The wedding season and the herd of guests, go hand in hand if it’s an Indian wedding. With all the preparations done, the attires, the designer bridal dresses, the fashion jewellery, the salon visits, and the heart of any wedding, the dance performances. However, one of the most important things for home getting ready for the festivities would be the decorations.

With some careful research and planning, decorating your home could become much easier than you think. To start with, plan your budget and prepare the guest list. Budget planning will help you in managing your expenses and will help you figure out what you can afford. Here is a way how to plan your home decor this wedding season.

Budget for wedding season

Create A Realistic Budget

Proper budget planning is needed when it comes to weddings. It’s easy for things to get out of your hand and for you to end up spending more than you ever thought you would. Nowadays there are online wedding calculators that you can use. Simply talking to vendors may help you stay within your budget. Budget considerations include:

  • The number of guests.
  • The purpose of serving a meal, whether or not required.
  • The venue and its expense.
  • How much extra money you can spend on your guests

wedding budget

Hire A Wedding Planner

If you are happy to spend a large sum on the decorations, then it is recommended to hire a wedding planner. Your wedding planner will even help to manage your expenses as much as possible. Booking the vendors, getting you the right contacts, managing your events and the related works, is all done by the wedding planner. In case you don’t want to hire a planner, then you can also go for a comprehensive wedding checklist online that would help you stay organized.

wedding planner

Clean Up The Mess

You don’t want to welcome your guests into a messy and filthy home, do you? The very first thing that would appeal to your guests is a clean home. The decorations only come second. Everything from the kitchen, washrooms, sofas, carpets etc. should be deep cleaned.

cleaning the mess

Cover The Ceilings With Drape

A little fabric can do amazing things for any space. You can choose to keep the decor formal and yet very elegant with simple white fabric. For a fun look, opt for bright colours like yellow. You could also add a little sophistication with fabric on your tables and chairs.
ceiling Drape decoration ideas for wedding season

Opt For Patterned Pillows

Even if you are planning to rent some sofas, you must think about the cushions. Get some comfortable pillows and cover them with your favourite fabric. These low maintenance additions will add a pop of colour to space.

Patterned Pillows

Go For Some Floral Decorations

A few arrangements of natural flowers can create an alluring, intimate space. There are also many options for faux plants that look very realistic. Suspending lush arrangements of flowers a few feet above your guest’s dinner plates may sound like a bit of work, but once done will be worth the effort!

floral decoration

Use Table Lamps And Chalkboards

If you wish to skip the flowers, you can do so by opting for some creative alternatives. For example, you could decorate the outside of your home with lamps or greenery. Chalk-boards at the entrance of a home has been a long-practised method. Even today this gives very positive vibes for the whole household. You could also personalize them by using old frames and spray paint to match your decor.

Invest In Cutlery

Instead of putting all your money into the centrepieces, consider putting part of that budget in getting some coloured glassware and beautiful cutlery.

cutlery ideas

Wedding lights Decoration

No wedding house decoration is complete without the glow of exterior lighting. While the interiors are being worked upon, some lighting at the exteriors, like the roof or along the balcony railings would add so much charm to your home.

wedding light decoration

Some Bell Decorations

Small wedding bells or wind chimes strung together add the kind of detail that makes a home truly special. Add some flowers interspersed between the strings of bells for a delightful combination.

Don’t Forget The Stairs

Give some love to the staircase as well. Use flower garlands, mini lights, or colourful fabrics to drape the railings of the stairs.

stair decors


Turning your spare rooms into guests’ rooms would be a great idea to prepare for this wedding season. If you find that you don’t have enough room to comfortably board your guests, look into booking a few rooms in a nearby hotel.

guest accomodation

These thoughtful details are just what you need to welcome your guests home during the joyful time of a wedding.

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