While functionality and design may be your primary consideration for your overall home, including the kitchen, the emphasis is gradually shifting towards making eco-conscious choices to reduce the carbon footprints. Enhance the eco-credentials of your dream kitchen by deploying 5 foolproof ways to make eco-friendly and greener kitchens:

Compost Bin

Using compost offers numerous benefits. It enables the soil to retain essential nutrients while maintaining a neutral pH, and lend protection to a plant against multifold diseases. An array of compost solutions exist to suit your customised lifestyle and kitchen décor vision. You can compost veggies, coffee grounds, fruits, eggshells, and more. If you have a kitchen garden, you must put one compost bin there so that the vegetables grown in your garden do not require any chemical-laden fertilisers. Eco friendly and greener kitchen

Reduce Plastic by Upgrading your Kitchenware

From making the food toxic to dramatically changing the food odor, from affecting causing multiple organs severely to causing hormonal balances, the side effects of plastics are more severe than one can imagine. Avoiding plastic straws or anything disposable is the first step you can take towards embedding sustainability in your everyday life. In the wake of advanced technology, there is no dearth of eco-friendly kitchen utensil choices. Opt for any option that syncs with your budget and utility preference. Right from terracotta to mitti ki handi, from bamboo spoons, from bioplastics to wooden cutlery, switching over to eco-friendly kitchen utensils will make a massive difference to the family’s health.

terracotta utensils

Make Kitchen Herb Garden

Growing fresh herbs right inside your own home is no more a distant dream. From hanging to LED stackable LED indoor garden kits, from self-watering alternatives to easy-to-use kits, there are many options to grow your preferred herbs inside your home. A few most sought-after suggested herbs include Basil, Parsley, Sage, Lavender, Rosemary, Oregon, Cilantro, and more. Do not forget to label the herbs just to avoid confusion. To further enhance the appeal of your kitchen garden herb garden, you may surround the herbs with beautiful flowers

kitchen garden

Replace Toxic Kitchen Cleaners with Non-toxic Alternatives

You need not rely heavily on toxic kitchen cleaners to keep your kitchen sparkling clean. These days, a range of non-toxic, plant-based kitchen cleaners are available that are easy on pocket yet have been designed keeping in mind the nuances of kitchen cleaning. Leverage the power of these eco-friendly kitchen cleaners by replacing chemical-based cleaners that trigger myriad health ailments including eye irritation, throat irritation, serious ailments like cancer and more. Moreover, these toxic kitchen cleaners kill fungi, bacteria and algae that are an essential cornerstone of the aquatic ecosystem. They even damage the gills of the fishes by destroying their skin’s mucus layer. Warm water, white vinegar, baking soda, and lemon juice have been proved effective eco-friendly alternatives since time immemorial when it comes to the cleaning process. 

DIY kitchen cleaner

Bring Nature to your Kitchen

Every room in your house deserves a splatter of greenery and kitchen is, of course, no exception to it. From succulent plants to tiny indoor plants, you will surely find something that can suit your bespoke home décor and eco-friendly kitchen décor choices. House plants are competent in reducing indoor air pollutants, including benzene, formaldehyde, and more. Even a few creative plant varieties go a long way in boosting creativity that comes handy when spending extended hours in the kitchen while trying out special recipes. A few most-sought-after kitchen plants alternatives include Basil, Aloe Vera, Rosemary, Parsley, Mint, English Ivy, Pothos, Polka Dot Plant, Peace Lily, Air Plant, and more. You may even go for a perfect blend among flowering plants, herbs, and house plants to curb monotony. Hanging plants, if space allows, is yet another brilliant idea to embrace greenery.  

kitchen plants

If adding plants is not possible due to more than one reason, there are still many more creative ideas to make your kitchen décor look like nature-inspired heaven. You may experiment with Bamboo cabinetry and flooring, as Bamboo is known to exude bright and aesthetic appeal. You may also opt for recycled timbers for flooring. 

sustainable kitchen decor

Decorating your kitchen from scratch or revamping its aesthetic appeal emphasising eco-friendliness is all about achieving balance. Kitchen is indeed the heart and soul of a house. Therefore, it bears the responsibility for the health and hygiene aspects of every house member. Embarking on a major kitchen lifestyle makeover may initially seem like a daunting task, but once the environmentally-conscious ideas have been put into place, the results will be overwhelming. This is where a professional home and kitchen décor solution provider in the form of HomeLane comes into the picture. HomeLane offers quality-driven budget home décor products and services to infuse a new lease of life into your home with an array of home décor solutions to suit bespoke design preferences.

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    Is it possible to have a garden in my kitchen because I do no have space in my balcony?

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