Are you doing your research on what materials you should choose for your new home? There are many great options in the market. You should definitely consider the stylish terrazzo and mosaic as options for various parts of the home. If your options are narrowed down to mosaic vs terrazzo, we are breaking down the reasons you should go for either of these.

Terrazzo, which originated in Italy, is a pre-cast concrete composite medium for floor and wall treatments. Terrazzo tiles in their most basic form is a flooring style that entails a combination of marble, glass, or natural stone chips with a binding material.

Mosaic tiles are made up of squares of marble tile, glass, or marble that are loosely cut and spread out on such a flat bonding board. It is a traditional and exquisite art form, creating mosaic tiling designs going back to ancient times.

Properties of Mosaic and Terrazzo


 Besides being beautiful, terrazzo is a popular choice in home decor for the following reasons:

  • Resistant to heat
  • Installation is simple.
  • Production costs are low.
  • Endures the weather
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to install.


 Mosaic tiles are widely used to give home interiors a fresh look and feel. Here’s what makes them popular:

  • Outstanding resistance to wear-n-tear
  • It alludes to a form of art.
  • It can be cleaned with ordinary household cleaners or with the help of chemicals.

Where To Use Mosaic and Terrazzo in Home?

Terrazzo tiles can evoke the splendor of ancient times as well as the beauty of the Renaissance. In your home interiors, these tiles aren’t just for the bathroom or kitchen but can be used in various settings around the home. You can use it to create a decorative border and make a dull space look intriguing. In the bathroom or kitchen, it can be used as a backsplash. Adorning some tiles in a space negates the need for any other home decor. 

Mosaic Tiles

  • Walls
  • Kitchen countertops
  • Flooring
  • Backsplash
  • Kitchen cabinets

Terrazzo Tiles

  • Used for countertop in the kitchen
  • Caters to an organic outlook with base tiling work and creates patterns, like a checkerboard pattern on the face of one half of the tile.
  • They are used on the outer side of a swimming pool, giving out an elegant outlook.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Mosaic and Terrazzo

Confused about whether to take the terrazzo or the mosaic route? Here are some advantages and disadvantages of both to compare:


Mosaic  Terrazzo 
·  Variety of designs to choose from ·  Wide range of designs and installation option
·  Easy maintenance ·  Looks good in a well-lit area
·  Considered as an ‘eco-friendly’ product ·  Cost-effective
·  Glows with luminous radiance ·  Easy maintenance
·  Durable ·  Durable


Mosaic Terrazzo
·  Expensive ·  Caters to 80’s look
·  Difficult installation process ·  Professional help required for installation
·  Not scratch-resistant ·  Add-ons come to be expensive
·  Easily breaks ·  Gets slippery
·  Susceptible to getting damaged due to moisture ·  Susceptible to unpredictable cracks due to heavy foot traffic



Design Inspiration

Mosaic and Terrazzo tiles can be designed and styled as per the requirements of any home interior or commercial complex. A good source of inspiration comes from various books talking about different ways to decorate a space. Some of the design inspirations are listed below –

 Mosaic tiles:

  • Creative designs with mosaic tiles aid are used in various applications, especially well-suited to urban and infrastructure works.
  • Mosaics can be an energetic alternative for busy areas with free-flowing outlines made in softer hues.
  • The majority of intricate and contemporary patterns stands out to be more conceptual than others.
  • As kitchen backsplashes, geometric mosaic tile designs have become too prevalent.
  • Ornamental mosaic tile design gives your space a sense of tradition and sophistication.

Terrazzo Tiles:

  • Terrazzo tiles help in incorporating a vintage-inspired look into your home décor.
  • An artful terrazzo wall in the tiled shower tends to add depth and dimension to the room.
  • Terrazzo cooktop in the kitchen serves as the ideal spotlight.
  • The speckled terrazzo accent wall looks ideal for a contemporary home interior or lounge room.

difference between mosaic and terrazo

Terrazzo vs Mosaic Flooring: What’s the Difference?

Mosaic Terrazzo
Category Made up of roughly sliced small squares of marble and glass chips laid out on plain binding edges. Made by incorporating marble, granite, or glazed chips with a blinding solution, generally cement.
Make-up Composed of smaller bits of marble or ‘pozzolana dana’ assembled in a sequence with mortar. Marble chips or otherwise ‘pozzolana dana’ are often used.
Usage Mosaic floorboards are frequently seen in the kitchen and bath owing to their synthetic strength. It can be frequently used in patios, archways, galleries, and other high-traffic zones.
Surface  Caters to a rougher surface. Has a flawless texture.
Conceptualisation Allows for the creation of innovative looks with too many various shades and materials to choose from. Looks classy with a restricted choice of designs and with no predetermined texture possibilities.
Costing Expenses largely depend on colour schemes and textures. Expenses depend on the colour schemes and texture used.
Tile pieces Different components of the mosaic are arranged in a stylish appearance in one’s own choice. The bits in terrazzo tiles are closely related and are thrown into another base to create a more even exterior.

Mosaic and Terrazzo in interiors is a classic style that never really goes out of style.  Need help integrating these in your home interiors? The professionals at HomeLane will be more than happy to help.

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