Rajasthan, the royal state of India, a place of royal monuments, fine arts and rich legacy, never fails to impress its visitors. The state is known for the Rajput miniature paintings, temple architecture, and monumental sculptures.

Besides, the region’s culture is rich in terms of folk arts and crafts, vivid colours and traditional dance forms such as Ghoomar, Bhavai, and Kalbelia. The colour, atmosphere, and beautiful designs can easily be added to your home.

Read on for some tips for you to incorporate Rajasthani interior design ideas into your home.

Miniature Paintings

Rajasthan is known for its miniature paintings, which portray the Rajputs and other mythological stories.

You can purchase replicas of these paintings from the local Rajasthan market to decorate the walls. It’s one of the classic Rajasthani decor ideas for interiors.

interior design inspired from rajputs


Puppets or Kathputlis are wooden dolls draped in colourful red, yellow and golden shades. These are not only used in a puppet show but can also be purchased as home décor items. 

Another way to use the puppets as a part of your Rajasthani interior design is to arrange them in a frame, depicting a story.

rajasthani home decor items

Elegant Furniture

Adding wooden furniture with a low divan or floor bedding makes for a beautiful Rajasthani interior design that can give your room a royal look. This style of furniture design is perfect to upgrade to the Rajasthani furniture style.

handicraft furniture and murals

Beautiful Walls

Bright colours such as orange, pink, and green are prevalent in Rajasthan. Add these shades to your interior and replicate the Rajasthani lifestyle with this Rajasthani interior design idea.

Colours such as brick red, sky blue, emerald green, and peacock blue can also be used for your interior.

beautiful wall murals designs

Decorative Cabinets

As one of the many interior design elements, the traditional cabinet is the perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality. 

Brightly painted and textured cabinets can serve as the perfect storage unit for your living room or bedroom and provide you with a traditional Rajasthani room interior design.

decorative cabinets


Besides handicrafts, Rajasthan is famous for block prints, embroidery, and mirror work, all of which come together to present that mesmerising look. 

Depending on the style you prefer, you can decorate your room using block prints or square pillows on the seats for an elegant yet beautiful Rajasthani interior design.

traditional soft furnishing


Jalis are intricately carved screens that allow partial views, ventilation, and filtered light. For a quintessential Rajasthan house interior design, jalis can be considered for creating skylights, semi-private partitions, railings, and windows.

While jalis are carved in sandstone, these can also be fabricated using materials like wood or MDF board.

jali designs and partition designs

Jharokha Designs 

Jharokha are balconies usually made of stone which once served as a viewing platform in palaces and mansions of Rajasthan. They were used primarily by women in purdah to observe the proceedings at court.

You can convert your seating space with this design using faux jharokhas for a regal Rajasthani interior design.

Weathered wood jharokhas are currently available, which can be turned into a unique seating space. Wooden Jharokha panels fitted with mirrors are also available to help you create a dramatic effect in the living room.

jharokha designs

Chhatris or Umbrellas

The canopies of Chhatris were a symbol of pride and honour in Rajasthan. They were built as a memorial place for renewed personalities and feature raised pavilions with a circular or polygonal plan. 

A Chhatri or an umbrella is thus a great Rajasthani interior design idea, especially as a window design. It can be covered with the jali to get that royal effect.

The dome design of Chhatri can be used in the bathroom as well, along with a marble countertop and ethnic rug to complete the traditional bathroom look.

interior designs inspired from rajputs

Flute Columns

Columns are also a prominent feature in the interiors of palaces and Havelis of Rajasthan. A typical flute column comprises long and vertical gorges which run along the length and is detailed using floral patterns at the top and the base.

The pattern of flute columns can be used as floor design in white marble to impart the haveli look to space.

flute columns

Intricate Marble Work

Rajasthan is known for the traditional marble work, which is a skilled craft passed from one generation to another. The décor gives a rich artistic look to the place with marble inlays, murals, and flooring.

A marbled design can be detailed using different colours on the walls or the floor for a Rajasthani style interior design. As the craft is expensive, it can be used in selected areas such as the entrance or the mandir to bring in the traditional look.

intricate marble work


As you envision Rajasthan, you think about the land of rich diversity, folk music, elephants, camels, and much more. You can use the Rajasthani interior design ideas discussed above in your home using a mix of bright interior colours, carpets, rugs, textiles, and hookahs.

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1. What Is Rajasthani Interior Design?

Rajasthani interior design refers to a set-up created using vibrant hues, particularly red, orange, and pink, to recreate the traditional Rajasthani look. Cut-outs or wall hangings of puppets, dhol, camels, Rajasthani pagri, etc., are also added.

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