the top Scandinavian living room designs that are grabbing the limelight in 2023.

scandinavian living room

Top Scandinavian Living Room Ideas

Go for Neutral Colour Pallete

Technically, a Scandinavian-themed living room has no hard and fast ruleBut most of the Scandi living rooms have a neutral colour palette. It helps make the space look simple and clean. Therefore, you should prefer cool shades of white, blue, and olive to give the area an airy and open feel. Finally, complete the look with natural wood finishes to give a warm feeling to the room.

Pick the Right Art!

Finding vibrant artwork in a Scandinavian living room is the last thing you will see. But it doesn’t mean Scandi is completely devoid of art. Instead, you can add some thoughtful and classic artwork pieces to add a purpose to the interiors. Just pair it beautifully with the rest of the colour palette to get the best looks.

scandinavian colors

Get the Perfect Lighting

Nothing screams Scandi space more than lights. Lights are the soul of the living room’s Scandinavian interior design. So, ensure you have ample warm-toned lights in the living room to create a soothing space at any time of the day.

Besides artificial lighting, this interior style also relies heavily on natural lighting. We got it covered for you in the next subhead. So, ensure you have a perfect amalgamation of the two.

Let the Natural Light in

A perfect Swedish Scandi space features lots of natural, bright light. You can also enliven your Scandinavian living room by planning huge windows. Moreover, the neutral shades of the walls will reflect the light throughout the room, making it look bigger and brighter. A pro tip for you; minimise the window covers to allow the most light in.

let the natural light in

Add Life with Greens

It is one of the top trending Scandinavian living room ideas in 2023. Scandi is all about simplicity and elegance. Adding some greenery is a great way to balance a minimalistic look with the outdoor space.

However, ensure your greens don’t create a cluttered look in the area. Just a handful of beautiful plants will do the best. Mix and match them with the different textures in your minimalist Scandinavian living room to create fresh combinations.

Embrace the Undone Look

An overly polished living room feels too casual. You see, Scandi homes are known for their extreme comfort and warmth. Ensure you remember this fact while designing your Scandinavian-themed living room.

You can also attain this feeling by keeping it slightly undone. For instance, keeping a semi-folded blanket or hanging scarves on the sofa arms can do the magic for you. This purposefully messy look is a must for a modern Scandinavian-style living room.

scandinavian style living room

Add Layers!

A rustic Scandinavian living room is all about adding textures and layers. So, as long as you follow the monochrome colour palette, you can get creative with various patterns and textures. It is a great way to spruce up your living room while keeping it inviting and serene. You can also consult a professional to learn about living room Scandinavian design.

How about a Dark Colour Palette?

We know Scandi spaces are meant to be airy and light. But you can still experiment with some handpicked darker shades like black and navy blue. The right colour combination can add life to the Scandinavian-themed living room. You are going on the right track as long as you maintain clean lines and simple accessories throughout the rest of the space. You can also consider contacting a professional to get the best looks.

Hygge Has to be Your Priority

Hygge is a Danish word that means comfort. It personifies the idea of comfort and cosiness. Woven fabrics, knitted cushions, and pillows can help you create a comfortable space, just like Scandinavians do. However, avoid getting over the board, as it can make the space look cluttered and unorganised. Remember, balance is the key to getting the best looks.

scandinavian living room designs

Summing Up

So, these are the top Scandinavian living room designs to root for in 2023. Experts call it one of the easiest and safest interior designs, provided you decode the basics. Scandi interiors are a great inspiration for adding a bit of happiness and simplicity to your living room. Why don’t you check out our HomeLane webpage for more Scandinavian living room and modern living room ideas?


1. What is a Scandinavian-style living room?

A Scandi-style living room is all about an airy ambience, warm wooden floors, abundant natural lighting, faux fur rugs and blankets, neutral palettes, and stylish living room Scandinavian furniture. It is a space with minimalistic clean lines and zero mess. A wide range of décor items like pillows and blankets are added to the room to enhance the warmth and cosiness. The colour combinations are balanced with elegant nature posters and sophisticated wall décor items. However, you can also experiment with darker wall colours to enhance the feel of the space. This living room design is known for its impeccable functionality and brilliant simplicity.

2. What makes a room Scandinavian?

Firstly, an airy and light colour palette is the soul of a Scandinavian living room. White or light-coloured walls play a great role in achieving the perfect magazine-like look. They also reflect the natural light to make the room appear larger and more luxurious. You can use your creativity to decorate these walls. For instance, you can ornament the walls with subtle background wall paintings and décor items. You can also add a pop of colour with metal posters and boho wall décor items. A comfortable couch, a stylish coffee table, and rustic chairs are enough to get the authentic Scandi feeling into the space.

3. What are Scandinavian design colours?

Ideally, experts recommend using mute and subtle colours like white and pastels. But the modern Scandinavian living room designs are also about bolder colour combinations. You can go for black, navy blue, grey, and purple to ace the look. Remember, all these shades should be darker to enhance your Scandinavian furniture and wall décor. Apart from this, you can experiment with the drapes and furniture colours. Whatever you choose, ensure you make the room light and airy. So, avoid going for heavier fabrics or complicated furniture designs.

4. How do you make a Scandi living room?

Here are some useful tips to make an authentic Scandinavian room. First of all, you should focus on using natural materials and light colours as much as possible. Further, use some elegant and handpicked artwork to add personal touches to the space. Lots of comfortable cushions, knitted fabrics, and pillows can help add oodles of cosiness to the living room. Last but not least, try to use natural materials like wood and wool to enhance the warmth of the space. After all, Scandi living rooms are all about comfort and cosiness. 

5. How can I decorate my home in Scandinavian style?

Remember, Scandinavian living rooms are impeccably tidy and organised. So, you can start by de-cluttering and cleaning the room. Discard all the unused and unnecessary items from the room. Your coffee table, chairs, and sofa should not contain anything that can hamper the flow of the space. Bright open, and airy spaces are the identity of Scandi living rooms. Plan huge windows in your room to allow maximum natural light. Picking quality over quantity can help you get the best Scandi living room looks. You can also experiment with colours if your space allows. But avoid stuffing too many colours together. Finish the process by adding greens, a stylish floor lamp, and books to the living room. 


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