Just like retro fashion, retro home interiors has its own cult following. We all love spaces that feel like a warm hug from the past, right? It just feels good to have a home filled with old-world charm and character, colourful stories, and memories. Home interiors that take you back to a different era while suited to all modern living needs.

The experimental 70s vibe mixes a lot of bold colours, patterns and materials. The furniture is non-fussy and can sometimes be elaborate, yet durable and completely functional. This may not be the typical decor that can be bought off the shelves but has to be thoughtfully planned and curated.

Think about the fabric and textures used in that era, and that will give you a clear direction, to begin with. Here’s a detailed guide to help you to design your retro-chic home inspired by the 70s.

Furniture that Turns Back to the 70s

The 70s was about wooden furniture, carved ones, teak non-fussy ones with straight edges and curved corners. Velvet sofas were a thing. And who can forget the iconic cane chairs or the long-armed grandfather chairs in the verandah! 

To get that vibe and to keep it practical, mix new retro-looking designs available in the market today with your old collectables, heirlooms and flea-market finds. Reupholster or repurpose old broken down furniture from your ancestral home. Hunt for old school writing desks, teak consoles and sideboards. Distressed wood furniture can also give a yesteryear vibe. Or install a wooden swing in the living area.

Create lounging areas in your balcony and living room with hanging cane chairs and wooden armchairs. Find or custom-make a stylish retro cane backed wooden sofa set, or buy a tan leather one. Use rattan and wicker as occasional side tables. Use shiny metal barstools with bright coloured seats in your bar area.

Wall Treatment Using Retro Paint Colours

Imagine what your yesteryear homes would have looked like and let that be the colour inspiration for your home. Here are a few palettes as pointers.

  • Neutrals with pops of earthy hues and purples, against a backdrop of dark wood
  • Bottle green, mustard yellow, pinks, brown
  • Beige, browns, reds, pinks
  • Neutrals with pops of orange, green, indigo blue, and yellow
  • Experiment with wall paint textures as well.

Fabrics of the Era Gone By

Macramé, crochet, and other woven materials were hugely popular during this time. Get macramé plant holders or wall hangings, crochet or lace sofa covers to add touches of whimsy.

If you have any appliqué or cut-work fabrics done by your loved ones, it will be a great idea to frame them up. Use old sarees to custom-stitch cushions and curtains. Tie-and-dye fabrics, checkered patterns, and elegant desi prints were trendy then. The 70s loved tassels as well, so get your curtains, bed covers or table covers tasselled to get the same vibe.

Wall Décor with a Vintage Feel

You could get wallpaper accent walls with vintage paisley prints or any pattern that holds dear to you.

Transform a wall into a retro feature wall with a quirky collection of old photographs, vintage posters, maps and treasured paintings. Use natural finish wood frames or big ornate ones.

Flooring Options

While vitrified tiles or marble are easy options, you have a variety of others to choose from if you want to go colourful and bold. Eco-friendly Athangudi tiles look striking with their earthy colours and patterns. Terracotta tiles with small motifs imprinted on them are great options as well. Try yellow sandstone, or oxide flooring to remind you of olden day homes. Rustic or distressed hardwood flooring also has its own enduring style. Or try a classic checkerboard styled vinyl flooring pattern.

Vintage Collectibles

Use a few bold art pieces and sculptures to usher in the era. Add retro whimsy by creating vignettes on side tables and centre tables displaying globes, vintage wooden toys, a record player, gramophone or an old telephone tastefully. Show off your collection of old books on old trunks, side tables and open bookshelves. Mount or showcase heirloom musical instruments in a nook.

Give your grandfather clock pride of place in the living or dining room. Create little green corners by keeping your plants and flowers in old glass jars, urlis, earthenware, enamel jugs, or coffee pots. Milk cans, wooden tool caddies will also come handy to hold your flowers on the centre table.

Foliage and Flowers

Greens were lavishly used in the olden day homes, both inside and outside the homes. A lot of us now don’t have the luxury of a large compound surrounding our homes, so make up for it by bringing in the greens indoors, in the balconies or patios.

You can create the look of the 70s as a pro, with attention to detail and careful choice of colours, textures, and materials. If you need help in designing your retro home interiors, HomeLane is happy to help. Connect with us today.


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