Black is a bold colour with an elegance of its own kind. It blends seamlessly with other colours and is not loud. Lately, black has become the go-to neutral colour to balance off other bright colours in the palette. Over time, black kitchens have become the most sought after choice for homeowners, owing to their modern and stylish look.
With the ever-growing trend of black kitchens, here are a few designs for you to take inspiration from. We have listed a few dos and don’ts that you should keep in mind while setting up a black and bold kitchen.

Elegant Black Kitchen

A minimalistic monochrome kitchen is a way to go. With a colour as bold as black, it is important to ensure that the colour is subtly incorporated in the design. The glossy black cabinets in this kitchen add a classy look to the cooking space. The glossy material used for the shutters allows the light to be reflected, thus making space look bigger and spacious. At the same time, gloss finish cabinets are easy to clean and maintain as well.
black and white kitchen

Black Wood and Creamy White Kitchen

You can never go wrong with a combination as subtle and timeless as this. The black wooden cabinets, paired with cream cabinets and white walls add all the sophistication to this cooking space. A hint of white among all the black cabinets helps break the monotony. The white tone makes the kitchen look spacious which otherwise would have looked cramped with the all-black cabinets and shutters. The dark-toned backsplash and the B/W carpet complete the look.
black kitchen

The Black and Red Kitchen

There are innumerable ways to go overboard with a colour as bold as black. If you are someone who does not want to include too much of this colour in your cooking space, you can always pair it up with a bright colour like red in this kitchen. Black has been minimally used in this kitchen through black appliances. A matte black wall brings the looks together. At the same time, red adds a bright and cheerful vibe to the cooking space.
black kitchen

The Black Pattern Kitchen

If done the right way, you can minimally and effortlessly include black colour in your cooking space. A black kitchen countertop and a mosaic black patterned backsplash add all the grace to this white and off-white themed kitchen. You can never go wrong with a cooking space as subtle as this.
black granite kitchen

Dos and Don’ts for Your Black Kitchen

A colour as bold as black should be thoughtfully included in your cooking space. Here are a few dos and don’ts to swear by if you are inclined towards choosing a black tone for your kitchen.
  • Do choose glossy black finishes for your cabinets and shutters. They make the kitchen look spacious and are easy to clean as well.
  • Do pick your favourite colour to add a pop of colour to your cooking space when combined with black. There is no colour in the palette which does not complement black well.
  • Do use a light colour with black if you have a small kitchen.
  • Don’t choose matte black cabinets and shutters as they tend to make the space look smaller and refrain the light from getting reflected across the room.
  • Don’t go with a monochrome kitchen if you have a small cooking space. Black will make the space look further cramped.
Black, red or white, in the end, your kitchen’s colour choice should reflect your personality and agree to your tastes.
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