Technology has made its presence felt in almost all the spheres of our life, and thus, the same is true with interior design. Home is considered the first major investment in everyone’s life. People want to make it both special and comfortable.

Many home buyers these days prefer interior design tools for professional expertise. You can create a visual layout of a room with fixtures, an optimum room plan, and much more with these new-age interior design tools. With the correct set of software for interior designing, things will be faster and cheaper. . Interior designing tools can bring professional finish and excellence to your work and home.

interior designer tools

Let’s have a look at some of the best interior design software and their USPs :

Virtual Architect Ultimate Home Design

You can get started with this application by importing home photos or floor plans or choosing among one of the nine customisable floor plan templates.

Get to choose among the furniture, appliances, lighting, and watering requirements. Even 3D design of different elements like kitchen, bathrooms, decks, staircases is available. This is one of the best and highly rated interior design software which comes with a variety of colour and texture options.


This is one of the most unique interior design tools developed way back in 2007 by civil engineers and architects. This application boasts of both 3D and 2D planning and has more than 20 million users worldwide. It works on a simple drag and drop interface, and you can truly create magic with its simple yet innovative sketches. With camera and lighting details, this is just what every home buyer will need.

Autodesk AutoCAD LT

This is one of the most popular interior design applications used by professionals on a wide scale. This is used to design, draft, and draw with innovative 2D geometry. With perfect designing and editing tools, this is one of the best applications in recent times. This is one of the finest tools, which can be used on multiple platforms across phones, tablets, and MAC or Windows.

Archicad 23

This software gives you construction details with estimated quantities and floor plans, along with building materials. In this application, you will be able to enjoy real-time projects and state of the art visualisations. This is one of the best interior design tools when it comes to customising clientele needs.

Easyhome Homestyler

This is one of the easiest tools to use, perfect for both 2D and 3D designing with the exact measurements. Here you can browse through thousands of real-time products while you choose among the pieces of arts, science, technology, and fixtures. With design and science both used together in optimum balance, it is one of the most realistic interior design software.


Here the designer, collaborator, civil engineer, and others can join hands to get the best of the interior designing world. You can select through the multi-layer floor plans containing multi-layer walls, advanced flooring, roofing, false ceilings, and much more. With a variety of materials used and correct furniture and fixtures, this is one of the best modern-age interior designing software.


With 3D design, automation, simulation, and rendering, this is one of the highest-rated interior designing software. Professionals mostly use this because this application requires a high skill level and expertise.  Here you can add effects and animations as per your favourite characters and play with the customization options.


It is scientifically driven and known as one of the best architectural applications. This application is one of the favourites among civil engineers. Here you can create structural blocks, along with BIM concepts and workflows. You can browse through the real client pictures and choose some of the elements or even the complete floor plan.

Substance by Adobe

Here, you can browse through high-quality PBR materials like textiles, tiles, flooring, woods, stones, and much more. This application offers 1800+ downloadable materials, which can further be integrated with other applications as well. With a mix and match of existing materials, this is one of the most sought after applications.

Morpholio Board

Launched by a team of architects and experts, this is one of the best software, including digital tools for sketching, journaling, and presenting creative work. Interior designers use this on a large scale to create, edit, and eventually implement their regular tasks.

interior designer software

These applications are some of the best tools for designing your home. HomeLane believes in integrating modern with classics. They are the pioneers when it comes to using technology to make your home look beautiful and comfortable. Visit their website or book a consultation through them to see how beautifully technology-driven creative minds can transform your loving abode.

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