A headboard can be elegant and detailed or simple and minimalist, giving your bedroom a great appearance. The headboard you choose should match the theme of your room. Check out the trendiest headboard designs to give your home a fascinating look.

Trending Headboard Designs:

  1. Solid White Headboard
  2. Velvet Headboard
  3. Cushioned Headboard
  4. Polka Dots
  5. Tall Abstract Headboard
  6. Vintage Headboard
  7. Panelled Headboard
  8. Curved Headboard
  9. Extended Headboard
  10. Wooden Headboard

One of the most important home decor decisions that you need to make in the bedroom is choosing the headboard design. With the augmented growth of the interior design industry, you can now find a myriad of headboard designs. Thus, you can rest assured that there is something special out there for you. A headboard plays a crucial role in instantly changing the appeal of your bedroom. From spicing things up in your room to adding the charm it truly deserves, headboards are wondrous when it comes to enhancing the look of your room. Given below are some of the most trending headboard designs that you should take a look at before making the big decision. 

Solid White Headboard

White is one of the most classic interior themes that we most often come across. White not only makes the room much more refreshing but also spacious. A solid white headboard is one of the most timeless ideas that you can make use of. This headboard idea has been passed down for generations now and never fails to disappoint homeowners. You can also choose a solid white headboard with shelves to make your bedroom interior a bit more interesting. 

Velvet Headboard 

Another popular trend that has come to the limelight today is the velvet headboard. Velvet headboards come with a unique charm that swiftly lightens up the mood in your room. They are available in a plethora of shades like red, black, blue, green, yellow, and so on. Choosing a velvet headboard of the colour that goes well with the rest of your bedroom is an excellent idea to make your bedroom look much more vibrant and fun. 

Cushioned Headboard

The cushioned headboard is one of the most common and well-known headboard ideas you might have stumbled upon. There is something about cushioned headboards that instantly leaves you feeling calm and refreshed. Usually, it’s recommended that you match the shade of your cushioned headboard to your bedroom’s colour palette.

Polka Dots

Well, there’s no harm in adding a bit more fun to your room’s theme. Is there? This polka dot headboard design certainly grabs your attention and is a perfect addition to your room. The black dots on a solid white headboard make the headboard look twice more appealing. This headboard suits best for a white-themed room. If your entire room is designed with white decor, you should consider checking this idea out. 

Tall Abstract Headboard 

One of the most dramatic headboard designs is the tall abstract headboard. This type of headboard can go up to the ceiling. The abstract designs on the headboard are unquestionably pleasing to look at. The intricate designs and the smooth finish of the headboard are some of its prime features. This headboard is ideal for those with a dark-toned bedroom. 

Vintage Headboard

Have you always wanted a bedroom that looks as royal and luxurious as one in a palace? Well, a vintage headboard is a great start. Ideal for master bedrooms as well as guest bedrooms, vintage headboards are one-of-a-kind. They have an antique texture that adds a lot of interest. They blend well with solid themes as well as patterned themes. The headboard further highlights the side drawers, thereby giving the bedroom a very aesthetic yet vintage appeal. 

Panelled Headboard

Panelled headboards have also gained peak popularity this season. The luxuriously upholstered panels of the headboard give a touch of sheer elegance to the room. The panels can moreover also be positioned sideways for those who don’t favour tall headboards. Experiment with these panelled headboards and add your own creativity to give your bedroom a glamorous touch. 

Curved Headboard

Curved or scalloped headboards tend to have a feminine touch. Easy on the eyes, they can look mesmerising in a room with similar designs. The headboard fits perfectly with pastel-themed bedrooms. For instance, the pastel quilts in the frame go well with the sky blue headboard. The headboard does an incredible job of highlighting the sensational aura of the room. 

Extended Headboard

The extended headboard is very similar to tall headboards. This is an excellent choice for kids’ bedrooms. They are more on the fun side and are ideal for floral-themed bedrooms. The border-like design around the headboard enhances its appeal. The solid shades blended with each other moreover make the room look gigantic yet spacious. Add a false, spacious effect to your room by choosing this headboard and watch your loved ones shower you with compliments. 

Wooden Headboard

Last but not least, this wooden headboard doesn’t fail to impress you. The dark and light grey wood shades certainly play along well to offer the headboard a very soft look. The headboard is a classic choice if you’re looking for a contemporary styled headboard. It looks effortlessly breathtaking. You can also choose different shades like wood brown, black, and so on. 

Well, choosing your ideal headboard is not as hard as you think. A tip from HomeLane’s experts: choose a headboard based on your room’s theme. HomeLane helps bring your vision into reality and offers only its best professionals for doing so.

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