What is the first thought that comes to your mind when you enter a hotel room? A home away from home, except it’s much more luxurious. The large open bedrooms and stunning bathrooms are highlights and perks in every vacation. It is no wonder that many of us want to recreate such alluring interiors while renovating our homes. So, here are a few tips and tricks that will help you to use some of the beautiful design ideas for hotel-style home interiors.

Recreating the Lounge and the Lobby

You can design your living room in a manner that delivers the same experience when you step into a hotel lobby. The trick is to use the concept of symmetry and form the right balance with the furniture arrangement. Using custom-designed furniture will allow you to make the best use of space. To add the wow- factor, use a stylish lighting fixture or artwork that makes the right statement.

To make things more extravagant, add elements like indoor waterfalls, large chandeliers and stylish multimedia stations. To recreate the lounge experience, dedicate a space for reading or for enjoying the morning coffee. Simple items like a cosy chair and a small wooden table can make a difference.

interior design inspired from hotel

Making the Bedroom Special

The bedroom plays an essential role in all hotel interiors. One of the most important aspects is to use the right type of lighting to add an element of warmth. Like many hotel rooms, you can place a light under your bed to create the illusion of a floating bed.

The focal point of the master bedroom is the bed. It can be placed at the centre and to add the right amount of opulence, choose a nice headboard.

Small things like the arrangement of cushions and the use of mirrors can have an impact on the overall layout of the room as well. The use of fabrics like silk, satin and velvet in sectioned or studded headboards can look attractive. A mural on the wall behind your bed will also go towards creating the right ambience.

bedroom inspired from hotel

An Elegant Bathroom

The bathroom is a prime focus of any hotel-style home interior. The main idea is to develop a space that is perfect for indulging. The use of freestanding tubs can create the feeling of a spa-like bathroom. You can also add a touch of greenery to make the space appealing to the senses.

Even if your bathroom is very small, you can use trendy tiles to introduce a touch of glamour. Choosing neutral colours like white or off-white shades also brings about a bright and clean feel. Make sure to use large towels and beauty items to create a sense of comfort and a lavish lifestyle.

hotel style bathroom designs

Other Important Features

Here are a few other aspects that you can keep in mind for hotel-style home interiors.

Neutral Colours

If you remember, most hotel rooms come with a neutral colour palette. You can choose a combination of white walls and black wooden cabinets to create a classic monochrome setting. On the other hand, if you want a touch of luxury, wall coverings can add the right element of depth to space.

The right combination of wallpaper and paint is vital. Instead of brightly accented wallpapers, the use of gently curved patterns and subtle textures generate the right level of sophistication. Also, try to add some contrast to the colour scheme by using dark wood or deep bronze tones along with metallic finishes.

how to create hotel style home The Touch of Aroma

The whiff of luxury can definitely make you feel good and transform the environment of any home with hotel interiors. The right aroma will lift your spirits when you enter your room after a tiring day and will even help you sleep better and improve mindfulness. To feel relaxed, you can use different aromas for different rooms. Just make sure that they are never too overpowering.

A Kitchen Bar

Making the best use of space in your kitchen is very important. A kitchen bar can serve as a breakfast table and can also be useful for entertaining the guests. Open storage for glassware can be a great addition. Make sure that you keep your kitchen hardware in a closed storage space to ensure a neat appearance.

hotel style kitchen bar

Use of Decorative Pieces

The right décor plays an important role to make your home appear luxurious. Addition of items like gold or brass finishes, stainless steel objects and colourful marble elements. Blank walls can be turned into a focal point by adding artwork. Accessories like beautiful perfume bottles, carpets and rugs can add an organic touch to the décor.

The trick is to keep things simple and not try to be too flamboyant with the décor. You want to add beauty with a subtle touch without going over the top.

vintage pieces

Lighting it Up like Hotel Style Home Interiors

This is one aspect many people overlook while designing a home based on hotel interiors. The right use of a layered lighting scheme can create the right atmosphere in your home like nothing else. A soft wash of lights across the walls and around the bed and furniture can deliver a dreamy look.

You can use LED reading lights on the bed and task lights on dressing tables. For the right visual impact, a chandelier or pendant is definitely the right choice.

hotel style interior lighting

So these are a few tips that can help you to get those hotel-style home interiors you’re looking for. To bring about the right level of elegance and comfort in your home check out the collections and design ideas at HomeLane.

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