The kitchen is an essential part of a house, as it is the most used area. It is the place where family members gather to have a meal, so it is necessary to keep the kitchen interiors clean and organised. Moreover, the kitchen has a lot of things to accommodate. So, it is essential to these things efficiently so that you can find them when required. An organised kitchen is easy to use and makes your life easier. Read this article to get storage hacks that can make your kitchen organised.

Below are the beneficial tips that you can use and make your kitchen look clean, organised, and easy to use:

Organise Similar Items Together

Categorise all the items to store into smaller groups, such as pans, special occasion crockery, baking items, plastic bags, etc. It will help you find the items easily. Also, keep the daily usable items within reach. Make full use of the available space and think about the pair of things that can be stored together. For example, keep all the snack items together, spices together, aluminium foil, plastic bags, and tissues together.

Store Items in the Transparent Containers

Store the lentils, spices, rice, pasta, etc., in transparent containers. It will help in finding the items easily. Alternatively, you can use name slips with the names on them. Also, keep the closed packets, such as cereals, cocoa powder, sauces, etc., in transparent plastic bags instead of keeping them scattered in the cabinet. Another way to utilise the space properly is to use shoe boxes or small boxes for storage.

Keep the Containers with Their Lids

There are usually a lot of containers in our kitchen. Discard the containers you do not need, and also the ones without a lid. Keep the containers together with their lids. Similarly, store all the pots together with their lids. Keep all the pans and woks you need daily together in a drawer. Keep the containers in a drawer so that you can get them when required.

Utilize the Vertical Space

Make use of items, such as adhesive hooks and stemware racks to hang the things. For example, you can use the adhesive hooks inside of the doors to hanging some kitchen gadgets. Use a stemware rack to keep the wine glasses or mugs. You can use adhesive hooks on the kitchen walls to hang the pans, serving spoons, etc. Hanging things frees a lot of flat space in the cabinets.

Use Rotating Trays

Rotating trays offer a great way to use large-sized cabinets completely. Use these rotating trays to hold things such as medications, spices, pickles, etc. You can rotate the trays to access the items placed at the back. Similarly, you can use the rotating trays in the refrigerator to hold beverages and small jars. The rotating trays will save your items from getting frozen in the refrigerators.

Use Dividers in the Drawers

Dividers are great organizational accessories that keep things organised in the drawers. With dividers in the drawers, you will get a different spot for every single thing. It will also help you easily find the stored items, and you will be able to make your kitchen look tidy. Many such drawer dividers are available at Homelane in different sizes and shapes.

Discard the Excess Items

Always keep checking the items for the expiry date. Store the things that are about to get expired in the front, so you can use them before they get expired. Throw the containers without lids, broken or cracked plates, loose plastics bags, and expired food. Throwing such useless items will save you a lot of space to store the things that you need in your kitchen. Identify the kitchen gadgets that you have not used for the past six months and discard them.

Use the Smart Cabinet Storage Organisers

A three-tier organiser for your kitchen is such a smart addition for your cabinets to triple the available space. These are the tiered items in the shape of three-step stairs. It will help you display the jars present at the back. Thus, you won’t need to move the jars kept in the front to see the jars present at the back.

Use Pots and Stands to Keep the Frequently Used Items

Make use of decorative pots that allow you to keep the serving spoons, ladles, whisks, spatula, etc., which you use regularly. You can use the space above the microwave to keep these pots. Also, use the hanging stands to store your chopping boards. In addition to that, use cup stands where you can keep the cups or mugs you use daily.

Sort Papers

Use a sorter box to sort the different papers and find them when needed. Sort the papers, such as home delivery menus, coupons, notepads, and pens, accumulated on the refrigerator top. Store these sorted papers in the sorter box. You can easily hang the sorter box on the side of the refrigerators.

Use these storage hacks to make your kitchen organised. HomeLane offers a huge variety of such organisational appliances and kitchen gadgets that you can use in your cabinets to organise the items in your kitchen. At HomeLane, you can also get wooden cabinets of different sizes and designs and make your kitchen look beautiful. Contact HomeLane today for your home decor and beautiful kitchen interiors.

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