A bedroom forms the heart and the soul of the house. After a hard day’s work, chances are that the bedroom is what you look forward to the most. The bedroom, therefore, must be serene and peaceful. Take a look at these handy tips and you will know exactly what to do:

Choose the Colours in Your Bedroom With Care

Colouring your bedroom is the first step towards making it beautiful and cosy. However, you must choose the colour scheme very carefully to ensure you sleep properly. The colours you choose must be of the right shade and hue. Do not opt for very dark and bright colours in the bedroom as that can change the mood and feel of the place. You need to feel calm and relaxed in your bedroom, and very dark and bright colours can hamper that feeling. Choose light, pale shades as they promote sleep and help you to feel relaxed at all times.

colouring the bedroom

Choose the Right Lights

Just like the colours, the lights you choose can also affect how you sleep in a room. You need to choose warm, calming lights. Such lights help to keep the stress away. Also, many stress-related problems such as insomnia and frequent night waking are also reduced if you have the correct type of lighting in the bedroom. This apart, you should try to keep all electronic devices including your televisions and mobile devices out of the bedroom. The lights from these devices hamper your sleep patterns.

choose warm, calming lights

Choose the Correct Texture

What you touch before you sleep is also important to ensure that you get a good night’s rest. So everything from the floor rugs to the mattress must be of the right texture. Get a carpet or rug that is soft and fluffy so that as you climb into bed, the softness of the rug helps you relax. The texture of your bed and pillow are extremely important. They must be as soft or hard as you want them to be. Test them out before you make a purchase. Unless the texture of your bedding is comfortable, chances are that good sleep will be hours away. Also, the texture of the linen plays a very important role. Opt for soft, satin materials for your bedsheets and pillowcases. Get blankets that are not too hot or cold for the season so that you are comfortable throughout the night. The texture around you is crucial in ensuring great sleep.correct texture for bedroom

Organise Your Room

You need to feel calm and relaxed in order to be able to sleep peacefully throughout the night. It is therefore extremely important for you to declutter and organise your bedroom. Never sleep in a bedroom that has piles of clothes in a corner or a desk overflowing with papers and other objects. If you keep the bedroom in a cluttered manner, your mind will remain stressed and unsettled even when you sleep. This will most definitely hamper proper sleep and you will wake up tired and restless. So declutter and keep your bedroom neat and tidy to feel truly relaxed and stress-free. When designing the room, install some practical storage areas that will help you keep the place organised.

organise your room

Make Your Bedroom Smell Good

One of the main reasons why you feel so relaxed in a massage parlour or a spa is that they smell good. You can also get scents for your bedroom that promote good sleep. Certain scents like jasmine, lavender, vanilla and rose are known to promote sleep by relaxing your senses. Place some aroma candles in your room as you prepare to sleep. Alternatively, you could place some beautifully scented potpourri in the room. You could also spray some aroma oils on to the bedding or curtains. Once your bedroom is perfumed well, you can look forward to getting the best sleep.

make your bedroom smell good

With rising stress levels and erratic lifestyle habits, most people fail to get the sleep they need. This will hamper your mood and productivity. These are some easy guidelines that you can implement in your bedroom. If just by altering your bedroom decor a bit, you can slumber well into the night, wouldn’t you want to give it a shot?

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