Want to add some bold colour to your kitchen décor and take a break from the mundane and uninteresting? Kitchen décor doesn’t get spicier than these red kitchens! We bring to you a collection of kitchen ideas ranging from cherry-red to scarlet vermillion. Think of two-tone cabinets combining red and another shade, add a pop of red in a wall or the backsplash, or just go with red all the way!

Psychology of Red

One of the most vibrant shades in the colour spectrum, red is the colour of passion and fire. The bright red colour draws out intense emotions and is associated with love, warmth, and comfort. Too much red can get uncomfortably warm, and could evoke feelings of anger, excitement or hyperactivity.

If your personality cannot take too much heat but you still would like to use this colour in your home décor, tone it down and balance the intensity with a complementary colour like white, grey or cream. Two-tone kitchens using red and another neutral shade are very popular.

When it comes to food, red is known to stimulate the appetite, which makes it a great colour choice for your kitchen. Doing up your modular kitchen in a shade of red will not just make it stand out from the ordinary, but will also add warmth to your life!

Red Kitchen Look Book

Ready to get your blood racing? Take a look at our top red kitchen picks!

1. Charcoal Red Against Cranberry

This kitchen exudes understated elegance with the soft intensity of charcoal grey as the perfect foil for the cranberry red in the lower cabinets and island counter. The same shade of red, when used as in the pendant lights and in the frame for the glass cabinets along one entire wall, emphasizes and accentuates the colour scheme.

red kitchen interiors

2. High Gloss, High Cheer

This brilliant high gloss, red parallel modular kitchen can be a great conversation starter for your home. Hugging the entire length of one wall in this open kitchen and dining space, the post office red cabinets stand out vividly against the white backdrop. The glass shutters are easy to wipe clean.

Hi glossy red kitchen cabinets

3. Showstopper Kitchen

This vibrant U-shaped compact kitchen is stylish and functional. The cheery red lower cabinets balance the stark whiteness of the wall cabinets. At the far end is a black wall that adds an element of contrast, inexplicably tying the look together.

plum and white kitchen

4. Stylish Burgundy

Here’s a burgundy kitchen that is packed with dollops of personality. The neat, symmetric cabinets are finished in super high gloss burgundy glass shutters with storage that runs all the way to the ceiling.

burgundy kitchen

5. Pops of Red

Even a pop of red is enough to add zest and a flavour of fun to an otherwise drab interior! The red towel, cups and plates are an instant pick-me-up for this all-white kitchen.

6. Contemporary Chic

Red and grey have always worked well together, and in this contemporary kitchen, the two shades are contrasted against an oak wood backdrop. Note the accents in the form of the red teapot and the bright red chairs at the island breakfast counter.

contemporary red kitchen designs

7. Vivid Backsplash

Just swapping out your existing backsplash for funky red tile can make all the difference, as is seen in this compact apartment kitchen. The white cabinetry and countertop perfectly complement the bright red tile, neatly defined by spacers.

red kitchen backsplash

8. Try a Red Accent Wall

Who says a red kitchen has to have red cabinets? This striking kitchen uses red in the breakfast counter and on one wall, to perfectly accentuate the sleek, minimalistic white cabinetry that seems to fade comfortably into the background.

red kitchen wall

9. A Burnt Brick Wall in your Kitchen

There’s nothing quite as warm as exposed brick, and this lovely kitchen combines country charm with modern cabinetry in a space that’s filled with the promise of togetherness and fun family times! The brick wall takes the place of a backsplash and goes all the way up to the ceiling above the long, horizontal windows.

red brick wall kitchen

10. Red Kitchen Checkered Tile

Cheerful red and white tiles form the backdrop in this plain white kitchen, instantly making the backsplash the focus of the whole design. A red countertop and red underside to the cabinetry define and outline the spaces.

red checkered kitchen

Colours reflect the personality of the individual, and what better colour than red for those with a vibrant, out-going personality. Red kitchens can be a little overwhelming at times, but when balanced with neutral shades they turn out to be stunning showstoppers.

If you want help with your red kitchen decisions, reach out to the HomeLane team of expert designers. We’re always happy to help!

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