As any designer will tell you, the kitchen is among the most difficult spaces to design. Not only should it look gorgeous (which client would ever accept anything less?!) but it should be functional, high on durability and low on maintenance. All this, without costing an arm and a leg — a tall order indeed!

And as a homeowner, you’ll also find that the sheer varieties of colours, patterns and finishes that your designer puts in front of you make your choices quite overwhelming. The countertop should look good against the cabinetry, which should fall in line with the appliances and accessories, which should not clash with your choice of colours and surface finishes. So many decisions to make! One of the most critical decisions is your choice of backsplash, and this is one that should be taken with care. The backsplash adds personality and style to your decor, and can totally elevate the look and feel of your kitchen.

Our experts have curated ten lovely backsplash ideas that will add eye-popping style to your kitchen. We’re sure you’ll find ideas here to inspire you! Read on.

Add Exotic Flair with Moroccan Tiles

Exotic and colourful, Moroccan tiles add vibrancy and flair to any space. This uniquely patterned blue and brown-toned backsplash is the standout element in this otherwise simple, compact kitchen. The lovely cabinets are done up in exotic wooden texture, which blends beautifully with the colours in the tiles.

Black and White: Yin and Yang

The yin and yang combo of black and white never fails to impress, wherever it is used! Here, mosaic tiles in patterns of black and white, add depth and dimension to this two-toned kitchen. The monochromatic cabinets lend a rustic touch and are very easy to wipe clean.

Soulful Narratives in Stone

Narrow, horizontal lengths of natural stone form a pretty backsplash in this rustic farmhouse kitchen. The textures of the stone come through in hues that range from slate grey to warm brown, melding into the warmth of the wooden countertop. A word of caution: when using stone in the kitchen, make sure that it is well sealed to avoid staining and ease maintenance.

Hexagonal Style

The cool colour and dimensions are kept constant across the entire backsplash of this compact kitchen, which allows a calming sense of uniformity and coherence. If your kitchen is on the smaller side, the use of low-toned pastels with simple detailing can help to enhance the feel of the space and make it look larger than it is.

High on Shine, High on Style!

This designer has used painted glass as the backsplash, adding a sophisticated cosmopolitan aesthetic to this modern kitchen. Custom-measured glass is completely seamless and very easy to keep clean, even in kitchens where heavy cooking that uses a lot of oil and spices is the norm. Here, the pale blue icy shine of the glass goes perfectly well with the polished green granite counter and the off-white matte-finished cabinetry.

The Rustic Charm of Brick

Exposed brick lends unmatched character, warmth and personality to any space, as we can see in this stylish contemporary loft kitchen. Shaker style cabinets in white are contrasted against the warm hues of rustic exposed brick in the backsplash. If you feel that brick surfaces are hard to maintain (and they could be), you could opt for brick-patterned wallpaper instead!

Black Magic!

Black and golden yellow is an irresistible combination, as anyone who has seen this stunning space will agree! Glitzy black marble with subtle streaks of gold lends a touch of dramatic flair to the backsplash in this showstopper kitchen. The row of sleek yellow cabinets inset within the black loft provides visual relief and creates unexpected depth.

Wood-Panelled walls

Don’t just stop with the backsplash—why not continue the same style on the breakfast counter too? Horizontal wood panelling behind the counter spills over seamlessly into the countertop and provides a vivid contrast to this grey-white starkly minimalistic kitchen.

Wood-Panelled walls

What should you keep in mind when choosing your kitchen backsplash?

  • Pick a backsplash that holds up well to constant humidity and high temperatures.
  • Especially near the cooktop and the sink, splashes and spills will be all too common. The material you choose should be stainproof and easy to clean.
  • The darker the colour palette, the smaller your spaces will look. Choose the colour palette accordingly.
  • Rule of thumb: if your cabinets are plain, you can opt for patterned tiles, and vice versa. Patterns on both could end up looking busy, while a plain backsplash against plain cabinetry could look too boring.

Your backsplash opens up a whole world of textures, colours and patterns in your kitchen. As the focal point of the room, it should be something that you absolutely love, so take your time and make the right decision!

Liked any of our design ideas, or want to look at some more? Book a free consult with the HomeLane design team today!


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