Famous for its gorgeous sun-kissed beaches, Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the Coromandel Coast, and with good reason! While being deeply rooted in its rich heritage and cultural legacy, this port city is today a cosmopolitan hub that is buzzing with industrial and commercial activity.

Locals enjoy a lovely work-life balance, as they work hard and party even harder! Their lifestyle includes vibrant celebrations of multicultural festivals that are centred around music, dance and art. The fiery cuisine of this region incorporates traditions from Mughlai, Turkish and Nizami cultures, with the biryani and kebabs much loved by food connoisseurs around the world.

If you’re looking to do up your home interior in Visakhapatnam, you should try to imbue the essence of these famed local customs and traditions in your home. Not sure how to get started? Read on for tips from our design experts at HomeLane!

Visakhapatnam Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts have received patronage and impetus from the Nizams in the past, and even today this city is famed for intricate handwork and elaborate ornamentation. Kondapalli dolls, Shadow puppets called Tholu Bommalata, Bidri handicrafts and woodwork, silver inlays and sandalwood crafts are very popular. These crafts bring to life the folk tales and mythological lore of this state, keeping the age-old customs of the locals alive even today. Some of the artefacts are so exquisite that they have even found their way to displays in the Louvre, Paris! You can display these artefacts and statuettes in your home to bring in the local flavour.

Visakhapatnam arts and crafts

Handloom Fabrics

This region is well known for hand-woven textiles and fabrics with delicate, intricate designs. Pochampalli, Venkatagiri,  Narayanpet and Dharmavaram are nearby places where handloom sarees are painstakingly handcrafted in cotton and silk, using techniques that have been passed down through the ages.

Block printed Kalamkari and Kalahasti designs are exquisitely crafted, with stories from the Ramayana and Mahabharat beautifully retold through the warp and weft of the fabric. Ikat cloth uses tie-resist dye patterns to create its characteristic multicoloured geometric patterns. The borders of these fabrics are traditionally adorned with gold or silver thread work which lends elegance and richness to the materials.

You should use every opportunity you can to use these local textiles in your home if you are staying in Visakhapatnam. Ikat cushions, Kalahasti wall murals, window blinds that are crafted from handloom materials, and Pochampalli bedsheets can imbue your home with the essence of local traditions.

handloom fabric in Visakhapatnam


Andhra Pradesh has its own style and pattern of paintings, and the local folk and tribal artists are known for their colourful, vibrant forms of expression. Nirmal, Cherial and Kalamkari paintings depict the beauty of nature and narrate stories of yore, with tales from the epics taking centre stage.

Cherial paintings are today made on scrolls or on cloth and paper and retell age-old mythological narrations. Nirmal paintings are influenced by Moghul miniatures and borrow from the Ajanta artists as well, depicting fluent use of colours. Kalamkari work is painted using a ‘kalam’ or pen, which is actually a pierced bamboo stylus that regulates the way the colours flow on the canvas. It usually showcases floral themes and animals, taking its cue from nature.

Local artisans are also adept at portraying artwork from neighbouring states, including Madhubani paintings and Warli art.

Adorn your walls with murals and prints that highlight all these various art forms, and add the traditional ethnic touch to your home décor!

traditional interior design trends in Visakhapatnam

Wooden Furniture

Andhra Pradesh is known for fine handcrafted wooden furniture in teak, Sheesham and rosewood. Tabletops are embellished with enamel and wood inlay, and legs are turned and sculpted to perfection. Vases, bowls, ornamental frames for mirrors and statuettes in the wood are a rich tradition that has stood the test of time.

Cane and wickerwork furniture is also quite popular and is available with very cost-effective price tags in Visakhapatnam. Boost local crafts and appreciate the handwork of local carpenters by using these creatively crafted wooden furniture pieces in your home!

furniture design trends in Visakhapatnam

Colours Galore!

The creative lifestyles of people in Visakhapatnam find expression in their fluid use of colour. Colours have a powerful impact on our moods, and you can channel positive energy in your home with splashes of vivid colours like red, yellow and blue.

Use colour with a free hand to upgrade your house style! Whether it is in the form of painted accent walls, colourful cushions or bright rugs and artwork, use the right shades to make a statement in your home interior.

Home decor trends in Visakhapatnam

Climate- Responsive Design

The climate throughout Andhra is hot and sultry throughout the year, with Visakhapatnam getting the benefit of climate moderation due to its proximity to the sea. Take advantage of the sea currents by positioning your windows and doors to capture the breezes.

To block out the heat due to direct sunlight, use heavy curtains that can be drawn during the hottest parts of the day. By using shades of blue, grey and green as your basic colour palette, you can create a cool and restful ambience even during the sweltering summers.

interior design trends in Visakhapatnam

Are you looking for help with your home interior in Visakhapatnam? Connect with HomeLane today, and visit our Experience Centre to get a glimpse of our bespoke home interior solutions. We’d love to work with you to make your home décor dreams come true!

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