Grey is a favourite colour in many designer’s look books, and with good reason too! This neutral colour has a cool and contemporary appeal that transforms many interiors. Especially in kitchen décor, grey has an intensity and depth that far surpasses other commonly used colours. It works well across a range of home décor styles and can be combined with a range of complementary shades to offer aesthetic appeal.

grey Kitchen designs

Psychology of Grey

As it exudes a sense of calmness, texture and raw appeal, the colour grey blends well with backgrounds of whites, browns and blacks.  It also beautifully contrasts with cool blue and soft green accents, lending a relaxed effect to your kitchen space.

Grey, with its solidness and raw appeal, also goes well with almost every colour under the sun, from bright pinks to sunny yellows and brilliant turquoise. It sits well with any design layout and makes the cooking space appear larger and brighter.

Its neutral colour palette is versatile and engaging, providing an empty canvas around which a contemporary modern kitchen can be designed.

Still, wondering if grey is the colour you are looking for in your kitchen? Keep reading to find out all about your options! Take a look at our top grey kitchen picks:

Grey Kitchen Look Book

Sassy Red Meets Cool Grey

Grey is the perfect foil for bright colours like red, as we can see in this stunning kitchen that combines these two colours against a neutral wooden backdrop. The fiery passion of red, paired with the understated elegance of grey makes a striking statement.

Grey and Red Kitchen

Cheerful Yellow Paired With Soft Grey

When the sunny brightness of yellow is paired with soft, soothing grey, it’s a match made in heaven. This warm and funky kitchen inspires the chef in you to whip up meals that are flavoursome and fun.

Yellow and Grey Kitchen design

Classic Elegance in Grey and White

Grey and white is a clean, simple colour combination that is fresh and uncomplicated. This kitchen uses panelled wood cabinets that have been Duco painted for a classical, old-world finish. The flooring is also charmingly patterned in white and grey to complete the look.

White and Grey Kitchen design

Layers of Grey

You can add textural and tonal layers of grey to create a sense of cohesion in your space. This kitchen plays around with different intensities of grey, using darker greys for the breakfast counter and a softer shade for the walls, and pairing it with flooring that has flecks of lighter and darker shades. Interestingly, the ceiling is also made of poured concrete, which is another shade of grey.

monochromatic grey kitchen

Pale Aqua and Grey, an Interesting Combination that Works!

The unlikely marriage of pale sea-green and grey works surprisingly well in this modern kitchen. The aqua shades evoke whispers of the foamy sea, while the dove grey cabinets reflect the stormy clouds in the skies above!

Sky blue and grey kitchen

Pastel Pink and Grey

As we said, grey combines well with almost any other shade, throwing up some very lovely two-tone combinations. Why not try pairing medium grey with powder pink walls for a sweet springtime design that is very unique? Pink accessories in the room can add more emphasis to this unusual colour palette.

Grey kitchen designs

What did you think of our grey kitchen look book? Are you interested in creating your own grey kitchen, or want to explore more such creative ideas? Do head down to the HomeLane Experience centre, or meet our design team online for help with the design of your dream kitchen!

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