Thinking of ways you can upgrade your kitchen to stay trendy this year? Every year our design gurus come out with their predication’s for the hottest new trends of the year, and here are some of the biggest trends they foresee in 2019!

Natural is in!

The past decade has seen a growing trend toward natural living, and it’s never been as strong as it is today. Think stones like granite and marble, fabrics like jute, furniture of rattan and wickerwork and organic tiles. If you are looking at wood, eco-friendly varieties like rubberwood or engineered wood made of waste material are definitely in.

Bamboo is also a hot and happening material now. Kitchens that are au naturel, and are leaning towards vintage, are very much in style with wise souls who are looking at a sustainable future for our planet! As more and more people seek to re-establish their connections with nature, it makes sense to redefine our eating habits to reflect more natural and organic practices too.Kitchen design trends for 2019

The colours are Back!

Homeowners seem to have grown tired of all that white cabinetry, and colours are back in style. Not too many, though….just one or a maximum of two complementary colours that help to make a statement and create the right mood. Pantone’s colour of the year, Living Coral, is in high demand as it adds striking warmth and exuberance to any space, and can be beautifully paired with contrasting creams and whites. Trending Kitchen Designs for 2019

Smart, Smarter, Smartest!

New-age kitchens continue to get smarter by the day, and innovations in digital technology will continue to take centre stage in tomorrow’s kitchens. Piping hot cappuccino will be ready for you when you open sleep-weary eyes in the morning, and nutritionally balanced meals will be cooked to perfection in the slow-cooker when you reach back home after a long workday. Dishes will be washed as if by magic and you will be reminded to stock up on your groceries when supplies are running low. Cool connected accessories and appliances that run themselves will, more and more, be the order of the day! Smart Kitchen

Minimal with no Clutter

As our workdays become increasingly complex and filled with multi-tasking and hyper-productivity, we find the need to create an oasis of calm at home. Minimalistic is a theme that is not going away soon, and kitchens that are mindfully minimal with clean-lined cabinetry that is light on the eyes are very much ‘in’. Built-in appliances that are super-efficient and completely noiseless are tucked away out of sight, under the counter or inside cabinets. Countertops are clutter-free and spotless.Trendy Kitchen Designs

Trendy Terrazzo

Popular in the 60’s through the ’80s, terrazzo has reinvented itself and is touted to be one of the in-vogue design styles this year. Terrazzo surfaces add tiny pops of colour against neutral backgrounds and are clean and seamless. They are also popular among environmentally aware designers as they are eco-friendly and cost-effective. You can play with the colour combinations and mix and match bits of colour as you wish. Try a terrazzo backsplash or terrazzo tiles on the floor…you can never go wrong with this versatile material! Terrazzo

Accent on Lighting

It’s a well-known fact that the lighting in a room affects the mood of the room. You can make a statement with some lovely pendant lights over your breakfast counter or in the middle of your kitchen. Restaurant-style Edison lamps look elegant and can add a touch of drama to your kitchen.

Accent Lightning

Wooden and Stone Tableware

Ecologically responsible wooden tableware, spoons and ladles are trending at the moment! Pair them with some woven cane baskets, natural fibre tablecloths and stone bowls, and you have a whole new way of living! Bamboo is another natural material that is used to make beautiful tableware and adds a warm touch to your table.Trendy Kitchen Designs

Don’t Forget the Wellness Quotient!

To add the wellness quotient to your kitchen this year, create a planter box on a warm sunny window and add a bunch of small pots with herbs or veggies. Try growing your own organic produce and reap the benefits of chemical-free eating! Basil, cilantro and methi are greens that can be grown easily even if you do not have a green thumb.Plants for Kitchen

Open Shelving

A growing trend and one that can be used very creatively is to add open shelves in the kitchen for storing plates, trays, bowls, what-have-you. You can experiment with different arrangements of shelves to create interest. We like the way this homeowner has created these wooden ledges, framing them with slanting supports against a rustic brick background! Trendy Kitchen Designs

So, there you have it: the trends defining kitchens that will be in vogue in 2019! We’ve said it before and we will say it again….your home should reflect your personality and way of life. You can use these trends as guidelines to help you refresh your kitchen interior. Do not add anything to your décor that doesn’t speak of your own personal tastes and style. Our interior design experts are always ready to help you with your home makeover, and all you have to do is give us a buzz!

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