Pune, known for its educational institutions, and booming employment opportunities in IT, automotive and service industries have attracted people from all over India. This has led to a cosmopolitan culture in the city, a fast-developing infrastructure, and a modern housing landscape. Architecture and interior design in Pune have always been vibrant and practical to suit the times, as it is today as well.

Traditional Home Designs in Pune

Pune home design has typically been native in design with influences from neighbouring areas, and purely functional. This was true even in the Wadas which were built more than 350 years ago at the height of the glory of the Maratha empire. These were mansions with the courtyard design meant to house multiple families and safeguard them from outsiders. The design was an amalgamation of Mughal, Rajasthani, and Gujarati architecture combined with local techniques. These Wadas later inspired smaller Wada-style houses in the 1900s, followed by multi-family buildings and independent bungalows.

Since the 2000s, these old bungalows and Wadas have been rapidly replaced by apartments and townships. Pune homeowners increasingly prefer compact apartments in smarter townships or independent bungalows as opposed to conventional developments.

Interior Design Trends in Modern Pune Homes

Today, if you visit homes in Pune, you will notice the reflection of personal tastes blending with nuances from the family’s own multi-cultural backgrounds. The furniture and textiles used are often modern and functional.

Ethnic and Contemporary Accents in a Modern Setting

Contemporary interiors are popular in Pune homes, as in most Indian cities today. You would find subtle décor accents – both contemporary and ethnic – used aesthetically for added effect. In your home, use a clever mix of traditional Indian elements in a sophisticated, clutter-free, modern setting. Stick to clean lines in furniture, but add surprise elements with a couple of antique pieces.

Elegant Wooden Touches

Add plenty of subtle and aesthetic wooden accents – think of wood-panelled walls in the bedroom, wooden flooring, wooden trims on the ceiling, an intricate carved wooden partition wall and so on. Go for lighter wooden accents and furniture, rather than heavy, over-the-top use of wood.

Personalized, Lifestyle-Based Interior Design

Interior design in Pune homes is usually inviting and personalized. Most importantly, homeowners are particular about conveying a story of who they are and their aspirations through their interiors.

While designing your Pune home, consider your lifestyle choices – are you an entertainer, hobbyist, music lover, fitness enthusiast, or someone who wants to spend a lot of time with kids? If you love entertaining guests, an open plan home would be ideal for you. If you have little children or older people staying with you, you need to cater to their needs when designing your home.

A Designated Home Office

With most professionals having to work remotely often, a dedicated workspace at home becomes an essential feature. Create your home office in a corner of your home, or converted a less-used room or balcony into a home office. Design an ergonomic yet stylish table and chair, and ample storage to hide all the clutter and wires.

A Balcony Garden

Let your bedrooms and living room open out to green spaces. create cosy nooks for relaxation in one or two of your balconies. Enclose one of them if you need more privacy. Decorate with elegant potted plants or a vertical garden. Arrange a comfortable wooden or wicker sofa set and a few wooden or metal stools. Place a rug, and a shelving unit. Use a striking patterned floor tile, or paint out the walls and the ceiling to make it a casual, relaxation zone in itself.

Monochrome Interiors with Splashes of Colour

Keep your colour scheme neutral or dark according to your choice. But, add splashes of solid colour in every room. For instance, a mustard-yellow textured wall in the master bedroom, a deep blue sofa in the guest room, olive green chairs or a stunning red chaise lounge in the living room.

An interior design expert who understands this pulse of a Pune homeowner will be an ideal partner in building your dream home. Contact HomeLane to design a lifestyle-based home combining functionality and aesthetics. The team at HomeLane will assess your needs and translate your vision into a compact, modern home using contemporary design techniques.

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