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Greener Kitchen Yes, the whole world is going eco-friendly. There’s something about non-toxic air, greenery and clean water that’s just so attractive, isn’t there? If going green is a fad, then we’re all for following it, even beyond that point where it’s going to run out of steam. So, apart from all the neighborhood meetings and campaigns, we’ve got some tips on how and where to start in your own backyard.

Can you make the kitchen, the powerhouse of your home, a little more eco-friendly? Here are some ways to do it:

Think long-lasting, durable cookware – the kind of dishes your grandmother would appreciate

Sure, they don’t make ‘em like they used to, but stainless steel and cast iron cookware will still have a longer shelf-life than most other options, and it’s probably worth it to drop a non-stick or two in favour of a cast-iron skillet.

Choose your appliances cautiously

Energy-friendly appliances are of course a double saving – for the environment and for your wallet. If your dishwasher uses less water, it’s doubly beneficial. Again, try and go for good-quality, long-lasting products. If you do need to dispose of old appliances, try and find an exchange or hand-over option so it doesn’t add to the great pile of garbage surrounding your city.

Energy-efficient cooking, have you tried it yet?

If you’re still using a pressure cooker, then you have. Simply by reducing the amount of gas you use, the pressure cooker is a vital energy-saver in your kitchen. However, that’s not the only way to cut down on fuel usage. You can also add more salads, raw foods, cold foods to your diet. Slow cooking is great if you’ve found a way to really economise on fuel usage.

Of course, we can’t leave out the garbage issue

Especially not when the kitchen is the biggest producer of waste in your home. You’ve probably already gone the cloth bag route. If you haven’t, then it’s time to start. You can also turn your organic waste into compost, recycle whenever it’s possible and avoid disposable plastics altogether.

Grow some of the things you eat

If you have room for a kitchen garden, use it! Mint, basil, oregano – these are just some of the herbs you can grow, relatively easily, without needing too much space. Onions, garlic and cherry tomatoes are also good options for a balcony or window box. Think of the glorious satisfaction you’ll get out of eating your own produce.

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