Digital space is a complete boon for us. And why not? It comes with innumerable options to keep us entertained. Whatever is your style or interest area, technology has something for you. Like the interior design games, it makes you feel like a real interior designer. The games are relaxing and are great for past-time. Rather than the real investment, doing it visually and then erasing things that you don’t like sounds exciting.

Let’s have a look at some of the best interior design games –

Design Home: House Renovation

This game is available for both iOS and Android platforms. Here you get to play with your creative mind and earn rewards after completion of each project. Even you can go ahead and purchase any of the items and use them in your real home.

Redecor: Home Design Game

This is one of the best interior design software cum games which presents challenges and tasks in front of the player. Here the player needs to decorate the room in a specific style. This allows the users to open up their mind and think out of the box.

My Home: Design Dreams

This is truly just like your home. Here you can design and play with your home in terms of colours and furniture. But the real fun comes when you interact and chat with your virtual landlord.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

This is one of the most charming and exciting games. With this game, you not only get to design your own home but also design an entire island. You can even plan the settlement and habitats as per your own style.

Homestyle Interior Designer

This is another fun interior design tool where you get to upload the real pictures of your home. And then you can play with the furniture and textures. You can choose authentic pieces of furniture from your favourite retailer.

Home Design: Caribbean Life

How about designing the complete Caribbean during one of your vacations. This is one of the best interior design games to play during vacation when you have lots of idle time. Here you can play through various episodes and even play multiple minigames and then move on.

My Home Makeover: Design Your Dream House Games

This is a free interior design game available for android users. Here you get lots of puzzles and tasks to play with. You can try different challenges and then keep unlocking them to move on to the next one.

Kawaii Home Design

This is a unique interior design game that is based on fun interior design tools. Here you get to arrange the furniture pieces as per the client request. But still, you can involve some of your creative brains as well. Here you can move on to the next challenge after unlocking a particular stage.

House Flip with Chip & Jo One of the best and exciting interior design software cum games. Here you can not only buy houses but also decorate them and that too with limited fund volume. You can play the game and also control the buying process and funds so that you get to make good deals.

The Sims 4

This is more of a realistic interior design game. Here you not only get to sharpen your home designing skills but also you can live your dream of living in a complete virtual home. This is quite an interesting interior design tool because here the player gets the ability to play right from scratch.

Home Maker

Design Home Dream Home Decorating Game – This is a much needed relaxing game where you don’t need to solve any interior designing puzzles. The player arranges and plays with the elements of a room. And the winner is decided based on votes. A player can also take some regular challenges to improve his design.

Home Dream

Ward and Design Home – This interior design game is a must-try for someone who is into puzzles. Here the player needs to take daily challenges to improve his ranking. You get to play with renovation styles and earn rewards like never before. And one of the exciting parts about this game is that it is regularly updated and thus you will get regular fun adventures with this game.

Home Street

This is not only an interior design game, but it is a complete interior design tool. Here you get to create your own town and then choose the characters too. You can even go ahead and decide which character you want to play and then complete the challenges.


online interior design games

The above-mentioned interior design game might sound fun, but when it comes to the real task of interior designing, then it becomes quite challenging.

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